Back to back earthquakes in California hit as the state prepare for the 'big one'

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the earthquakes are a "wake up call" and urged Californians to have an emergency plan in place.
3:23 | 07/08/19

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Transcript for Back to back earthquakes in California hit as the state prepare for the 'big one'
Our right and we move to those two earthquake that shook up California last week. Two of the biggest her rattled the state in decades with scientists warning that they should be a wake up call to be ready for what they call the big one. I want to go to Marcus Moore and rich crest California with more markets. It has been incredible weekend for people here in Southern California very tense one. After these historic earthquakes shook the ground for two days and in they have been enduring the aftershocks. And they've also in the process of recovery and some people are starting all over as you can see this home just behind me here in burn down in the aftermath of Friday's seven point one magnitude earthquake. That was historic. By any measure as you know this started on the fourth of July with that first six point four earthquake a rattling Southern California. In the morning. And it was at the epicenter of that oh quake. Was here in the ridge crest California area about a 125. Miles from Los Angeles. Up but big. Came a massive more powerful seven point one magnitude earthquake that shook the ground once again here. And our residents with thrust into chaos really because the power was knocked out the ground was shaking and there were a number of fires in we have. Seen incredible video. The ground shaking people struggling to stand up water being a sauce to out of a swimming pools and also store shells being cleared his. Glass bottles fell to the floor and and shattered and the the floor covered by that debris. After those earthquakes. There have been aftershocks. More than 4800 aftershocks have occurred since the first earthquake and so. People here many of them have been afraid to be inside homes have been sleeping outside for fear that an. Their home like collapse in one of these these aftershocks well over the weekend officials here in and ridge crest. And in the area are Kern County. I'm held a town home. And they number one a short people that their homes are safe for them to return they want people to go back in because it safer for them inside out. If their homes and destroyed like this when you see here but the dates they should be prepared Kimberly for another earthquake because. As I speak to you right now. Doesn't still a 3% chance that this area. Could see an earthquake stronger than the seven point one so they want people to stay vigilant and stay prepared. Com and when you talk to people here argue there's a lot of talk about the big one the big earthquake and that's referring to the sand and drain is that. Runs for some 800 miles from San Francisco down to Southern California. Would did point out from experts. The earthquake that we saw on this holiday weekend we'll have no impact on the San Andreas does not increase the risk. Nor does it. But certainly there's a sense that people here believe. That the area has been spared because these two massive earthquakes while they have created a lot of damage here it happened in less densely populated areas. Meat and not in the major metropolitan area like Los Angeles when this highrise buildings and a lot more people that could have been hurt. Kimberly this thing it's a miracle that no one here was killed. In the mist of these earthquakes. Thank you mark is yes a definitely a miracle on scary to have that. An insurgency.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the earthquakes are a \"wake up call\" and urged Californians to have an emergency plan in place.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64197200","title":"Back to back earthquakes in California hit as the state prepare for the 'big one'","url":"/US/video/back-back-earthquakes-california-hit-state-prepare-big-64197200"}