The Backstory: Representative Nancy Mace

Rep. Nancy Mace discusses how she went from high school dropout to the first female graduate of The Citadel.
9:20 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for The Backstory: Representative Nancy Mace
I didn't tell us in the shower so. This classic moment thousands in the White House tonight. Certainly your car company is committed to speak. Very typical impressed. I think Adrian. We did work and nothing come of him to do your job hit a lot of needed job like I just wanna work for good on an announcer Frontline. I want to be infinitely. Have to take back the first time that you locked in here the first time his sire came on I cried and I dad touched my name on the wall in. And if it can be alive at 43 little in a member of congress and so. To see how far time in the last week six here just remarkable. History and you first Republican congressman from South Carolina it. And before that I was the first woman to graduate. From the citadel Military College Of South Carolina I did that 1999. We'd like views. And found ourselves. Dictated not along the lands. And our institution and we'll also become colan. Do you believe it's the second chances. Did you and I and I talk about this a lot and I believe my life has been a series of second chances as much success since I've had I've also failed. And many challenges going up I was raped when I was sixteen and be somebody went high school way. And I dropped at a school shortly thereafter and brightly seventeenth birthday in my first job is. On the side of the interstate waiting tables at a Waffle House is that parents that if you're gonna stop going to school in. When used her work. Obviously the physical trauma and that parents experience but also. The emotional trauma it lasts a lifetime it literally to between five years you talk about it. Publicly in Hillary's and I have is because we were debating a fetal heartbeat bill. And there were no exceptions are women who can range. You worry about the judgment of people are going to cast upon you. I know you wish you would have shared. What happens to you when it did happen. But is there part of you that is grateful for the week that you did it there are so many that have that same story that same struggle. And when you talk to them you see that you see the tears in their eyes and you see that it made a difference because they said I went through that same thing could talk about it and those moments. I'm sure and and a lot to use him. 100%. Chance he can touch but it had it had impacted it took 25 years when I was able to talk about it. I realize. It made such indifference and Sony women's lives and that they too can have records to find and share and then I hear their secret and it's our secret. And it's important for us to recognize that in acknowledge it talk about it in making matter for the would come on us for our daughters. It's also their reasoning went. This it'd having his experiences. And I knew that if I can get these seasonal things that towns have the courage and confidence. She'd go through that experience I would be a better person. And now I feel doesn't matter what happens where have the big confidence be able to speak up. In when it comes to politics. Sometimes many times are often times you've got to have that confidence in the courage you're gonna make a difference especially when it means going against members of your own party sometimes. He got to have that fortitude as remember asphalt has had the same house that. And after three 18 at approximately Sydney and to go from being a high school drop out in. Now a sitting member of congress I mean believe it is hazy rain. Why did you decide to run for office you know life takes nominees have sometimes you traveled on a rare that you didn't know you're gonna travel down it changes your. Perspective. I realize there's this whole other side and no idea about politics and how the government was running. Every planning urban Indian inmates here. Holding it or not being. Throughout south conference that's another victory and other content that we're getting. If you're not buying what Nancy coolest he's selling general asking yourself and you Nancy to congress in 2017 Ariane four. A state house he had special action in decided to run an and then. When Republicans lost the seat in 2018 it was. One of my kids that came to me and said hey mommy win every minute take out. My predecessor whom and when this consume my kids are the reason for congress. Everything here yet and then hit. My bed asleep literally doesn't and I am not even six feet away and act. Walking eager how you live in your office. Yet while some have a closet and let bottle of many friends and here. Close Ali and Ali that he office that here are my hair I'll let all those supplies she's about high heels and boots for days. And then refrigerator. Stocked full of doc. It's a hot tea and water in there and I. So that the and you have a tiny bathroom. Everyday concealing my diet my make up here opinion of her spraying here that crashed repression makes you throwing everything I just. As America and it is titled. How this is fit this resolve it. Yes. Cat out of bed and Jeremy got here apparently got there and get them this is it took him. And of course we don't Wear masks. Allison has worn off during the two. If you're making this decision you're making the decision to also. Sleep in your office and and a lot of ways it shows how dedicated you are key constituents. Yet to the work how seriously you're taking it hits and I want to be an effective. Member of congress I want to govern and given how divided or entry is right now it's important that. We recognize that we're here for to. Take us back. January 6 it was your first 100 hours it's crazy. And so much of it was filled with fear and it's one of the reasons I was such a strong voice coming out of that his eminence in nature that this is Tass stopped. And we have fringes and both parties that have just costs so much division. And it and it continues and I don't wanna be a target that. I am trying to communicate to my colleagues in congress that rhetoric. As real consequences and they need to stop any need to stop breaking out. He supported a former president Donald Trump he congratulated you on your win. Have you spoken to him since last summer and in the fall and did that I have has been intense since January 6. Do you believe some Beers any responsibility. For what happened. I do and I had been one of the strongest voices on on our side and I'm someone who supported him and he he helped me win my election vice Versa I worked for him in 2016. But the advance of that day's changed every. You'll never. Take back our country with weakness you have to show strength and you have to be strong. You have to condemn in the strongest terms possible anyone participating and that capsule is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As a Republican I do believe there are millions of people out there it it don't feel. Like their voices are being heard and that's why you see the fringes of both parties the extremities of those parties. Getting their tentacles into so many people because if you like they're not being. Does the Republican Party need to do more when it comes to diversity racial diversity gender diversity making sure that the party is representatives. I'm dioceses and an ideologies across the country we typically don't run I mean that's just time. That those are really our values but it's important to meet and now I have I diverse party to rep be represented but also diversity of ideas. And Morgan independent thinker and and my party gives me that we need to be able to geoghan and when asked permission and. Coming up. We head out west to see representative barely strictly whose roots what's keeping mayor of Tacoma outlet of Maryland and a bit about what. And how she plans to pick. The way we've gotten girls look just like her I am a hybrid of my cultural identity and more than anything examiner. Yeah.

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{"duration":"9:20","description":"Rep. Nancy Mace discusses how she went from high school dropout to the first female graduate of The Citadel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77053475","title":"The Backstory: Representative Nancy Mace","url":"/US/video/backstory-representative-nancy-mace-77053475"}