ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Fallen From Iraq, Afghanistan Laid to Rest at Arlington National Cemetery

May 29, 2006: Arlington National Cemetery's Section 60.
5:27 | 05/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Fallen From Iraq, Afghanistan Laid to Rest at Arlington National Cemetery
Every Memorial Day the hallowed ground of Arlington national cemetery is the scene of solemn commemorations this year. Something is changed at Arlington where the fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan. Are being laid to rest. At Arlington national cemetery every day is Memorial Day. Every day dawn breaks over the long rows of simple white stones that blanket the gentle slopes of the hills here. Just across the Potomac River from Washington. And the dead are honored grieve and remember every day I think more importantly it's become. National shrine and where we can look back as Americans. All the way to the civil war and see that the price of freedom. Tom Sherlock is the official historian at Arlington. It's always been when sacrifices and honored regardless of individuals. Race or other economic status or their position in life. Walked the fields here walk down the ranks of the dead and the stones themselves their purity. The austere beauty of this place seemed to speak a simple truth. They're all are remembered the same way here and I think that says something very American citizen watch democracy in death that we have. The day comes differently in one part or in two in section sixty where the dead of Iraq and Afghanistan line. More than 260. Of them so far. Here where the sense of loss is so fresh and so overwhelming. And severe pain believe me it's shaping. The formalities at the cemetery have been set aside. Section sixty has become its own remarkable shrine. Many of the graves here are marked by personal keepsakes. Photographs. Tokens in ten listens of precious lives lost. And remember. It's a very peaceful place but still do our. Individuals. Personalities. Though our families. There are so much war. To the style so to have them look the them until there that have the pictures there it is Cecil much about the person. Jack Bryant's son lies in section sixty Jack junior Jay his Stanley called them was killed in muck to deal Iraq in November 2004. Jay was 23. Married with a two year old son. I'm missing a missile. Where we're reminded about this every day just about. And then to a third degree every. Every newscast. Public counsel in in Iraq. It. It let's listen though would at least we've we know that there's apparently that's going through a lot. And it is in section sixty at Arlington where sergeant Bryant lies with his comrades that so many families of the fallen are reef fashioning this hallowed ground. Into a living emotional tribute. We miss you daddy does soldiers' children right. Bottle of Jack Daniels and a Shrek sticker and you know just a bit more about Michael Curtis Carlson. Someone's left to see shill for the soldier. Look. A young boys accomplishments on the baseball field. And Sargent Robert Moog instance little girl speaks for so many daddy. I love you and misuse. Oh very much. Is kind of like a material eulogy. Can stop and so you learn something about them and makes them a person. Arlington strictly regulates grace I tributes but here in section sixty officials don't enforce the rule. And was there any question of decorum. Or regulations. Involved in these memorial isn't very. No we have of course for regulations and things but I like to thank the mores guidelines that we suggest to people we would never go behind someone in and take something out. You find PCS. Under. A soda. On this Memorial Day Jack Bryant came to Arlington once again to visit his son's grave with his wife and other family members and minister. He led his Stanley in prayer. My help comments from the lord. And they brought their own tribute with them this time a collage that captures some of the many sides of he's commander called it infectious he's flashing V for Virginia there. His love for his family. He feels. That country supports you and stands with you and your family on Memorial Day. I believe for the most part. Portables what I do we we've received so much kindness. From people throughout the country. But I in the back come on line I. By I wonder do we really understand the deep and packed. The sacrifice of servicemen and women. That's what section sixty is truly about understanding. That each simple white stone here and across these hills marks an unfathomable. Loss. That must be remembered.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"May 29, 2006: Arlington National Cemetery's Section 60.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39407581","title":"ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Fallen From Iraq, Afghanistan Laid to Rest at Arlington National Cemetery","url":"/US/video/archival-video-fallen-iraq-afghanistan-laid-rest-arlington-39407581"}