Aurora Shooter James Holmes' Mother Speaks Out

Speaking out for the first time, Arlene Holmes condemns her sons actions in 2012 when he killed 12 in a Colorado movie theater.
4:23 | 05/14/16

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Transcript for Aurora Shooter James Holmes' Mother Speaks Out
Russia can't hide yeah. Yeah. Not. Like so many others whose lives were shattered by the mass murder to try to get an annual. Do it out by her son it's clear when you see her face this is a broken woman. It is horrible what he did. Kemp came in the minds it can't be right just a tragedy doesn't turn into something else it's always a tragedy. Arlene homes realizes there will always be those who say how did you not know. A question it's consumed her and given rise to the only shred of hope that she can now pass on. I failed to be educated. And I want to offer up that failure. House. Advice to other people. Orleans message is one she's tragically position to tell the importance of recognizing the early signs and symptoms of mental illness. I can't erase the tape I wish I couldn't. And the way that I want to honor there. Injuries to him and to stress is to try and help prevent something this bad from happening again. So she chose may mental health awareness month to share her story it if I don't deliver this message I do. Dishonor the victims because I think given this opportunity to speak to you. And I need to be. Brain and take the risk of criticism. To go ahead and tell people this this this is what he what's like this is what bank. I can you see in retrospect. I asked Arlene if we could look through this photo album a family on vacations affair at the zoo gone through that stock. But she's concerned we not show too many her message is not about the little boy in these pictures through. Elementary school he was a happy can't friendly have lots of Chad so returned a house. Things changed when James was twelve or thirteen. I noticed that he lives. Sadder than a child should be. They sauce family therapists for about a year worked on things but James continued to get quieter more irritable. He was having trouble. Being around people more isolate some of these the things that people need to really hone an arm. And don't try and do like he did and I did witches. Try and just. Keep going or solve everything yourself in need the help of professional. Doctor Jim six program supervisor of clinical psychology at Palomar hospital. Says mental illness needs to come out of the shadows. We need to be talking about these things we need to get rid of the stigma associated with panel don't ask. And we need to get it treated just like any other medical disorder. The National Alliance on Mental Illness says half of all mental disorders start before the age of fourteen or fifteen. And by his early twenties James was becoming psychotic. He's having trouble thinking. Which he didn't have before his cognition wants declining. He's having even more trouble being around people. This is a neurological condition that renders the person unable to be aware that they have now how disorder. Which is why others need to see the red flags James we now know was delusional that delusion being our kill people are people were more. Which is just horrible to think about or to hear the thoughts of a madman armed and hell bent on slaughter. Violence. Perpetuated by it mentally ill people is rein her. It's not rare if you're the one death was harmed it's not rare she had people tell me they're stories and and they say. I never Tony. Matt has to step out. They have to be able to talk.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Speaking out for the first time, Arlene Holmes condemns her sons actions in 2012 when he killed 12 in a Colorado movie theater.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39115063","title":"Aurora Shooter James Holmes' Mother Speaks Out","url":"/US/video/aurora-shooter-james-holmes-mother-speaks-39115063"}