What can we do to get more Americans vaccinated?

Dr. John Brownstein discussed the government's decision to not hold back vaccine doses and how more people can get vaccinated.
5:37 | 01/12/21

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Transcript for What can we do to get more Americans vaccinated?
For more on the vaccine rollout and all the latest on the pandemic looks pretty ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein. I doctor Brownstein good morning just turned there from secretary a's are explaining some of the things the government is doing in try to speed things up and one thing that. A.'s are said was that they'll no longer hold back. Vaccine doses but it sounds like the issue right now is war with distribution. Then supplies so will that help in the short run. Good morning Diane. As we just turn right to prompt probably right at this moment isn't about manufacturing and shipping to promise more with the administration releasing all doses and are pulling back. Second does is probably could how so bright it gives us more season to the community not letting incident apparel warehouses. But we still have this last mile challenge right how we stand science pharmacies -- keep our nation besides how weekend. Operational. Vaccination can't change g.'s large mascara sites like prisons sporting events music is he center field centers it's. Not just about releasing the doses it's about the logistics and so the states and keep working at kings identifying prior to building networks of providers should I think the big issue that were probably not talked about enough is a logistics and how. How do you figure out if you're eligible it's really keeps usage are relocation is slightly different eligibility age and then you have to find me he's using web site and meet the appointment to deal with Wal-Mart so there's a lot of issues smaller still have to deal watched murder regardless if we release a second doses so what do you think and think painting getting more people vaccinated. Yeah it's it's a good point and he clearly it's about. Opening up more sites I think this idea of lending group stages of phase one game went deep when he started rule it out saying ages sixty and over our existing conditions now become eligible so again. That's a big part of it is may issue more people are eligible. Also how. Willie our rhetoric this is something that we don't talk about enough prior to that seem hesitant and resistance we're seeing even in hospitals is quite high so we trusted practitioner call are date. Try to Biggio to high risk patients again and get into the same debacle is testing we still don't have. National testing program you know a year end sell lots of issues to work through better their yarn just that your manufacturers. This vaccine. No that's for sure and when the vaccine roll out first started experts said the US could reach herd immunity. By late summer is that's still possible. Right I mean this is a real concern I have right now meet the body does say there's a 100000800. Days but as we just spoke about I mean there's a lot to due to achieve that number are you're looking at trying to get to 200 million people to get back to reach her immunity levels so we've got -- up the -- right or -- or we're not even a ten million boxes so far if we want to get to that number I -- all these issues. Logistics and reaching out to vulnerable communities the -- seeing injured -- rule areas again this is our interest he met. I extending into the arms he's a launch. I'm still very hopeful that normal our guests but we got to take up that pace. While we talk about things like expanding into pharmacies are Oren clinics for example. In the clinic across the street from me has a line around the corner every day for people looking for Colvin tests and that's not counting the other patients they handle so. How are places like that supposed to be expected to now also take on. Vaccine administration and is that safe given the vulnerable populations that woman be going in there to mix in with people who are sick. Such concern when exceed those long lines you know we don't want to turn a vaccination site into super spread of the center right young long lines of people trying to get tested and back. Scenes push our culture system is wholly or wrong that's probably why sites such as slow rollout in the first few weeks the hospitals they're dealing with massive. City issues right now dealing with just fighting is finished now you want it sand into vaccinations which is just not sustainable and this is why we need innovative approaches this is why we needed Spanish in this site slightly how to march. Sporting event facilities that we utilizing new leases that are you know convention center are pretty don't have conferences going arm again and each EC Nazis is that we can leverage on how. You should. Speech while not being a burden on the existing infrastructure of testing and treat patients it's it's a lot to expect. And then again you know public how does not operated Italy and technology I would just say as someone in public health building appointment booking tools and to your eligibility age this is a real challenge and this is you know. In Gigi who attacked her needs to how bill votes on these tools is probably a Smart ideas law. And they're not saying that there's no Max interval between the B Pfizer ornament they are no vaccines between the two doses can that help. Yeah part potentially by any again this is this concern that he wanted to just get as many people vs colts remember that first those differences between fifty cent and 8% we want everybody gets a second us do you have aluminum concern about messaging each because this is not about not getting your second us and also don't fully know what delaying their second just means for immunity so the best. So the solution is just to get that does the interval three to four weeks. Follow what the clinical trials have shown I'm but again. My other concern here is faxing messaging Ricci changing something god and people are to be concerned about what that means in terms of their own personal safety doctor John Brownstein always great talking thank you. UT thank you.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Dr. John Brownstein discussed the government's decision to not hold back vaccine doses and how more people can get vaccinated. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75201143","title":"What can we do to get more Americans vaccinated?","url":"/US/video/americans-vaccinated-75201143"}