Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: From bras to spacesuits

The man who wanted the moonwalk to end.
4:27 | 07/13/19

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Transcript for Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: From bras to spacesuits
The number. And polar Lander and pork. Kirk are. I'm David Curley at the Smithsonian air and space museum where we are marking fifty years since the landing of man on the moon. There were 400000. People who worked on the Apollo project to get that capsule and a Lander like this one on to the moon. Most of those people worked for aerospace companies but there was one consumer products company. They may bronze and hurdles that made one of the most iconic parts of the mission. And perform all of their program. All of. Quietly broke. Neil Armstrong's first step captivated the world most alive at the time can remember exactly where they were. Wherever you are awards in mission control Houston. What we think we've got. The safety of the whole mission in our hands for the Jews have on our word our equipment and the world is watching. That's because Sonny Ream was part of the team that spent years building this space suits the astronauts were wearing. Palin people all mankind. And their first full systems test. Was this moonwalk. While others celebrated Sonny and his team nervously worried especially when Buzz Aldrin started jumping around the landing site. When Buzz Aldrin. Is talking about kangaroo offices starts hopping around the moon you what do you think of it than to. But that's that would bastard get back and let him. We've already we're successful. We can declare success we can declare right now but they're not inside. We've done everything we wanted to do I don't care how many craters books Woodson looked at didn't back and saw. They were unlikely construct yours of the pressure suit that would protect astronauts on the moon the company IL seat was part of Playtex. Yes try on the new Playtex at your favorite story this is a company that basically was making women's under our. Betterment girl's brawls and bolster globes expandable fabrics things that could give a little stretch more direction and out the other and their backgrounds for. The basic. Fabric of a spacesuit words that are placed an ad technology. In an effort to try and secure federal contracts a couple of the engineers on a team in bruised about space decided to make a play for the contract to build the space suits. They even produced the film of their suit in action. We've made a suit and set a video to NASA of this and Walcott. When they saw that ago I'd wondered advanced but this is what we this is it's that we want. 21 layers meticulously sewn together. They even helped create fabrics the outside layer Teflon and a type of blast to protect from micro meteorites even the over boots which left those footprints on the moon where they're designed. By golly that's which is it your all the pictures load trucks on the moon. And we made it we selected that enough. And now never changed. But during that actual walk sunny Ream had trouble calming himself. It has gone up the latter vote. We're very thing it did open batter I was like yeah bid up the matter. You're nervous all the time that they were out there I was just. Delighted to see him finished let's put that. I. What are all about her. But it'll. Dual boot up front it would ultimately. It was more money for achievement at our me and I'd spent my whole working career trying to do it. Fifty years fifty years later what do you think though. I'd think it was. And eon. Great accomplishment. By some people. For more consumer. Parlor called community. That wouldn't say. No they had a goal and they were insistent on dormant and needed. Sonny regime one of those who made the walk on the moon possible. More on fifty years after the landing on the moon coming up on ABC news line I'm David Curley.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"The man who wanted the moonwalk to end.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64226255","title":"Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: From bras to spacesuits","url":"/US/video/apollo-11-50th-anniversary-bras-spacesuits-64226255"}