Autistic Girl, 9, Goes Missing From Family Yard

California authorities say Mikaela Lynch is severely autistic and unable to speak.
1:42 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for Autistic Girl, 9, Goes Missing From Family Yard
This is the center of the search the place it all began a vacation home surrounded by water on both sides a family communicating only. Through the police chaplain. The -- family would like to express her gratitude to all the hundreds of people are helping to find their daughter they want to thank you for respecting. Their privacy during this difficult time. Here's what her parents told authorities. She was and the enclose your. And there was some sort of traction unbelievably deep in the York. The younger brother opened the when inside when they came back. Daughter was missing. Police described Michaela as severely autistic one of those kids who breaks free and runs and runs and runs. Today -- teachers from sunset elementary in San Francisco joined the search haven Porter among them she's very inquisitive and she likes to explore and crying -- It's just can't part of who she is home. On the theory that -- Taylor could be anywhere searchers have pasted posters everywhere and gun national. There are hundreds of people looking on the ground and more than two dozen on the water it's a challenge unlike any that clearly has had and as long as anyone can remember. -- -- the complications of looking for someone who's known verbal doesn't respond to being called. The obvious -- -- she's not gonna -- -- her need it being cold. It makes it more of a challenge even though it's the body. Probably nine year old. Juvenile. You're actually searching for -- this much younger. The younger and exceedingly innocent.

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{"id":19175337,"title":"Autistic Girl, 9, Goes Missing From Family Yard","duration":"1:42","description":"California authorities say Mikaela Lynch is severely autistic and unable to speak.","url":"/US/video/autistic-girl-missing-family-yard-19175337","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}