Arizona man shot by police while holding baby

Phoenix police release video of the officer who took down a suspect.
1:56 | 01/27/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arizona man shot by police while holding baby
Frantic calls to 911 from a motel near seventh avenue and van here and two weeks ago. We need somebody he is beating up on his old lady that I. They haven't got. Phoenix police find 37 year old Paul olden in street he's forced to cart stop with that eighty and that got heat fires off around. Hostage right now unsure of what part will do next officers also note if they shoot they risk hurting the little boy in his arms. It's. One officer looks into his rifle scope and fires. Another officer refuses to wait for the all clear he brands for the baby. Afterward but he can't still rolling we hear directly from the officers why they acted so urgently no time for negotiation. Back at what that's like fifty traffic on it. Six shot rifle went into the net and. Now. ABC fifteen also talked to the baby's mom Priscilla Chavez she says one year old casino is doing okay events and ear pain. She also says Paul Boldin was a devoted down at her. But she says Paul had been awake for four days on drugs. The partially nude and very easy on them being here and bad person not to fund exists in the statement sure condition. He died at the hospital. Like all Phoenix officer involved shootings in this one will be reviewed by internal affairs and the mayor Cook County attorney's office an investigator Melissa lazy is ABC fifteen Arizona.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"Phoenix police release video of the officer who took down a suspect. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75516819","title":"Arizona man shot by police while holding baby","url":"/US/video/arizona-man-shot-police-holding-baby-75516819"}