1-on-1 with award-winning actor Billy Porter

ABC News' Juju Chang sits down with the “Pose” star to discuss what life holds for him after the groundbreaking series and living a life out loud as a man living with HIV in America today.
6:59 | 06/18/21

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Transcript for 1-on-1 with award-winning actor Billy Porter
And we're back now with the emotional farewell to the ground breaking show pose. What does life hold. For out and proud Emmy winner Billy Porter. Our juju Chang sat down with him to hit show's grand finale. And there wasn't a dry eye on the set. When I got into this business. And the mid eighties. This what you see fit and in front of you what all these accolades and all this. Was not possible. Won a Tony you win a Grammy you won an ending. Its first openly gay man to win. Lead actor in drama category. We are all the what is that save you up out. Representation. In Hollywood. And in entertainment. Should you know everybody told me that mark clear in his would be my liability. And it was. And they were right for decades. And then all of a sudden it was search. You know I'm so grateful that I lived long enough to see its day should impose. And pray tell heart meet. How to dream the impossible. You say not song in that church certain what does it mean to you. You know grown up in the church. One of the things. That was unifying about it. For your character the church has done a lot of damage yes and yet that song seems represent. It represents. Forgiveness it represents. So render you. Referred to doing pose. Is allowing you to release your Shane yeah. And that you were allowed to feel the feelings that you had to compartmentalized. So many year what was that moment where you stand on Ghana. Reveal my HIV status not just the world. But to my mother. It was the time. That. We work force stingy with Kobe. That allowed for me to find president's inside of discs. Journey and go I'll I do need. To heal some stocks. I've been thinking about it for a long time. In the fourteen year period I realized oh. All my life just. There's a platform now. That requires me to show up in a different way. What was so wrong to me was the fact that you revealed so much despair. Beyond. You're HIV there are step dia. It was you know 2007 with a really difficult year for me you know it what is. Diabetes in February. Bankruptcy. And marched and HIV positive by June in. I just didn't have anything at that point and I knew. If I could just hold and you know it's very hard to do to act. When all you see right in front of you is darkness it's really really hard which you know I had such wonderful touch. Angels. A round me. And champs all around me and forms of friends and forms of chosen family informs him. You know my sister my you know just. And never would've made it but I'm ourselves. And trucks alone can't. Thank you can't live. Not just the. England Paris for Christmas. Get in the park. And watch the birds return for spring. You talk about chosen family what do you see ultimately is the legacy of your chosen pose am we watch these characters. Whose biological families bury op Ed. Don't have the capacity. Don't have the understanding. I don't. But to what ever it is that blocked them from living up soon quite frankly what I feel is their responsibility family. The bus who live inside of that reality. Must go out. And choose our families. That's always survive. That's what LG BTQ plus community have done since the beginning of time. In Bree tells character and your real life. Is the journey of telling your mother will not not your HIV Staten. After fourteen years of hiding in. I KN about two awful no no what you care about. Is what everybody at the church. Take them out. When she's eighteen and he finally told. She said to me I'd love you job. I've always lived GM please stop doing this. She's a baby are now out what that you know I didn't have all the tools what you came out but that was. Decades ago now but please stop doing this has been like police stopped. Not telling you need stuff like please. Let me be your mother let me beat your mother. Let me. And that doesn't trust you push it's like we did Jim put the people an opportunity. To grow we have to give the people in our lives who have hurt us the opportunity. To roll. So that forgiveness can happen so that we can heal my mama put render there's no stronger. More resilient woman who lives grace this earth I love you mommy what is the message to the next generation. Of young. Love yourself. Validate yourself. Figure out how to ground it yourselves. If first. Should require an act. For validation from the outside. It's what we get cut off. That the message is you are enough just as you are and lead from there start. From there. Our thanks to juju Chang and up next here. Teaching will not fix everything he knows when it comes to pole dancing. Out and proud the next generation of our conversation with Shawn bankhead this next.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"ABC News' Juju Chang sits down with the “Pose” star to discuss what life holds for him after the groundbreaking series and living a life out loud as a man living with HIV in America today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78365901","title":"1-on-1 with award-winning actor Billy Porter","url":"/US/video/award-winning-actor-billy-porter-78365901"}