Army Major Foster Dad Faces Child Abuse Charges

John and Carolyn Jackson of New Jersey face 17 counts of federal charges.
2:30 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for Army Major Foster Dad Faces Child Abuse Charges
An army major and his wife facing serious federal charges tonight there are accused of withholding food and -- water from their children. And assaulting them to the point breaking bones New Jersey reporter Toni Yates is live in Mount Holly Tony. And -- you know as a parent or even as a decent human being you hear a story like this and it just cuts gives it to the -- The first thing you want to -- is. -- the kids are okay that parents they are in federal custody after an investigation that took years to produce an indictment. From the -- -- the photo army major John and Carolyn Jackson appeared to -- a loving family of six the US attorney though says the kids weren't tortured by the couple. Their lives broken they were denied food and water force fed hot sauce and peppers and denied medical attention part. Of what they say was the majors training of the kids. Over a five year period. They tortured and abused that -- the -- children who were entrusted to their custody by the state of managers and Carolyn Jackson as a resident -- Mount Holly home the major stationed at the ticket to the arsenal in Morris County. -- himself and their neighbors and Mount Holly are just learning of the alleged abuse. It's sad that like you live right next door and yet no idea what's going lot of people's house that at all. The jacksons have been under investigation for at least five years when they lived in Morris County after a Foster child in -- -- died in 2008. Three of their children a biological three -- Foster kids and the abuse allegedly took place when the family lived in Morris County. Why on what their reasons are but there's -- they're doing. Enough reason to. To do this to your children it's a sad day. I had adopted child and I about that soon. -- -- The couple and their supporters took to social media after the children were taken in 2010. Denying charges and demanding that kids be returned the neighbors say they had seen kids at the home. On Victoria court are recently. We -- really quite sure who all the alarm but I have only seen them voting public about six months -- children lives I didn't even know that. Those kids and with -- Now that's -- -- several neighbors out here have told us that they have seen children. At six Victoria court where the jacksons lived though they could not say for sure. How those children are related to the jacksons the -- again are still in federal custody they go before the judge for a bail hearing. On Thursday for now we're live in Mount Holly Tony it's channel seven. Eyewitness News.

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{"id":19083644,"title":"Army Major Foster Dad Faces Child Abuse Charges","duration":"2:30","description":"John and Carolyn Jackson of New Jersey face 17 counts of federal charges.","url":"/US/video/army-major-foster-dad-faces-child-abuse-charges-19083644","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}