ARCHIVAL VIDEO: OJ Simpson 1997 civil trial concludes

Feb. 24, 1997: The jury decides Simpson must pay the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman millions of dollars in damages.
7:58 | 01/27/17

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Transcript for ARCHIVAL VIDEO: OJ Simpson 1997 civil trial concludes
The verdict in this civil trial is a great deal more confusing than the criminal trial so in a few moments we will review exactly what the jury did conclude. And we will explore what lies ahead for the families. And for OJ Simpson and Judy Muller for his gun news the Simpson verdict tonight right outside the audio room where reporters monitored. The court proceedings and it is a it is a difficult set of verdicts to sort through can help with such as. Well certainly forest and I what's interesting about this case is that even though no TV cameras were allowed inside the courtroom. The case is always attracted a crowd. Even when the crowd couldn't fit in the courtroom. Outside the courthouse a crowd of several hundred had gathered as they announcement of the verdict nears. Rick smaller motor than lively. Feet and no that's not gonna bring on the and that it happened to his town but then my did not gonna bring it out back. And obviously overjoyed Fred Goldman left the courthouse surrounded by family. Forest and the jurors had to answer eight questions on their juror questionnaire. On the verdict form and the first question. Was it any wrongful death suit brought by the parents of Ron Goldman that Sharon Rufo and Fred Goldman. In an passengers do you find by a preponderance of the evidence that means more likely than not that the defendant Simpson willfully and wrongfully caused the death of Ronald Goldman. They answered yes unanimously. Question two do you find by a preponderance of the evidence that defendant Simpson committed battery against Ronald Goldman since they they answered yes to one. This would be obvious clearly more than thirty stab wounds is battery and they answered yes unanimously that has to do with the survivorship. Suit. Question three do you find by clear and convincing evidence the defense and Simpson committed oppression. In the conduct upon which you base your finding of liability for battery. Against Ronald Goldman and this is really a legal technicality to trigger which leaves them into the punitive phase. Which they didn't really know. Until today but by answering yes to that which they did unanimously that triggered the punitive phase. To find. Before the plaintiffs. Question for you five by clear and convincing evidence the defendant Simpson committed. Now it's in the conduct upon which you base your finding of liability for battery against Ron Goldman analysis acting with willful and conscious disregard. For the rights and safety of others. And obviously if they found that he killed Ron Goldman that would be filled fulfilling the malice requirement. Questioned fein has the first question they had to do to deal with in terms of Nicole Brown Simpson. Do you find by a preponderance of the evidence that defendant Simpson committed battery against Nicole Brown Simpson they found that to be true unanimously. Question six and so asked the oppression question about that particular battery case again yes. Question seven the malice question in regards to Nicole Brown Simpson's battery liability case again yes. Question eight refers back to the very first question they had to answer which is in the wrongful death suit brought by the goldmans and Sharon Rufo. And that is how much. I would damages to award against defendant Simpson and in favor of the plaintiffs Goldman Rufo. In the aggregate as follows and they found eight and a half million dollars against Simpson. That will be divided between Sharon Rufo and Fred Goldman as the judge sees it up. About an hour after that verdict came in the Goldman family held an emotional news conference across the street. They're very grateful for this jury's verdict and we feel. Verizon at any moment now. Normally this trial is still in progress is not included and weren't confidentiality orders still in effect proceedings will be resuming on. Thursday so we will not be able to get into. The merits of the case and discuss anything in regards he's but I would like having mr. Oltmanns takes a few words to you. There's much talk that TV. This is about I don't auto. Today's two and a half years a little over two and a half years. We finally have justice for Ron and call. And we have it because. Damn. Petrocelli had med V. Tom Lambert. Peter del bloom. Baghdad the narrow. Loss there from my mind going crazy I'm sorry for them the names just aren't coming quick enough. And it was done with the honesty and dignity. Complete. Truth. Hands and our family is grateful. War. A verdict of responsibility. Which is all we ever wanted. And we haven't spent about half. Mr. going to ask you at the moment you've heard this prediction and scored believes that you have to hurt of course when in the criminal trial and how this went. What went through your mind as you heard that news pretty grim. I seek just what I said thank god for some justice for Ron and Nicole. We've waited two years seven months and some number of days and affected Edward cannot find bigger now. But the word enormously grateful and thankful I can't tell you. How grateful and how thankful. To him like I said from work through for all these wonderful attorneys. Whose passion whose belief. Whose willingness to put in 24 hours a day for all this time. It is proof the kind of people AR. And I think. That's part of the reason why we're where we're at today. I notice you can lower your rates below are left to go a little smile on your face it's brewer yes it has Hyannis. It's like to hang around on behalf of all of us who work on this case all of my wonderful. Collins. What an extraordinary. Honor and privilege and history and represent this man. And his family. They have conducted themselves with the extraordinary. Grace and dignity throughout this entire unspeakable tragedy. And as I told Frederick earlier just a few moments ago. Rotten would have been proud to Jim wanted to rally around his brown we did this Iraq. OK so that's going to be incredibly. Shortly after that emotional news conference the attorney for the grounds John Kelly spoke. For what we agree with the verdict Charles and you know we're just after there were halfway through the ordeal and we're looking forward to the second phase but right now. I just must say that you know the browns right now can't answer any questions order giving answers because the ongoing nature of litigation but. And we're coming here that the public end. More suffering more pain. More loneliness and more laws and any one family. Can be expected to endure. And you know the browns privately will always cure the swollen with them and that's regrettable.

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{"duration":"7:58","description":"Feb. 24, 1997: The jury decides Simpson must pay the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman millions of dollars in damages.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45097038","title":"ARCHIVAL VIDEO: OJ Simpson 1997 civil trial concludes","url":"/US/video/archival-video-oj-simpson-1997-civil-trial-concludes-45097038"}