ATF unveils its newest tool to fight gun crimes

The federal law enforcement agency gives ABC News a close look at its mobile National Integrated Ballistic Information Network.
12:05 | 03/23/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ATF unveils its newest tool to fight gun crimes
And he has the end here at the and on an outside ATF headquarters here where they airline king your brand new mobile live that ability. Testing me here behind and I am here when Jim Ferguson. Iron every. Yet. That weren't there. Let me. They have they have here quiet in lines now in exactly living that. Their life. Compared and ultimate. Investigators. The evolution of technology. Obviously got smaller and faster. Thereby breaking down. Tension choke points in. The light side of French you have. You have the process by which it has been held liable. When you have an evidence. Prices. Night process. Which may or may not be. So this this mobile unit allows us to actually. Romania. Sites across the country. Site's servers approximately 35. Police departments and as a result. Rest. So what happens. Covered in this it has unique markings. A firearm leaves you meet me in the almost like a fingerprint. And it leaves that transfers that fingerprint to shell casing which then can trust them here and identified. All other crimes. T here day and night that banned the mobile van injured in the fire and let him. Here you can walk through that about it and and weren't technical. So actually says there. I've been system is nothing more than hardware software we. All together so that we can. Choir. Will cartridge cases we can acquire. It's and receive. Correlate these. Images these purchased cases that were. Founded the scene of the crime now on the screen in the right through acquisitions station. We will acquire fired coach case into the. And take different images. To be images media. Different fighting ring waiting for your. Your car might. Server server room. You will only. Have cartridge case and bring out candidates. Concede. Cartridge case in the last. Her was acquired just recently so greater care. And that cartridge case in the right. Was acquired. Two days ago. And these two cartridge cases are have like. It's impressed mark strike David Marks which tells us they were fired from the same fire and so if you look closely. Two cartridge cases Aaron has brought them together she can move the hairline. From left to right. And you can see. What appears to be high points of all points Bally's. And and peaks and they are in correspondence. Meaning. Appear to have been fired from the scene prior to what were actually in the and that is. The relative height. Depth. With. The curvature of the station relationship between two. Games they have outlined here she can move back. To the left and to the right Karen line. As she moves into the left and right you can see. Those marks. Move across and appears to be one cartridge case against the other matching up here you can see how. How they're matching. C so the the underlying principle is that. One firearm has unique marks. He fire that firearm repeating. Can this curfew cases in my school concede that. Fired from. Every time. Past. Firing and then. Unique time and extra. Strength. And pin strikes the primer. And it's nothing more. Should system that will leave marks the cartridge case will fire and stamp itself on the beach case. And that perfect case will pick up those votes on the beach. Space and after cartridge cases. Coming out of the fire and it strikes. Check your. A mark on the rim of the purchase case known as a chapter and that really kicks and out of the fire. Within that protector has individual microscopic marks that can't be. I dignified to that. And you're shining. Oversized card this is. Her church case when looking ahead stand the bullet would go here. It's loaded into the fire and once the fire and strikes that. Primary of these an indication. The bullet travels down the barrel. The cartridge case opposite and equal reaction stamp itself on the reach base of the fire. Pick up those marks on the beach days and then as sad slide of the fire Imus coming back. The cartridge case strikes. And ejector. Leaves a mark any kicks it out of the fire. So you'll see a number. Perfect cases on. In the neighborhood. From a shooting. There and pick up descriptions. And though and it will be next. My hair back and hearing is correct we can take this moment man and acquire her case as well. Some police departments and don't have a facility. To test fire violence and so we will take the trailer which cast it shoot him in the back. Checked firearms from the police department fire those countries. Pirates firearms obtained cartridge case. It turns perched. Caron. Acquire them into the system. So instead a half. The police department's task trying to fire. FedEx or mail sending them in the lamp. Man in the trailer. Real time. Test fire the. Lucia back their sleep and starving us. Diamond check out where that action testing first take plea yeah. Here. Fire. All handguns into the nailed for. The island. Spin around.

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{"duration":"12:05","description":"The federal law enforcement agency gives ABC News a close look at its mobile National Integrated Ballistic Information Network.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"46334126","title":"ATF unveils its newest tool to fight gun crimes","url":"/US/video/atf-unveils-newest-tool-fight-gun-crimes-46334126"}