Attorney General Loretta Lynch Condemns 'Heinous Attacks' in Baton Rouge

Lynch condemned what she called "heinous attacks" targeting law enforcement, a day after three police officers were killed and three others wounded in what may have been a planned ambush in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
4:29 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Attorney General Loretta Lynch Condemns 'Heinous Attacks' in Baton Rouge
And of course as we were still. Still reeling with the losses. From Dallas. From Minnesota from that managed just yesterday. We hit again with more tragedy. More guardians fallen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. American flags again I have messed. Families again mourning those loved ones senseless violence again intruding into the public discourse. As you try advances. These efforts these these incidents occur and it seems as if it pulls us back. Into a period when where we're so far apart. You know more than just on different sides of highway different sides of the tracks sometimes we listen and we wonder are we in. The same country. That's what we wonder. Of course we deal with the personal loss shop. Just looking at the level of violence here. As he did as we indicated in a statement yesterday. Of course I condemn these acts of violence in the strongest terms possible because they are so counterproductive. To what we are trying to do. And the Department of Justice is on the in Louisiana working with the local officials there agents from the FBI. From ATF and the Marshals Service and I'm so glad to see my directors here today also. From those services they did they dispatched their troops as well to offer assistance. That's what the law enforcement level of the victim services but as we know. But sometimes after the cameras leave after the crime scene tape it's totally family still has to deal with this loss in very real. Very immediate terms and so we're working to to work on those issues as soon as possible. And of course is our president sit yesterday there is no justification whatsoever. For violence against law enforcement. And so I know that I stand when all of you when I say that my thoughts and my prayers are with those. Vibes that we lost the families they left behind who needed. Like everyone needs a parent a brother. A simply like every. Really needed them and they will need all of us more than them. Now I know also being here at no. That everyone in this room feels that unique perspective. And that particular pain that's born at the broader experiences that we believe that there and the broader world in which we live. Now after the tragic murders of the five officers in Dallas two weeks ago. One dedicated black police officer of Louisiana. Officer Montel Jackson. Gave voice to the dichotomy that so often imposed. Upon us when he wrote so poignantly. And we're so I know we'll go with everyone in this room he wrote in uniform. I get nasty hateful looks. And out of uniform. Some consider any threat. And yet even still. He urged all Americans. This man guardian of the community is protector. Of all means he urged. All Americans. Of every background and circumstance every color creed. With this simple request please don't let hate in fact your heart. Please don't let hate infect your heart. And we lost opposite Jackson just yesterday. He was one of the fall. In bad news. We are devastated by his passing and his comrades. But my friends it we are to truly honor his service. And honor this man. Honor his legacy. And mourn his loss in the loss this friends and colleagues and it's the too many others. Who had been we say taken but it's snatched from us they have literally been snatched from us. We must not let hatred in fact our hearts. We must. And that's the message that we have to care from this convention. Throughout this country in our work in her daily dealings. Even if we are net. With discord and we have met with people who don't understand even if we are met with those. Who seek to try and pin blame on something. That is really so difficult to discern we must not hatred in fact our hearts.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Lynch condemned what she called \"heinous attacks\" targeting law enforcement, a day after three police officers were killed and three others wounded in what may have been a planned ambush in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40665558","title":"Attorney General Loretta Lynch Condemns 'Heinous Attacks' in Baton Rouge","url":"/US/video/attorney-general-loretta-lynch-condemns-heinous-attacks-baton-40665558"}