Asiana Airlines Plane Crash: 2 Dead

At least 130 people on board flight that crashed at San Francisco airport were transported to hospital.
2:51 | 07/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Asiana Airlines Plane Crash: 2 Dead
Good evening I'm David -- ABC news headquarters in New York become on the -- this -- because we have just learned from authorities there in San Francisco some new numbers after that crash landing. At San Francisco airport that passenger jet we've been following all afternoon here on ABC we have just learned from the San Francisco fire department. -- two passengers. Did in fact die in that crash landing two passengers dead. They also said just moments ago that not everyone has been accounted for there are nine hospitals in the San Francisco area. Treating a passenger's right now we know -- 130 of them have been transported to area hospitals. I want to bring in ABC Cecilia Vega who's at the San Francisco airport at this hour. Two -- -- -- we're learning so many of those passengers though were. Rescued from that plane and in -- one thing we heard from the fire department moments ago was that when they arrived on the scene. -- -- had already been deployed and they -- passengers were coming off the plane and literally coming toward the rescue teams. Yes audible sound from the food police chief here we've heard them say that that as fire officials were approaching this aircraft they -- as you said those suits to. Floyd a really incredible scene we have some video from one of those passengers. Who was on that plane that we -- if you want to take a look at it. She she shot this from the runway where passengers were. Alongside that runway watching this rescue unfold for paramedics racing to this scene. I want to go back to with the police chief says he's at forty people so far transported to area hospitals got eighty more potentially on their way right now. And an incredible number from the police chief sixty people at this hour still unaccounted for the fire chief. Here in San Francisco calling -- horrible tragedy that's very confusing situation out here -- we've seen family members running through this terminal David. Trying to locate passengers who were on that plane we know that a number of of those people about a hundred or so passengers are being quarantined at this airport if you will in a room held away from the media where they are gathering with family members right now. Really just trying to get get a grip on this situation you see not footage -- David we can only imagine. What a harrowing and terrifying experience this has been -- federal investigators on their way out to San Francisco right now to figure out what exactly happened -- still no cause. For this crash and we expect to hear more later this evening David we'll definitely keep you posted -- difference -- -- internationally. Course the city -- -- as we look at those images right there they tell the story the burned out fuselage tonight in a Sicilian just reinforced there. Many of the passengers are believed to be not accounted for at this hour. We know that as many as a 130 have been taken to area hospitals and as we just heard from the San Francisco fire department to of the passengers. Have died though many were rescued from that plane you have got to. Be thankful for the flight crew that did a lot of the work they were coming down those shoots just as the firefighting teams arrived already getting them off that plane.

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{"id":19597300,"title":"Asiana Airlines Plane Crash: 2 Dead","duration":"2:51","description":"At least 130 people on board flight that crashed at San Francisco airport were transported to hospital.","url":"/US/video/asiana-airlines-plane-crash-dead-19597300","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}