Anti-abortion Rep. Tim Murphy asked mistress to terminate pregnancy: Report

"The View" co-hosts discuss the report.
5:56 | 10/05/17

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Transcript for Anti-abortion Rep. Tim Murphy asked mistress to terminate pregnancy: Report
Pennsylvania senator Tim Murphy has been vocally anti-abortion and just helped get the 20 week ban through the house. He just announced he's not seeking reelection after texts show he asked his my stress to get an abortion. Shocking. Shocking. How does he justify this double standard? It's -- it was so despicable. Well he resigned. First of all, he's asking his my stress which he shouldn't have, to have an abortion. I think what I've often said here I don't understand why these people have the moral authority. They think they have the handle on the moral authority and you see things like this happen over and over. People need to step out and say you're not the moral authority. You're just not. When I saw this today, I thought about how I had voted for Bill Clinton who obviously had a little something under the desk. I also voted for John Kennedy in my youth who had millions of my stresses or whatever they called them in those days. Teddy Kennedy. I understand that people would think I was a hypocrite because I voted for them. I voted for them for the same reason the right votes for these hypocrites. The reason is they vote and do legislation that you like. Okay. But the difference between me and the people who vote for this guy is the Democrats are not the family of values. They don't go around taking abortion rights away from people or gay rights being rescinded. They're not hypocrites. They're just dogs. You see the difference? Well -- There was a difference. The obvious hypocrisy of this -- that's the blaring story. It brings up another thing we talked about a lot on the show. When something hits someone personally it stops being papers and laws and rules. Now it's your family. Everything from people that were often against gay rights they evolved. That's Nancy Reagan. If you take the idea of your religious rights over somebody else's religious rights out of the conversation, then it becomes communicate ear a dog. That's what it becomes. You're not telling me that I can't do what's right for my family when I think it's right. Right. You know, it's a different -- That's the difference. It's a very different thing. So I appreciate all the folks who will never have an abortion. I appreciate them and I'm thrilled for them. You can't make that decision for me and my family. You can't. That's a discussion -- we -- I -- y'all have taught me a lot. As a catholic I grew up as a pro lief lifer. My family talked about abortion is wrong across the board. Then I had a conversation with Tim kain. He said I am anti-abortion but I would never tell someone else according to my faith what to do. Especially men. The other -- I said to sunny the other day and I said you are in fact pro choice even though you're against aye bore sun. You've may not do it for yourself -- I would not advise a friend. That makes you pro choice. You also understand -- No. Yes, it does. You know what, here's why you're pro choice sunny -- No. Stop. Listen. You're pro choice because you're not telling me I can't. That's it. That's what makes you pro choice. You would never have an abortion. You would never encourage anyone you would never say to anybody I'm telling you because of your religion you can't. I might advise someone against it. But you're not going to say to somebody you must because I say this is what it is. I wouldn't say that. One other important note on this story is that this is a man asking a woman to get -- Yeah. It's a double -- I made that point. It's a double choice problem. It's not legislating for people. Ultimately this comes down to a woman. Regardless if you're part of the question -- it takes two to tango. The onus is on the woman. This is her body. He felt okay to say you should get an abortion, that's a bold statement. I have to tell you the outcome of all this. It turns out she was not pregnant. She wasn't even pregnant. She thought she was. He also goes so far to say she said how dare you having signed this legislation then you asked me to have an abortion. He said I didn't write this website stuff. They had sex. Why is she looking about him on a website? He denied writing it. He's a dog and he doesn't communicate. He also left Paul Ryan's office and retired right after he left the office. We'll be right back. ???

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{"id":50305301,"title":"Anti-abortion Rep. Tim Murphy asked mistress to terminate pregnancy: Report","duration":"5:56","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the report. ","url":"/US/video/anti-abortion-rep-tim-murphy-asked-mistress-terminate-50305301","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}