Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: The broken switch

How a pen helped get the lunar lander off the moon.
1:55 | 07/11/19

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Transcript for Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: The broken switch
The number. People are planted more. All. Are. I'm David Curley at the Smithsonian air and space museum where we are marking fifty years since man landed and walked on the moon in a Lander just like this one. There are some well known quotes one small step and some very well known stories about the mission to the moon. But there are some that are not that well known including one about a broken switch inside that lamb. And a pan. On the surface of the moon the astronauts in their pressure suits could kangaroo hop but it wasn't really easy to get around it's very covers him. I think that's. As Buzz Aldrin was trolling around inside the Lam his backpack banged into one of the walls all wall filled with circuit breakers. My colleague and one of these motions they need to prepare prepare them what is. It was an usual move move. And business perfectly. Broken off part of the circle. And and arm engine arm. That's the circuit for their rocket engine to get off of the moon we could have picked something. That was not very important the astronauts didn't think the circuit breaker would trip on liftoff but they weren't sure and they wanted to be. So we used to cook peaceably. Plastic. Again so. And Houston says oh we're better. Good complete circuit it was just insured it's nice to get a little insurance. That broken circuit breaker switch and the pen are now part of the display of Apollo eleven. A little insurance. I'm David Curley.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"How a pen helped get the lunar lander off the moon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64226465","title":"Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: The broken switch","url":"/US/video/apollo-11-50th-anniversary-broken-switch-64226465"}