Astronauts float above a pandemic

Meet the astronauts who just changed places, with one landing back on a very different Earth than they left, while the other floats above. Their lessons for us on Earth Day.
4:34 | 04/23/20

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Transcript for Astronauts float above a pandemic
For NASA's Voyager one space cramp left our solar system back in 1990 turnaround. Into the series of pictures. Take a look at this first ever family portrait if you will of our solar system in right there in the distance at blue pale dot. That's earth astronomer Carl Sagan wrote. That's here that's home that's us on it. Everyone you love everyone you know everyone you never heard of every human being who ever was. Wind down their lives RG and Benito spoke with the astronauts to get to see the earth from outer space every day. And they tell us it gives them a bit of a different perspective. They're the astronauts who see planet earth from the best seat in the universe the International Space Station. Jessica Mir and Chris Cassidy they essentially swapped places last week Cassidy is now in orbit and Mir is back on earth arriving just last Friday. She went to space months before the Covert nineteen pandemic launching in late September. That was what more than 200 days ago yes the world is a very different place then. It really it was a stark contrast we're looking down at the earth and it looks equally as stunning Everett did but we knew what was unfolding Dow companies are those clouds beneath atmosphere. Coming back down to it's a whole new world everyone's wearing masks and we know I'm not in my hug people after being up there for seven months there. And I think it actually feels more isolating confines down here that doesn't the space station. While Lynn orbit Mir shared videos like these hoping they would help people living in isolation yeah. Quashing her hair in space exercising in showing us how astronauts prepare meals. Hopefully people can use some of the same strategies that we use and there are sticking to routine getting exercise I think it's really important despite how serious the situation is how tragic it is. We do need to try to maintain some kind of remedy our own minds as well to I think to get through this human beings. What is your message to people right now who are living through these tough times in isolation. What's your number one tip for them. After going through it yourself out there the main message is that we are truly all in this together. That is something that is very easy to see when your species are looking down the planet you don't see any of those. Political or dry and boundaries we as humans are really honest together whether it's the fight it to maintain plant bird's nest Goode of the status he can. Or if it's this fight against Kobe nineteen. In space Chris Cassidy has just started his third expedition aboard the International Space Station. It turns out astronauts routinely go into quarantine before all launches to avoid getting sick wall in space you left earth. Right in the midst of this pandemic. What was that like for you. We as a crew we knew we were Dion and it during in quarantine during that period of time what was surprising to a says the rest of the world. Joining as well right now you're seeing earth from space so what are you feeling looking down on the planet. Being up here gives you this really cool perspective. I think about how. Fast we're going and how big the world is but yet have. How small an inner connected we dollar particularly in the pandemic timeframe Chris this isn't your first time and space what tips can you offer so many Americans right now. We're just living in isolation. What works for me I can tell you his stick into a schedule I like to have some kind of thing to look forward to whether it's a walk. Doing some push ups or sit ups their heart of the matter for me. Is sticking terror team. Tonight to people who witnessed the beauty of earth from outside the atmosphere and our human potential from the inside. Share a message of hope on this Earth Day so many people. Our. They're living through tough times and so they find it. Perhaps a little hard to even say happy Earth Day but what is your message to them he adds good to planet earth as she has been tops. I think that's really important and everybody does their hearts and we really can still maintain things that generates discount. If you're listening to this you're alive. And and be thankful for being alive cherish the time with your family chairs at times with their loved ones. Because eventually will be back to some new normal and will be longing for the time when our family and our loved ones. Even with so much to discover in the universe filled with so much mystery these astronauts say love and life matter who stood. GO Benitez for ABC news lives on planet earth. Great message there to be thankful for the time with our families and loved ones.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Meet the astronauts who just changed places, with one landing back on a very different Earth than they left, while the other floats above. Their lessons for us on Earth Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70299030","title":"Astronauts float above a pandemic","url":"/US/video/astronauts-float-pandemic-70299030"}