Arizona Dad Fights to Bring Son, 7, Back From Mexico

Greg Hawkins, 27, battles international borders and laws to be reunited with his child.
4:44 | 04/26/13

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Transcript for Arizona Dad Fights to Bring Son, 7, Back From Mexico
You're about to board a plane. Things go south who do I call -- -- with the valley father that's my only concern. Is there when I get there that they'll try to -- something desperate to bring his son home from Mexico out of that outcomes -- A three hour flight south of the border is nothing compared to the two year journey Glendale -- Greg Hawkins has endured. Fighting for his first born his only son seven year old Santiago. -- -- is an American -- Blogs back here in America Santiago who has been living in this Mexican Child Protective Services facility for nearly a year. Away from both parents while they battle in court. And a judge is about to rule in -- favor others. Rather than -- the -- trying to let go. -- struggle started about two years ago when Santiago's Mexican mother. An undocumented immigrant living in the United States took Santiago to Acapulco as. Like some Phyllis. Stuck in my throat as Smart was beaten -- of scared because -- -- and I knew what -- done. Even though Gregg has court ordered full custody in the United States it's not enough. So he turned to an international treaty called The Hague convention for help it's the single greatest tool that's been developed to try and deal with this problem. But if it does have it does have flaws and it does have limitations. Preston Findley is counsel for the national center for missing and exploited children. He says the treaty is intended to secure the prompt return of children wrongfully removed from their home countries without hassle. It's a formal agreement signed by more than seventy countries. But the ABC fifteen investigators found Mexico has frequently been on a list of countries with patterns of noncompliance. Although it's improving. This year it was singled out by the United States for having enforcement issues. When we get a report of a child take into Mexico we're very aware that it could be a significant uphill battle. Greg's battle his. Register here to Mexico City is only half of the journey he still has the -- -- driving for hours on the ball over his son and but even then there's no guarantee. -- So we just. We gave Greg a camera to document his ride his attorneys asked us to stay behind to reduce conflict when -- reconnect with his son -- The State Department warns it can be a dangerous trip. But Greg isn't worried he's focused on one thing when he wakes up in the morning. Getting his son out of the country as quickly as possible hopefully no real change their mind this time. The because. Com this morning time is of the essence. They just got -- voicemail he -- supposed to -- guns and two and a half hours ago but that's been delayed. Greg plans to get his son -- a passport for Santiago at the embassy in Mexico City and get out of the country for anyone finds out he's here. But timing is not on -- side it's going to be too late for them to get into the embassy in get a passport hours go by frustration sets in. Even with this court order he says the head of the Child Protective Services facility won't let -- -- Santiago. Nicholas now they want to keep them. Four we eager to do some medical testing your studies. Something feeling we don't get mad here -- Monday. We -- six months before we hear and house. And hadn't told business times but I tell -- it's not a safe place to stick close to him. It's just awful and this is where they have not -- Greg worries Monday -- be too late to get his son without physical custody of Santiago a court appeal can stop the case. But he waits one. He comes home. Alone. I was really sad at -- snipes tried. But then afterwards. Thinking about it and in everything starts at every start altogether and -- makes sense. As a good. -- -- Santiago's toys the state packed in a box along with decorations. -- like Spiderman balloon from the seventh birthday party he never attended. It's in here is actually it's -- really well -- is eating a slice of birthday cake to his freezer community. Thought out and cultural tastes this that is. -- it was his birthday and he hopes that one day his little boy will be able to savor the moment. And make Greg's wish come true crossing happy birthday and we all without form -- -- -- and with that he comes back home.

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{"id":19052862,"title":"Arizona Dad Fights to Bring Son, 7, Back From Mexico","duration":"4:44","description":"Greg Hawkins, 27, battles international borders and laws to be reunited with his child.","url":"/US/video/arizona-dad-fights-bring-son-back-mexico-19052862","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}