Parents Sue Calif. Teens Over Daughter's Suicide

Lawsuit alleges that three boys took naked photos of Audrie Pott after she passed out.
1:48 | 04/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Parents Sue Calif. Teens Over Daughter's Suicide
No one would even confirm if there was a hearing today to consider releasing the three teenage boys as their case proceeds. He was Audrey -- family who told reporters at a news conference yesterday though -- detention hearing was being held today. Releasing them depends on the crime a Santa Clara County prosecutor outlined additional factors. Else to consider the home situation of the minor. They have a stable home but consider whether that -- is going to school are they truant. After three hours inside the building we were told the -- family asked to slip out of juvenile hall the back way to avoid reporters and cameras. -- -- speaks for their attorney. Everything that happened in their best to stay confidential would involve juveniles that's -- -- can -- -- the attorney for the pot -- has filed this wrongful death civil suit against the three teenagers accused of sexually assaulting a lottery last Labor Day weekend. The suit also names Michael as she -- -- Nolan whose teen daughter held an unsupervised party at their Saratoga home. The -- claim the thirteen teams at the party had access to an unlocked liquor cabinet. According to her parents and the lawsuit Audrey pass out after drinking alcohol laced Gatorade and woke up to find her pants off and writing on her private parts. Photos over in that state were allegedly taken on one boy's cell phone and share it via text messages. These types of crimes are not juvenile sexual assault as an adult crime. These boys distributed the pictures. To humiliate and further pulling my daughter. Attorneys for the three teen boys have not returned calls to ABC 7 NEWS if the three boys remain here in detention were told their living in a facility similar to a school dorm. There's a shared central area or -- surrounded by individual rooms and they have video games to play. In San Jose David -- ABC 7 NEWS.

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{"id":18980977,"title":"Parents Sue Calif. Teens Over Daughter's Suicide","duration":"1:48","description":"Lawsuit alleges that three boys took naked photos of Audrie Pott after she passed out.","url":"/US/video/audrie-potts-parents-sue-teens-over-daughters-suicide-18980977","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}