Assessing the Aftermath of the Polar Vortex

Americans recover after facing extremely low temperatures, winter weather.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Assessing the Aftermath of the Polar Vortex
This is a special group. Hello I'm tired and is in New York but -- ABC news digital special report the deep chill thawing. For much of the country but for some parts of the northeast they are still facing blizzard like conditions getting dumped -- inches of snow every hour. It if it's not Bradley has been following the polar vortex all morning and joins us now with more to -- I tied for most Americans just one more day to go it's about to warm up. -- for millions the -- will be another day of battling heavy snow. Today Western New York is buried in snow. The polar vortex swept across lakes Ontario and Erie causing blizzard like conditions the -- Niagara river looks like a glacier let's -- -- not a National Geographic south of Watertown New York forecasters say they could see up to Ford F five feet -- now. We're just asking for the public to to stay put parts of the midwest and south remained paralyzed by a bone chilling cold air hurts. -- -- -- -- Freezing can't feel my face this water main break near Atlanta sent thousands of gallons shooting into the air leaving ice dangling from power lines. Road conditions remain treacherous. In Indianapolis to medics were hurt when an ambulance carrying a patient crashed. In Chicago cars or frozen to the streets this in -- Kentucky escaped prison and then quickly turned himself -- It was just too cold the brutal weather is also having a big impact on americans' wallets gas prices have popped up five cents the last month. With a low temperatures threatening to shut down oil production. Also after some schools and offices closed families are having to pay extra for child care. And heating costs are on the rise the typical American family is expected to spend. Anywhere from 679. Dollars to more than 2000 dollars to heat their home this winter. Thankfully -- pause on the way temperatures are expected to warm up forty to fifty degrees. Here in New York City where it was in the single digits yesterday it actually hit the mid fifties on Saturday time. All right such as strange roller -- the weather has been but of course we shouldn't neglect to talk about the human -- how many. People do we know have had -- related to this whether it. Yeah officials around the country -- -- say that about two dozen people have died. Related to this -- bitter cold there were and lot of accidents out on the roads. Some people wandering outside in freezing -- side. And also to monuments and heating oil and gas prices affecting homeowners. Another industry reality of fact dead. By this has been the airline industry what's been the impact there. Yet time by one estimate one point four billion dollars the cost of the airlines. For all of these delays and cancellations. And that all those passengers who had to be re booked -- figure out a different way home the average. Inconvenience travel time eighteen hours that's a heck of a long time -- to be waiting. -- -- Bradley in New York thank you for joining us. And you can of course get a complete recap right here on For now -- Hernandez in New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21467458,"title":"Assessing the Aftermath of the Polar Vortex","duration":"3:00","description":"Americans recover after facing extremely low temperatures, winter weather.","url":"/US/video/assessing-aftermath-polar-vortex-21467458","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}