Former associate denies being Trump-Russia middleman

Carter Page denied meeting top Russian officials on behalf of Trump in an interview with ABC News.
3:54 | 02/02/17

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Transcript for Former associate denies being Trump-Russia middleman
You have been at the center. Of these allegations. What what do you say. You know I think it's really just a political stunt. From the get go you know I thought it's interesting originally when I peace leaks start coming out. And they're being placed by the Clinton Campaign in to the various media outlets. You know they were so outrageous to begin left that I kinda laughed him off. Yeah. When the full dossier came out and you saw just how absolutely ridiculous. The overall document was you know really helped put things in perspective and it if something's up pretty well this is that dossier. You've read it. I value. Red. Most of that I mean it's again it's it's a laughingstock for for the Oscars. They describe you is sort of a central figure. Between Donald Trump and the crowd. Absolutely ridiculous sign on every level. According to this dossier in that first week of July when you're in Moscow. He met with the horse. It would have been an honor to meet. Hager of objects but I never. Never had that opportunity. And you government. No never never directly had been in various presentations by him but never never direct powers. These allegations that after you gave the speech you met with and discussed hacking into the Democratic Party. Sharing information between the FSB Allen. Completely. Made up never happen absolutely never happen. I mean A it's so ridiculous that. You know we're here to begin start. And was ever an offer that help never lift the sanctions you'd get something. Fire or act offered. And a prize that many billions of dollars though Libya quite. Quite an offer by that was never. That was never dropped in my lap genius that question was there an offer like oh no offer whatsoever no we hint of an offer no pathway. Q anything. Resembling an off four or even a discussion. A means range of issues that you'd get something if you got the sanctions list. Not something you know nodded not something worth a dollar let's let alone something worth. Billions of dollars. Blasting unconfirmed reports being investigated by US intelligence. About Russia. And whether Vladimir Putin has material on the new president to blackmail him. Use that the Russians take foreign visitors it's that it's not something I think about it's not that I'm. So that while they it's not a lot of an accusation by either country. And do you think it's possible Donald Trump was reported on some video. I have no no idea.

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{"id":45216480,"title":"Former associate denies being Trump-Russia middleman","duration":"3:54","description":"Carter Page denied meeting top Russian officials on behalf of Trump in an interview with ABC News.","url":"/US/video/associate-denies-trump-russia-middle-man-45216480","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}