Ohio Kidnapping Suspect Receives 1,000-Year Sentence After Guilty Plea

Ariel Castro agrees to deal that will send him to prison for life for kidnapping of three Ohio girls.
59:20 | 07/26/13

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Transcript for Ohio Kidnapping Suspect Receives 1,000-Year Sentence After Guilty Plea
This is a special report from ABC news. Global I'm Dan -- in New York magazine ABC news digital special reports prosecutors in Ohio are ready to give the Cleveland kidnap -- A plea deal area Castro back important expects to take that -- Castro has pleaded not guilty to 977. Counts including aggravated murder charges. Including kidnapping. -- That the prosecution has given a plea deal because the victims did not want to go through trial -- testify -- proceedings. Are starting now. Castration -- see -- seated with his attorneys. The judge fell into the courtroom. And listen in as soon as those -- proceedings get under way but as you would call it was back in -- -- When Amanda Berry a 27 year old. Had broken free from Cleveland home that aerial -- this morning. Everyone read -- hear two cases involving the state of all let's Ellis -- Castro case -- -- -- tie or night. Can find some -- 231. One of the first things this morning yeah. There was emotion at all by the state to amend the indictment pursuant to criminal rule seventy. Really anybody wish to address -- Yeah. In particular the motion seeks -- -- the court to -- the indictment by deletion of the following language from -- 977. I was flows through the -- furthermore all that -- That couldn't proceed to the SE RS towns like an -- Castro. And 1993 Mazda automobile. In 1999 -- automobiles. In 1989. Toyota automobile. 1982 counts -- motorcycle. 2000 or early Davidson motorcycle. 2000 Yamaha motorcycles. And 2001 Yamaha motorcycle. Also -- -- language. Relating to those items would be. Deleted as well. Resources the State's motion on the hill -- -- Yeah. Right at most to a man's account minds that is is branches. Yeah. -- -- -- After you receive your -- thousand better. Since they. I want to talk with the parties about the discovery. Process. I'm yeah hence he sees -- support to -- want to demand for discovery was made -- And posted. On June 14. Of this -- Since that time discovery has been ongoing and now there's a second case that states. Has provided discovery equally -- both cases and in one case numbers are correct. Under -- yeah. Yeah. Hundreds removed criminal rules he beat. There hasn't -- demands of the prosecutor was obligated to provide copies of photographs ultimate -- For the defense. To copy or -- -- noticed. That we're mature to send us related to the case. Or are intended to used by the prosecutor as evidence at trial. Or -- the senate and reinstatement. Thomas' -- getting engaged and done that. Yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- Yeah. And yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Tech -- And yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah us yeah. Thank you. There have been sold items. Consistent with. The rules XTC. There were designated -- console only materials. Have chosen -- And you've had a chance to receive goes to -- -- on behalf -- client. And to share the contents is not the exact -- -- Yeah. Last year yeah. So yeah yeah. Yeah. So yeah. Its yeah. What is -- yeah. News. -- -- -- Yeah. Consistent with criminal rule sixteen years rightness of inspection cases of sexual assault. -- that comply with. Yeah. Yeah. Similar fashion -- reciprocal duty disclosure by the defense. He's been talking with prosecutors had you made disclosure that he items that you may have wished. To introduce to try out. -- correct and and as the parties exchanged witness -- was witness lists as at this matter we're going to trust. -- It's my understanding that there has just plea agreements reached at parties. And I was what makes her. -- you understand that by virtue of any plea that would go or be accepted by this court. Each side. Is giving up his right to obtain certain information to consideration of breaching the agreement are you aware that. They're made the other thing is the C could have pursued. They believe they have. In consideration of the agreement to see some of those -- opportunities. And -- console as. Aggressively. And accurately. Yeah preparing for trial but in light of these. Negotiation process. They had ceased doing some moves things because they feel -- agreement. Was what you want to do -- -- at all that. -- To capture -- you had a chance now to. Read reviews. The -- indictments. Which is -- -- inconsistent in counts. This case lives five or not just. -- did you have a chance to discuss an indictment with your counsel. He understands it. There are numerous charges. Some of them -- the saint. Title playing her allegation body CNN time periods and different incidents that are alleged -- Yeah yeah. -- you're here because I've written for business presented with what sparked the State's -- -- Which purports to be written plea agreement and recommended sentence that is scored. And you didn't receive this -- -- hadn't had a chance to read this document. He read yeah. -- -- you get a chance to talk to your trees and asking that question. He then met with -- -- -- holding -- you're correct this morning. Again this is signed by a number of people. Just like this one times its original -- excuses and plunged in Italy has expressed. There's there's any. Chances -- -- you have cited on behalf of the state grant. -- this Castro most importantly. There's -- signature here on the -- line is that -- signature hysteria Castro consistent this plea agreement. On page eighteen. Yeah actually this is your -- -- my understanding from. Meeting with your counsel and counsel that the state -- -- plea agreement. Hasn't -- this -- -- -- fully aware of the terms and deep concerns that the agreement. And -- Understand it's I purchased the -- fuel lobby had. -- -- Maggette or someone else -- exhausted. Generally outlined the plea agreement. Amid talk with your attorneys and ask the questions that I didn't you guessed it gets questions for me at any time. Please ask that you need to regularly -- again please let you know can't. Thank you just tell -- Yeah. So millions tests this team knows. Still yeah solid well you know yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- yeah. Jindal or -- very neighbors' homes and I yeah. Injections that proposed -- yeah. The council source files suit the various Cheney goes 123 -- will be amended is that you will -- incorporated. Instead of Jane doe number runs. -- Michelle tonight Jane doe number two -- -- -- -- doesn't generate a total of three -- -- Georgina dejesus and switching to -- -- To be -- theory -- -- 12100 -- to tell us. This sounds so yeah. Honestly. Yeah. Isn't -- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's -- lost. -- emerged since yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. That's -- yeah. Involves -- process. A -- So yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -- yeah. -- -- And unless 1000 years. Yeah. I'll let all of us. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. Personal. Just -- didn't students -- yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -- results and yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -- yeah. Yeah. Eyewitness Burris didn't realize just us. -- yeah. There's yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -- yeah. City solutions business yeah sorry yeah. Yeah. Let's -- -- -- us. Yeah. -- Like much like the -- that just -- Your understanding and we have here. This -- -- Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Its Internet. Yeah -- yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -- we're mr. Castro each side deals -- -- -- giving up something in order to reach this agreement are you aware death. -- Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. And I certainly yeah. Tell the prosecutor mention one thing that. About like the whole language that you do have an understanding is that has -- a significant features of the please. That is being proposed by the state okay. Law states that a prisoner serving sentences -- in prison without parole. And I don't again until three is not eligible for parole. Well -- -- school and we'll be imprisoned until that he understands us. Yeah. -- leave for any reason to be released from prison before you die of natural products. Do you think there's any reason people should like get -- out of prison. Before you -- Yeah. Has anybody we're told that the -- to change that you might be released. Does that -- -- understand. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We understand will be imprisoned for life you don't even have the expectations for the -- -- getting out -- -- Has anybody told you that people sentenced to life the -- have been released before their deaths does anybody need representation to you or give you that -- Rectification. Yeah. -- Understand -- -- not going to happen here pursuant to this agreement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- finally sir again you understand. Your guests -- the top seriously. You'll never be released details. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -- -- you've been represented for several months now I'm mr. slack it. And that's why can't get any reason -- believe that they don't have your best interest in mind with regard to your decision to plead guilty in this -- You feel they're working in your best interest. Yeah I understand. You understand the advice that they continued. The present time. Has been allowed to ask questions about your case. Had the answers your questions to your satisfaction. The big over the discovery information. With you that they had been provided by the state. Individual of the statements that has been made in this matter is not just your statement the statements about their party's witness. And I don't goes with -- And -- yeah. You have. You haven't -- complete catalog of -- residents. -- we're that the attorneys have received an intonation and mr. slack in his -- times you shared with him. The information. -- I was there any advice. Did you buy your -- -- just don't understand many questions you have to be at this point. Yeah. -- yeah. -- Yeah. Yeah. They explain the -- US is this is Ohio. And he understands that. Now. Under the rule eleven. It. This. Is negotiated political Nikki self an underlying agreement -- -- ace Shelby stayed on record and -- court. We have evidence -- that which is states that want what's important is going to accept that part of our records -- that while talking with. Or record I can't be sure that you understand. Your rights. -- potential charges. These potential penalties. And asked what. What ultimately will happen so that it. At this end if you actually guilty tonight I can make -- representation and policies I had to do understand that -- doing all this knowingly intelligently. And voluntarily sexier yeah. And physical forwards -- I've already told you wouldn't basic policy agreement -- your understands the charges -- not be released from prison. However. Under Ohio law there are some. Penalties and obligations that. -- attendant upon any plea for certain tasks so -- I have to fight Obama hosting these control. When it's mandatory it's discretionary sleep this time I -- advise you about that even though you know economic Chris. So it's kind of hard to that the -- understand you'll still get questions -- that's correct. Also. Along with the -- -- -- -- class cases. Sexual offender. So yeah this. Serious incidents occurred during a time where the law changed so that was Megan's -- until. January 1 2008 -- that was Adam Walsh act so. Even though you won't get out present I'm obligated to -- -- this -- -- with you prior to your sentencing. And you'll have to. Talk to your attorneys filed goal of the performances -- you can read a matter of time includes. We aren't able to get the deal. And even though you're not get out of prison you have to understand that the reporting requirements and stay in you can sign -- -- -- -- clear. I want to make sure that you understand the potential easier to see it is. Operating plea bargain. And you didn't just -- to accept that. And it's part of their plea bargain would have to -- guilty and he -- says there are. Other type currently. How do you -- -- don't count us out a plea of guilty just. Police commissioner to kill a plea of no contest is just is not an admission of guilt but is this -- but the truth of the facts alleged in the indictment. We're -- -- not be used against you didn't subsequent civil civil proceeding. So close to please that are available to someone who wishes to result. Commodities fell incomplete however -- -- -- these plea agreement. They're required did you plead guilty and accept. Guilt in this matter is that understands. I don't -- continue -- just. Further instructions on this shortly but yeah I did -- -- -- important and century of talk with your differences on this but you understand Tim White that you have that you are -- -- jury trial. Plane apparently -- waiving your right in front witnesses against you that you waiting to -- compulsory processes -- -- is your -- That your rating. Well that you're reading the regular part of the state to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt at trial. Do you understand you cannot be compelled to testify against -- -- -- any given -- all those justices that writes I enter a -- Yeah. With few -- yeah. Mr. Castro told -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- yeah yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- Yeah. Sure you're exactly. Under the influence of any illegal drugs -- alcohol tests. Taking prescription medications. Yeah. But it doesn't affect your abilities we clearly are making decisions Brett. Did you taking the medicine yesterday. Yeah. What sort of particular dish. -- He -- he knows. But not anything that would affect -- it's your thinking or decision making progress. -- Yeah. -- yeah. -- Yeah. We have not taken the antihistamines or anything else race. Are American citizens. The record. And when it comes to -- -- Yeah. Yeah with Spanish first language. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Even -- establishing -- Yeah it's. But it English -- let. Us. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But in general -- -- things that you deal with here. Evidence the charges. Conversations with your attorneys you've been able to understand the written that your -- useful materials. -- You still had camped in the area expects. It currently on probation parole or destroy. The other supervision -- the courts -- -- I want to know about -- plea agreement that some of the specific. State will be casting an -- or the occasional yeah. -- significant number of accounts. And those who deal with additional legal -- mergers -- there hasn't dismissals ultimately today. -- -- pleased. To be aware that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. According counsel because this -- the -- you plead guilty the remaining nine hundred thirties say they're. Yeah. There. -- Yeah I'll tell you that somewhat common in any plea negotiation and criminal case resolved case. Obviously neither side is perfectly happy okay but you're reaching this agreement put your home -- -- that crashed. -- upon. In conjunction with the advice counsel. So you -- today. 936 counts. Your screen all its. Execute all let's -- documents. Former all acts necessary to transfer right title and interest in your real property at 2207. Seymour avenue in Cleveland. -- did not answer directly to yeah. -- -- land that -- Here agreed to sign documents this turn your house over the coming man that understood. -- also agree to abide by the terms we stipulated protective order. Yeah. That understood. Yeah. -- -- -- these expenses. And hapless. Themselves. In compliance with this agreement and -- disclosed for any items on the proper treatment. Others do not permitted to -- them anything any aspect of this case that -- To understand -- as part of these plea agreement lawsuits -- city items. Personal or real property concerns to the state and their sex work. -- yeah. Yeah. -- In particular there is 22268. Dollars and 83 cents and US currency still forfeited. Again the right title and interest you -- your real property it. And you'll be receiving backer of your family will receive back on your behalf Stanley solo albums is closing set understood that you're getting something back under. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what the towards us that's the mountain. It's Smart. Mr. -- truthful and that. Yeah. In fact there will be -- demolition of the house. And just yesterday understand this this is recommended -- court. Finally determined to accept it and we imposed after sentencing hearing about it determined not -- the parties would be back their original positions. Did you see this matters to trial on August that said there. And -- -- as part of this. Settlement agreement that if the court does the recommendation that children who received -- sentence that is set forth in this plea agreement. -- -- -- Which is life without parole plus miracle and 1000 meters thick there. Yeah. They understand that by Internet to disagree with the state -- -- withdrawing and waiting. Any potential constitutional challenges. -- The end. -- waiving any right to further testing and DNA evidence that cleared. Again that basis is stated if -- paragraphs -- this -- to see this. Given up their right -- the death penalty. They're there. Is what they're giving up an order. To reach to start with you -- you're having nothing to. -- it also awaiting any potential claims on -- post conviction motions. -- -- -- that's your -- your attorneys have done everything. Did you request to them to do that your child. Making any claim that distaste disengaged prosecutorial misconduct -- understood. -- He understands just don't that. Against -- labeled the sexual predators there are certain court reporter requirements Google just prior to sentencing hearing. More that we signed -- have a statement that there. Is there anything about topics I discussed -- he's just it's unclear if any questions you have the court. -- Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- That's certainly something you can bring -- percent securities because after sentencing hearings. You have the opportunity to see. Attorneys that is -- -- we have other family members serves her purse since the -- of and in the state has a right. To see contest. And victims will be notified about the sentencing and they have the right -- distinguished himself at that hearing. Which. I believe Google's partners first. -- is absolutely right -- accuse him to. To talk about media relations consultants. Just -- yeah. Yeah. -- yeah. -- yeah. Castro are you satisfied with the representation that you received -- -- it -- -- -- They're easy to stay as -- decision -- -- to do it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Certainly understand by -- guilty pleas hears these. Numerous counts that are set forth in desperate plea agreement. That you waiting to -- you know certain constitutional rights. Yeah. Talking about justice is that right. Chester we understand each other right to try injury yeah. -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah yeah Syria understands -- that you have the right to trial by jury -- to a judge in this case. To understand you're giving up that right and complete -- not have a child. There's just the right actually returning something UK -- if you can't afford want -- -- -- attorneys represented US don't trust you. Understands just write something subpoena witnesses -- to hear the trial to test site on your -- yeah underwrote. Another orchard trees could cost court orders to block it would be required come in they would have to take the witness stand the test plan under -- -- clear. You understand you're giving up that right right here please do not put your trust and not. Go forward yeah. -- understand each other right to confront and cross examine witnesses that cost through your respective attorneys. And again. When witnesses he -- they would have the chance to question them to challenge them to their accuracy either by us and Embree. -- -- But you're given up that right right here please -- Certainly understand just a regular part -- stage prove your guilt by evidence beyond a reasonable. Yeah -- understand each other regular part of the state to prove your guilt plant evidence the other reason. And that. In other words had a trial they would have to prove each. Can't I have -- beyond a reasonable doubt each and every element that each count each count would be considered by charter act separately. They have to meet that burden of proof on each and every county didn't indictment. Each and every elements and each and every specifications. Understand your. Relieve them of that -- -- I entered -- guilty plea. Finally you understand generate remain silent and not testify and no 100 pound packages is not -- -- found. -- -- Sure you understand each other regularly silent to not testify. And no one could come about on the fact that she did not just my child. And you don't have to do anything to burgers all our state of Ohio can understand that. You don't have to just like you don't have to do anything yeah trial is that clear. -- also understand you could testify at trial if you wish but. There is no obligation. To testify senators -- I want to tell you know what that serious. Offenses and the potential penalties. To capture you said that you've -- -- -- Paula that 977. Counts this indictment is that correct. Thank you actually have the book confronted you with all the charges they're 566. Pages that your understanding. And you've gone through it. -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- to read those charges and specifications. On all -- -- Yeah. Kennedy questions about the charges themselves. Yeah. Yeah. They understand it. For the various charges -- some of them are differentiated by particular acts that are mentioned in the indictment or that are depreciated -- district. They sort of they range you understand that yeah okay. -- certainly count one. Chart of de committed murder with just an unspecified felony. Intensely sexual motivation specification and sexually violent predators that's. With respect to that charge -- want. It's -- -- on or about November 1 622007. In this county and -- just purposely don't prior calculation designed -- unlawful termination. -- Jane doe number one's. Pregnancy. Has he indicated earlier this -- that's the shuttle tonight to understand those allegations count one. And there's also a sexual motivation specification yeah alleges that he committed the -- that they sexual orientation. Center understood. Yeah. Understand -- sexual sexually violent predators specifications. Which alleges that you are -- sexually violent predator. -- -- -- Did you understand the language. You -- You may not like the characterization -- understand completely that. Legal fact -- that's like pleading guilty to count one hasn't cited. -- the penalty the only penalty is like incarceration without the possibility of it's the same penalty and -- similar -- just under its ultimate section. -- 2903 point 01. Did you read that you understand the allegation. Again the penalty is the -- if you think your teeth that charge. Cited. The only penalty and displays incarceration about possibly little -- clear. In count one and two yeah the status. Has indicated in this -- the agreement. That they're going to last time sentencing. Yeah. To go -- that's not how want to tell you couldn't be guilty as two separate charges. Constitutionally you can only be sentenced to -- yeah there's a double jeopardy. Revisions to understand typically can't. One and two separate -- only be sentenced on one. -- understand that for each of those charges there is also the possibility of court imposes a fine of 35000 dollars on each count. Understand that you could -- -- -- court costs. In the -- you be classified collaboration law as they. -- Sexual predator who was pleased under Megan's law and -- be reporting yeah. Like yeah. So yeah the categories of the -- that he's. If you go to that page three. Thomas subsection B. Yeah. This time the house. For any differences there just isn't news 900 says this doesn't count indictment that are charged as rape and violation revised -- 2907. Point 0282. With sexually violent predator specification. Pursuant to -- those 2941. Point 1488. Here's in his Italy's first three. Submitted prior to September 30 20112. -- This takes is a whole range of costs and understood. All counts charged -- that some sections intersection of the revised code. There's even in a home. Term of incarceration. Incarceration malice and tears. With a maximum sentence to life. Understand that. -- for each and every charged. -- -- -- -- -- Under that specific section twenty -- -- Went zero to eighteen with these. Sexually violent predators -- Also needs such -- -- -- 20000 dollars again ordered to pay court costs. -- -- You could be part of a court costs for the entire proceedings on -- talk about that president understands that and he closed. Pretty -- as we just talk about personal section. -- -- restitution. To the victims is that -- Yeah. There's mandatory -- and thereby. Yeah. Triggering. A mandatory or -- at -- cold. It's like your security. Understand that. That would be humans. Yeah. Against gratuitous tracking now but. This is always -- you serve her prison terms. -- release from this -- charged would be subject aside here's mandatory post these. Controlled. You don't -- story would be part as super -- for prior year period. After released. If you violated their rules these local authorities had suspected prisons do additional time to want to. The court -- opposed originally sent here. Yeah. If you feel your Portugal to discontinue it didn't charge you crying in -- -- Divert troops leading to. Rape charge under subsection. DN com street now would cost -- He also declassified. This sexual predator under. Megan's law. -- tier three sex offender. Which is deporting every ninety. Polite if you would be released from Chris. And understood yeah. And again. I can be released. Yeah. Yeah. With respect he rape charges under revised code 3907. Points or two AG. -- sexually violent predators -- occasions. He's just found that subsection nine CH Bork. It's just do -- for those particular -- financing you'll see there's a minimum term incarceration not less than ten years. Maximum sentence of life -- -- Yeah there's interest features such. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do hard to pay restitution and court costs. There'd be mandatory border -- -- colder period five years. Again yes please do your art supplies I think they'll pull sort of her record of five years -- -- -- -- few moments -- -- child. Do you all the classified as tier three sex offender as a discussed -- -- -- get a handle that yeah. Yes you read through this agreement several -- right yeah. Or anything -- a -- church is a revised code 29 -- yeah. Point 0282. Yeah committed prior to September 30 2011 they aren't always the first degree. We understand that for each such contest is subject to potential. Period it's mandatory cursory she's a minimum -- three years. Yeah. Two -- is 3456789. Or ten years' incarceration. -- understand that. And again to him -- 120000 dollars. Understand -- court costs and restitution to be imposed. Understand this is also there isn't mandatory. Period of post release controls with a record of five years. Yeah after any such leads. Yeah. Think enacted by just that even -- -- -- -- now declared yeah its policy be classified under Megan's law. -- -- -- just be a tier three sex offenders. Under yeah. -- Adam Walsh -- so there's just. Yeah. Subsection ninety kidnappings -- revised code 2905. Point 01. Felonies first read these for alleged to have been committed from December 25. 2006. Through May sixth 2013. You receive the benefit of the law changed to speak to the penalty thinking more sincere but because this is over a range of time. -- severe penalty which is yeah. Mandatory term in prison and imprisonment of 345678. Or nine or ten years' incarceration. If 120000. Dollars for cost restitution. To establish. Mandatory period post police control for a period of five meters -- and understood -- those particular. Categories. -- -- This kind of support that's the section east. And that those -- -- mandatory. Incarceration because they don't have sex but regardless -- -- -- -- -- -- -- unreleased songs that I just mentioned right. Understand that. That's part of the agreement. Did the -- So yeah counts of kidnapping under subsection nine yeah violations by the -- -- -- lives. Point 0183 with sexual motivation specifications. Under 2941. Point 147 -- he's always first street. This category. Kidnappings. -- -- -- Indictment. Been through a period of incarceration three -- 56789. Or ten years. I -- 1000 dollars -- plus restitution. Has established. -- mandatory period of post police control group record of five -- yeah all please be classified as sexual predator under Megan's law. -- he's here to Texas just. Which is Fletcher Berger apartments but draw a tier three offender so you're reporting. Or life. -- -- I understand. In the -- that's. We give you that advise you know you're not going to be released yeah. Under subsection -- -- home page five. Kidnappings and violation of -- -- pretty nice little five points or 183. Central location specifications. And sexually violent predator specifications. Isn't always the first three. There's a minimum term incarceration not less than ten years on such a sentence the national news wife understood. Do you find the core components 20000 dollars court costs and restitution. And -- policies controlled by years. -- and classification. As a sexual predator under Megan's law or is tier three sex offender is like -- reporting. Under Adam Walsh act can understand those potential penalties for those -- -- For kidnapping under -- -- until five -- -- want these war. With sexual motivations that's occasions. And these songs first -- understand there's potential. Prisons. 3456789. Or ten years of indefinite sentence. I have to 20000 dollars for costs restitution. Control -- to five years. Classifications. Under Megan's law his sexual predator. -- hundreds tier three. Adam Walsh -- select transporting sexier. There's a section kidnapping in violation miners -- 2905. Point 0184. With sexual motivation specification. And sexual violent predators specifications. And he's going to -- first created this whole classic presents. There's been a long term incarceration not less than two years the maximum news -- 120000. Dollars worth cost restitution. Mandatory five years was lose control. And it is classified as tier three sex offender can't play an important every ninety days -- clear. On counts of kidnapping in violation from milestone. 290 -- points -- 18 war of sexual motivation specifications. Sexually violent -- specifications. Telling her street. They did after September 30 2000. There's ten there's minimum term incarceration not less than ten years the maximum sentences like. I don't 20000 dollars for each such offense. And were to -- important cost restitution. Mandatory order to post police control for a period of five years and such -- Classifications -- decreased sexual yeah. Yeah. -- KV. Six. Performances. Violation revised code section 2903. Pleasant weather anymore yeah. -- -- -- us. As charged. As -- the second degree. -- -- -- -- Average analyst thinks the court hearing -- this morning of this sort of -- -- charges against aerial Castro the man out. Charged with holding three women captive. But since 2000 is to understand is based on 977. Counts and the attorneys have reached a plea deal -- simply will not face the death penalty -- there will be no trial. I want to bring in England sees -- to Scott Goldberg with the latest on the details of this and Gil Scott a lot of people have been watching this case because it's let's just -- Almost unimaginable how this could've happened -- three women could have been held now for more than a decade and now this morning a plea deal has been -- Right Dan there was a lot of concern that if this actually went to trial the women and three women who were victims would have to -- -- what they went through cost taxpayers a lot of money so. In a lot of ways the community is is breeding a deep sigh of relief over this aerial Castro. -- he wanted to avoid the death penalty his lawyers were most concerned about that. And by agreeing to this plea deal he is going to spend his life in prison the judge made that very clear. There's no chance of parole there's an additional 1000 year sentence that has been tacked onto this just to make it crystal clear to -- that he has no chance. Of getting out when the judge asked him if he understood that he will be spending the rest of his life in prison as long as he's in the state of Ohio. -- said yes he does Scott what we know that about the sentencing hearing and when will that take place. And -- I don't know if the judge said specifically when that is going to take place yet but in -- that's coming up there is. The chance for. For statements from the victims' families there's a chance for Castro's family to wait and hear. And everything that was agreed to in this plea deal that is going to be. Pending that sentencing hearing the original trial was going to start. On August -- deal hadn't been reached between now that it has they'll they'll go through that official sentencing. Trial just to make it official -- to say again the broad terms agreed to yesterday and Castro saying that he does understand this means he will not have a chance get out of prison. And what we're the other some of -- were some of the other details are of this of this plea deal as well because the judge has said that both sides had given up something. Obviously. If you have the -- of the trial that was sort of the judge had really explain quite extensively the aerial Castro but also that the house would be demolished. -- his home is going to be demolished he's giving up -- entitled to his real property. He's giving up about 22000. Dollars -- that he had -- a bank account the one thing. That it sounded like will survive. Is -- collection of photos and photo albums will go to his family so that was something that was in it for him. And for the other -- -- there was a strong feeling that because of the laws in Ohio the fetal homicide laws that say you can't face the -- that the death penalty if you cause the death of a fetus which is what he's charged in this indictment indictment against Castro says that he allegedly. Beat. One of the three women and forced her to miss -- there was a feeling that this guy was charged with doing things that we're so monstrous that -- ever there -- case -- the death penalty in many people's minds. This would be it so giving that -- which is what prosecutors wanted was something the other side had to sacrifice -- that was a key. A key sticking point for the defense they really wanted to make sure they capture would spend -- life here in prison but wouldn't get executed. All right Scott thank you for that ABC's Scott Goldberg watching that proceeding going on of course we're gonna continue to live stream. The proceeding as the judge is making further instructions. But just earlier on in fact the plea deal details of which will release that aerial Castro will not be facing the death penalty he will be. Facing a life without the possibility of parole and a subsequent 1000 your -- -- -- the kidnapping and rape of three women starting back in 2002. Course remember back in early may it was Amanda Berry who had has broken out of this home in Cleveland Ohio. Again she was shouting through a screen door hard neighbors rushed out on here and at that point it is nightmares aren't those three women additional time we're coming to life and Amanda Berry who cheated -- and -- night all held captive for more than a decade and now aerial Castro. They're captives and has now accepted a plea deal where he will avoid death penalty. But face life better -- have a complete report on abcnews.com. And we will continue to live stream Olympic -- seedings. Are now on again after learning or with the CBC news digital special crimes. This has been a special report from the.

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{"id":19783033,"title":"Ohio Kidnapping Suspect Receives 1,000-Year Sentence After Guilty Plea","duration":"59:20","description":"Ariel Castro agrees to deal that will send him to prison for life for kidnapping of three Ohio girls.","url":"/US/video/ariel-castro-guilty-plea-ohio-kidnapping-suspect-receives-19783033","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}