Asst. Principal Fired Over Gay Marriage Blog

Mike Moroski was fired by a Catholic high school after refusing to withdraw support of gay marriage.
1:58 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for Asst. Principal Fired Over Gay Marriage Blog
We are truly credited -- -- surely the love we commit to one another. Must be equal as well. -- says it was a quote from president Obama's inaugural address that started a conversation which led to his dismissal. The best word I have is disappointed. And disappointment born out of my lack of surprise. Rusty says he posted a quote from the president's speech on his FaceBook page which led to a blog post called choose your battles. In the post Borowski talks about accepting diversity. And he says quote I unabashedly believe -- gay people should be allowed to marry. He goes on to say gay marriage is not something of which to be afraid. I feel life your love for some somebody. Makes you a better person and you go in the world and share. That idea was someone else and make somebody else better maybe or somebody else better. And you should be allowed to do that you certainly. I feel should be allowed tags to support that. -- he says he and his wife never thought the post would get him fired the archdiocese found out about Barack skis post from one of his co workers. He was given a choice recant or loses job something he says he never considered doing. Today some Purcell Marian students protested at the archdiocese downtown office. On hand to hand. Let -- know that this is -- -- they -- our voices because the life to peace with every death. Rusty questions why his comments got him fired. -- he says other employees of the archdiocese are not reprimanded for public comments on other issues -- go against the teachings of the church. What about the thousands. Educators employed by arch diocese all over the country -- Catholic hospitals -- Catholic institutions all over the country that publicly support war. And publicly support the death penalty. Both of which are in direct contradiction with the teachings from Rome and they never once -- case at least that I know of that I've seen better -- were fired.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Mike Moroski was fired by a Catholic high school after refusing to withdraw support of gay marriage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"18482240","title":"Asst. Principal Fired Over Gay Marriage Blog","url":"/US/video/assistant-principal-fired-over-gay-marriage-blog-18482240"}