ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Harry Belafonte speaks at the March on Washington in 1963

Aug. 28, 1963: Entertainer Harry Belafonte addresses the crowd at the March on Washington.
6:22 | 03/01/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Harry Belafonte speaks at the March on Washington in 1963
From Hollywood. And Broadway. Sound came from Canada. Sampling from Chicago. Up from all over. But they have of people whom we have been. And only love. And they want this opportunity. Who gave you championing. About. I'm not I'm watching them and what it means I gave you midtown Harry develop bonds it. I. Mr. Burt Lancaster just. These prior to these scroll that he brought here from. Did names on it. From fellow artist who could not be here without today. A level. Although that I. Inviting their head and spirit. And the many of us who reports have to be able to come here today. Without body. I'd like to read off some of the names. That I hit today. Because most of them I cannot get to do to the the length of the program and length of the afternoon's activities. I'd like this and some of them because that's the first time. In the history of major civil rights gathering. And especially this one in Washington DC. That's that's artists. I've come full. It's to Marlon Brando. And grabs you know isn't. Thankfully there. Sammy Davis junior. Dylan and JoAnne Woodward. Food is not certain. That Joseph mingle with. Just dean Cochran. The Burt Lancaster. Robert Ryan. Does that mean what he gave. I didn't know. You really think. Flynn. We'll open. Jonathan. Don't. Bob matters. Data won't let him. And wrong. Relieve me. I couldn't boil. This is that it caused. So meeting of the of the number of artists who happens. And had a body supported me. Activities did today. I also have a statement read on behalf. Of the cultural contingent. And that's that all the names that I just read you involves this statement. Yeah I had to bear witness to what we know. We know that this country America. Which got committed. And as we love. Aspires to become about countries which are men three. We also know that freedom. Is not license. Every wanted to democracy ought to be beatable. But no one has the license to oppress. Or demoralize enough. We also know all we would not be. At the American negro has in store or many generations in this country which he helped to build. The most and probably just. To be a negro in this country means federal. The defeat now. Dog the and that he is but. His right to bowl. All the division of up to and including that. This act of intimidation is a great weight. In the light of any. And know what days and agree. It never they have reason intent. Which is simply to limit. Tomorrow I have to keep him subservient status more than twenty billion negro people. We got hit it wrong to protest this evil. And to make noise are resolved. And to make known our resolve to do everything we can possibly do to bring it to an end. As artist. When does human beings. He enjoys them and olives that human experience has no problem. But excellence. In any event is the proof of individual labor and low. And we believe that artists. I thought you were deposited into society. And that is the artist. Artists. Will reveal the society to it felt. But we also know that anything side. With these respect the human aspirations of all its citizens. Court's political chaos. And artistic through it. We need entities that these people to whom we have with belong to who. We need that they get they're charging. The authority which didn't pay it brought. Cutting. The uprising. And diminished enough. It's long been. In the renovated. I broke with artists. Is that barely a minute and no American can boast of freedom. Where he cannot be considered. An example. We I have been an attempt. In an attempt to strike changed I have yet last no less than the explaining. Do the best the reality that deep and universal along. Which is sometimes been called. The American dream.

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{"duration":"6:22","description":"Aug. 28, 1963: Entertainer Harry Belafonte addresses the crowd at the March on Washington.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45832971","title":"ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Harry Belafonte speaks at the March on Washington in 1963","url":"/US/video/archival-video-harry-belafonte-speaks-march-washington-1963-45832971"}