Arizona Man Designs Tricked-Out Wheelchairs

Lance Greathouse's customized creations include flame-throwers, lights, horns and fake guns.
1:46 | 09/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arizona Man Designs Tricked-Out Wheelchairs
Everyone that cares we get -- we have to go through everything we go through and check on clay it's great house is a pretty handy guy. We put new batteries in them and then we get him out -- Someone needs it. If they can't afford -- a dental equipment repairman by trade he likes to tinker around in his down. Hours a week restoring and repairing motorized wheelchairs but his pet project takes your average wheelchair to a whole new level and are fully adjustable. In this current also. Revolves around equipped with the lights -- -- guns and even a flame thrower. -- houses wheelchairs certain he's in now. The idea for these elaborate creations came from Lynch's brother. Who developed parkinson's. And had to get around in a wheelchair. The way people treated when they saw on the scooter wasn't the guy -- Mina guy he was of racquetball player motorcycle rider. -- -- -- been a strong guy athletic and -- good team in the chairs atrium like. Totally different. So Lance develop something a bit more hearty people would seem they would say it is -- talk about the -- not what was wrong with proview you know. But your problem that -- that comment off -- -- And great -- -- was formed a lot of guys come in cinnamon their you know Florida I think it's awesome if you were doing there's pretty cool. Lot of people that aren't wheelchairs they you know into the appointment notices weird thing now. We need everybody -- -- -- likes what we're doing. While many of these wheelchairs are still in the development stages he hopes to soon turned his creation salutes and give people -- new option when it comes beginning around. There's a demand for just -- -- doing their English ABC fifteen news.

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{"id":20349068,"title":"Arizona Man Designs Tricked-Out Wheelchairs","duration":"1:46","description":"Lance Greathouse's customized creations include flame-throwers, lights, horns and fake guns. ","url":"/US/video/arizona-man-designs-tricked-wheelchairs-20349068","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}