Attorney general announces investigation into Minneapolis police

Former officer Derek Chauvin has been separated from other inmates for his safety as he awaits sentencing.
3:40 | 04/21/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Attorney general announces investigation into Minneapolis police
For the latest on the Derek Shelvin verdict we're joined once again my can of mountain in Minneapolis who's been on this trial for the whole time Kenneth. Good to see if thanks for being with us again of course. So how we mentioned this Justice Department investigation into the Minneapolis police department a pattern and cracked. This investigation is called following Derek Jones conviction. And now we're hearing from George Floyd's family holiday reacting. To the attorney general's announcement. What Terry Terrence forward George always brother he simply said. How important he said he was unaware the issues the problems aside the Minneapolis police department. Until. His brother was murdered by Gary show when Tom beverage or even crime tells us that does this step in the right direction because. High as he said in a quote the family focuses has that family focuses on the next chapter they want to deal with implicit bias and policing dining chairs. So gentle very dear children now a convicted murderer and did not a free man anymore of course bail revoked after that conviction even pending appeal. What is his life like now his first day many many more to come behind bars. We are worried that Derek chauvinist being held on one of the most secure units. The State's only maximum security prison we actually have new images suggest in that facility is called Oak Park heights is about. 25 miles from downtown Minneapolis where I'm standing right now. He was transferred there last night and it's understandable. Teary why he would be separated from other inmates. They're only if you can't do that very secure unit. Com he is under 24 hour surveillance there are cameras and that single cell no contact more than any other inmates again. Also corrections officers making rounds every thirty minutes his meals are brought to itself. And again as they watched him they will allow him to step outside of that sell for about thirty minutes every single day are about an hour. Com before his daily exercise. This have dared show when the man who a veteran police officer who spent decades at a police officer putting people in jail is now. In prison. And he judicial process the case itself that's not over yet. I dare children is set to be sentenced today and a couple of months and of course he has the right. To appeal his conviction so what are these next actually. This is far from over sentencing happens in eight weeks might. Derek Sherman and his defense team may have already signaled that there'll likely be an appeal and we understand that process we'll take. Bob to a year or so and under seal all we understand ninety diesel field. And I'm for the center for that sentencing that we're just talking about here it appears that her state law. Thank you only be sentenced under that most serious charge. Of second degree murder and second degree unintentional murder there and we know that the maximum sentence is forty years but sentencing guidelines suggest. Data he's more likely to receive up to fifteen years. Because he had no prior criminal record but the state attorney general key Allison is already indicated. Bad the app prosecution in the state here blacks pass for a lot more here they believe that they were aggravating circumstances here. From the the children who were there of those bystanders. Into the aggravated nature in the felony here that was also many other charges as well so that we ask you for a lot more when it comes to I'm how much time. Garrick Sherman serves in jail. Ultimately the decision with judge Cahill Kenneth button in Minneapolis says you have been throughout this trial thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Former officer Derek Chauvin has been separated from other inmates for his safety as he awaits sentencing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77224860","title":"Attorney general announces investigation into Minneapolis police ","url":"/US/video/attorney-general-announces-investigation-minneapolis-police-77224860"}