Americans support gun background checks, red flag laws: Poll

A new ABC News-Washington Post poll shows overwhelming support for increased gun regulations.
5:15 | 09/09/19

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Transcript for Americans support gun background checks, red flag laws: Poll
I wanna pull our senior national correspondent Terry Moran and the conversation because. There does seem to be growing support for some kind of gun legislation after a spate of of mass shootings over the summer Terri. Any sign of movement. On not on Capitol Hill or in Washington I think Karen just. Captured it perfectly you golfers know you go first the Capitol Hill the congress is looking to the president the president is looking to the polls and he's being told. That he does advocate for gun control. That he is likely to lose support among his base but the American public are clearly tremendously. Supportive. Remarkably supportive. Federal gun control that's the only way to put it take a look at our poll. Recently 89%. Of Americans support background checks for all gun purchase that includes private sales. Between family members even and gun shows him. 89% you can't get 89% of America's degree that it's Monday. That is an overwhelming statement of support. That will go likely nowhere on capitol because a lack of leadership here also 56% of Americans said that they support some kind of assault weapons ban. That's not as strong support and the devil is in the details try to define what an assault weapon is. Is a very difficult thing because I must have it is cosmetic at the end of the day. But the concern is real more than six in ten Americans say that they are personally concerned. About the possibility that they could be involved. In these mass shootings in their own community. That shows the play of this carnage has struck deep into the heart American they want action doesn't look like. It's gonna happen doesn't certainly this is certainly going to come up though in the next democratic debate which ABC news hosts on Thursday evening. And the ABC news Washington Post pull you mentioned Terri shows the state of play in democratic politics doesn't seem like there's been a whole lot of movement over the last couple of weeks. Not really they you know do we get coming out of this summer most people have better things to do you think about the democratic presidential race or the Republican one or any of them so you have the top tier. Looking very familiar now Joseph Biden. Way out in front of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Somewhat behind Elizabeth Warren rising cheese it at 17%. Biden though 27%. And then you have the second tier. But more than. Six in ten are then here's the second tier there's senator McConnell Paris mayor people and a judge of South Bend former congressman bill better or kind of what you think a look. There's businessman Andrew Yang. I think that shows the state in this race right now believing that he's at 3%. But it's all to play for right now these are early days I was gonna say more than six in ten Democrats say they are willing. To consider someone other than that choice they're telling post pollsters. So what while I think sometimes the political media is ready that called this candidate out this candidate the front runner. Regular taken their time and Andrew yanks little rise it shows that it is all to play for here I mean I'm not saying you're gonna get a a president Jiang although you know strange things have happened but but but you do have the sense. That this is still a wide open till the very strong lead for. Vice perform vice president Joseph Biden of people's sense there's a softness. In the 76 year old gaffe prone front runner. And there is a sense that people are willing to look around so I think that's what we have to look forward to what will be a pretty exciting debate. On Thursday in Houston on ABC news. And if there is a president Yang heard from Terry first automatically go to Terry. There is on the Republican side there's a new challenger for president trump in in the former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford. Is that going anywhere. Well it's highly unlikely president Republican Party as the party of truck he has an absolute. Lock on on the the loyalty of Republicans but mark Stanford's gonna give it a go east of former. Republican governor and a member of congress and South Carolina as you say is Chris and ended in scandal when he was. Missing in action said he was out of the appellation trumped and that is with his Argentine mistress. So it seemed like yet things were done but president trump. Taking off after him on Twitter today because of the that. Marital infidelity in the way Stanford's. Career which was very promising time to board talking about him as a potential presidential candidate seemed to end in scandal. A president trump seems immune to that sort of thing it's now. Seems pretty well established that you know he had sex with a porn star ten days after the birth of his. His son Barron and paid money to cover up Republicans don't seem to mind that. I don't think. That Mark Sanford. All or William Weld the former Massachusetts governor or Joseph Walsh the former member of congress. Who are all out to challenge president trump I don't think he's got much to worry about that said. In several states including south Carolina Republican leaders are looking to cancel their primaries Democrats have done that went right Democrat incumbents. In coming presence felt like challenges is the bottom line. Competitive reasons Terry Moran our senior national correspondent. It's good to hear from you our coverage of all of this continues all week especially. The ABC news debate you can tune into ABC news live for full coverage starting Thursday 7 PM.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"A new ABC News-Washington Post poll shows overwhelming support for increased gun regulations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65487188","title":"Americans support gun background checks, red flag laws: Poll","url":"/US/video/americans-support-gun-background-checks-red-flag-laws-65487188"}