Arrest in 1993 Disappearance of Girl

Police charged a man with murder in the case of a Florida girl who vanished in 1993.
1:44 | 11/30/12

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Transcript for Arrest in 1993 Disappearance of Girl
It's July of 1993. Flyers go -- featuring a little girl's face ten year old Andrea Parsons is missing and feared abducted. My daughters out there I'm not quit until I have a -- As solid as -- bottom line. She was last seen buying candy at this -- Sri store near her home nineteen years later it's been turned into a shopping plaza. Despite an all out search Andrea -- body was never found its case. Began on July 11 1990. -- But Thursday afternoon sheriff Bob -- announced they got the man they believe abducted sexually assaulted. And killed little entry. The person arrested is Chester doing price of 42 year old convicted felon who was familiar with the victim Chester price has always been a person of interest he knew the victim. And here. We showed his picture to neighbors on the street where Andrea list they remember him from back in the day and are happy to hear this case has finally been solved. We always thought they would never gave them we just -- and ignorant that laws. This time. We're happen. The sheriff's office says they got a break in the case last year which shifted their focus to Chester price for a while they were sure that this -- Claude Davis was the suspect he lived across the street from Andrea I don't know where the -- -- I never did never know where she was Claude Davis has never been charged but police now say AT and Chester price -- friends back in 1993. And that this case is far from over. But we've still got to get a conviction in court. We possibly have some other arrests that may follow. And we certainly want to -- over the money.

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{"id":17844168,"title":"Arrest in 1993 Disappearance of Girl","duration":"1:44","description":"Police charged a man with murder in the case of a Florida girl who vanished in 1993. ","url":"/US/video/arrest-1993-disappearance-girl-17844168","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}