Arctic blast hits Midwest

Cold air bears down on Midwest and Northeast where some cities got up to 14 inches of snow.
2:28 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for Arctic blast hits Midwest
All right we begin with some blistering cold in the midwest we're not even halfway through fall and people in Travers city Michigan already bracing. For some more winter storms and that's where we find our Alex Perez. Al lakes it just seems like it's a weighed too soon for you to be standing in a blizzard. If if if if here we are dead right Kimberly you know this is at a Michigan so people here are not surprised by this Reagan tell you there's no one that's happy. About all of this snow some part to the midwest upper midwest got up to fourteen inches of snow. Check out here in Travers city we got a lot of there's a few inches overnight a lot of lake effect snow in other parts. Of the midwest now all of this no in the cold temperatures creating a lot up. Problems on the roads you look at a distance there. You can see US 31 there it's a running topic is moving right now but overnight plows trucks working around the clock to try to keep things clear now I want. To show you the pavement the black top over them in photographers gonna zoom in for you there. A lot of that black pavement right now in many areas is covered in ice so it's very very slick. A lot of problems for drivers who were seeing these problems. Really across the midwest in Michigan and Wisconsin and Minnesota authorities are responding to crashes car accidents everywhere. Kimberly. And I just ask you how are people preparing for this. What are they doing to make sure that there they stay want them. But you know there really act like I said people here are not surprised by this but they're certainly not happy about it like you said it's too early in the season to be dealing. With all of this people are our layering up as you might imagine what we're used to do think people are being extra careful a lot of people are deciding it's Friday they're skipping the day at work is staying at home. Does not dealing with this weather on if they don't have to I can tell you this morning when we finished our Good Morning America live shot. Just leaving our lives I noticed two car accidents within a few feet from each other. And that after that about a block on the street from there I notice a person fall as they were walking to a bus stops. It is very very precarious out there and the problem is it's not just here in Travers city if that is here in Michigan it's really across the midwest and this storm this snow is sort of moving east and the cold. Is dipping south central a whole lot of people are dealing with problems Kimberly. All right Alex only one thing to say and that's stay warm be saved it's good to see you thank you so much to see.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Cold air bears down on Midwest and Northeast where some cities got up to 14 inches of snow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66852050","title":"Arctic blast hits Midwest","url":"/US/video/arctic-blast-hits-midwest-66852050"}