Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: Safety man

Apollo 11's Michael Collins on the escape from the moon.
4:33 | 07/17/19

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Transcript for Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: Safety man
And polar Lander and pork. Violently broke. On David Curley remembering Apollo 1150 years later. And the man who manned the command module as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon below. Astronaut Mike Collins in his own words about his mission and what manned should do next in space. They were wonderful crewmates station in his own way buzz was from a technical background male is not only. Highly experienced test pilot he knew Juan is and where forests. The design of those spacecraft. Lift we have left whipped up an Apollo eleven. You are not back conform thrifts spastic little motions and that went on for I don't know maybe. 56 seconds and then you're clearly O'Connell and push well are so over Oregon back our. It got a win in line that moon is. In my hands and it is stoves three dimensional. You have this on line. Illuminating the ringing. Of the surface of the. And oh yes I am back up to. It happened so quickly they appear. I look back. From. What were we 200 of them 30000 miles away and I saw this tiny little object somehow. Beyond. It's time is and it's Glaus hit it projects a feeling of fragility. Hit me in this. It's a fragile little tiny thing beautiful shiny you know it may be it's very fragile. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin got into eagle. Transferring from from the Columbia Apollo scholarship leaving astronaut Michael Collins and Columbia their safety manner if you will my columns alone now. In the command Roger. I liked being in the command module I myself. I have my own little way of doing things I had hot coffee. And I took the senator's seat and it was almost like being in a little church but as far as feeling. Left out owner anything on an all I felt. Very much an equal partner with them. Unofficial time off the surface 1113732. They only had one little motor that was that motor had to work perfectly. If it didn't they were stuck on the loan and that I was not gonna commit suicide and I was gonna. Com home and Ireland not have been a happy return any idea marked man for their arrests in my life. I'm worried about never having to be in that situation. Analog is the middle village but they look mother trying to. We're ten minutes away from splash the very end of as a start the eleventh flight to the deal was had bad. Neil acacia bear. That we would not flip over and stable through what they expected of course in those high winds out there we hit the the ocean so spool. That buzz when he who's all prepared. His hand was jerked off and he missed the circuit breakers. And I turn the switches in the switches didn't work because he and pushed him to breakers. Stay will do is upside down near the flotation bags will write the spacecraft. So we flipped over into stable two. And oh in the mail application bear golf. Dick thank you can't be advised that the Internet campaign. And have you here and now you have been alive. You have degraded voice saying what their acts in this country Roseanne. And when year old child. This season on the view on the planet marks. I'd like. Take that Mars should be our next. Venture I think outward bound. It's part of the human psyche. And if you believe in outward bound then. Mars shines very brightly it's the closest thing that we have to his sister planet. When we do go I think it should be a world. And I hope by I hope I see is in my life I'm Melinda homes and told they can who else.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Apollo 11's Michael Collins on the escape from the moon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64226111","title":"Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: Safety man","url":"/US/video/apollo-11-50th-anniversary-safety-man-64226111"}