Battle over Britney’s conservatorship

The lawyer for Britney Spears’ father said he “saved her life.”
4:43 | 02/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Battle over Britney’s conservatorship
To help us break it all down I want to bring in serious sex and radio hosts an ABC news contributor Mike muse my. Good morning you know they're still shell much about this story that we simply don't know so I want to make that clear before we even start. But what stood out you about its account from Jamie Spears' attorney. Yeah that would down with the Dow ended we just don't know when do we have to be careful of what works and what we're seeing bonds was immediate burst what is actually happening in the courtroom. Ers is actually went to medical professionals act. Actually witnessing two is well aware that being said three things they did and now Tammy Wynette and Amy act. C attorney. I think she's still need to be conservatives should. A certain period of time the lawyer didn't answer that specifically she said that every story needs a bill today and the army are bound to be a fraction of an apple was a time period I that the lawyer could have made chased Omar to the public doesn't know or Sudanese continuing forward the second thing that was desiring to -- angles and she said when Britney wants recorded an album seeker record when Britney wants a reform she can orange and when Britney wants to live from wrestling to normal Ersan Arafat will collaborate Hirsch. Was very telling to me as if Britney Spears who is 39 years old and I need permission to do these things and I think that is what is unsettling. Reasons we don't know nothing that is when asked. Just as curiosity. And is a than in his own and a woman still needs to get permission to 39 years ago to live and easy to collaborate. With the man or her father the Thursday as saying that this part of any aspect of it is we see her still being so success always seen her performing. But the acting as a human being. Intimately you immediately get up and go to work from now if I and still have to get permission. From someone in my line I think that is what the public trying to sell vexing. And now her conservative ship has two parts there's a concerted ship over her person and conservative ship over her finances and that happens. In California unlike in other states were often it's just about finances. And so we should clarify that Jamie spears at this point now is only in charge of her finances and he shares that responsibility with the banks so he doesn't oversee every change. But when you look at the history britney's father's saying look her assets have grown from two point eight million dollars when this whole thing started. To sixty million dollars since I have been given this conservative ship responsibilities so. How much is that evidence that at least when it comes to managing her finances he's been doing a good job. Let's talk to you Diane and you are always are able to get the balance in the air it's easy to go along with hat. Asked at street billionaire who went to have their groceries is right there is but that is a data point that actually is positive a lot Arafat are needed just been on the financial aspects have been a provincial matters we seem too often how celebrities. I even those that our actions are readership had been taken advantage Greta does not only I was di tale and he's I think we recognize that she's there wasn't a need for her father Shuster did and I think that is the other question that we have to ask is you know her urged him to grow our assets and win that he did it. There's still grass now her financially to still be protected and I don't want from her sounds in his arms and two from those who may be granting advantage of the situation. With Britney Spears. And then you heard his lawyer they're saying that these videos of Jamie and Britney playing together with the rest the family. But their proves that they get along do you think. Not that video is enough to make that case and and couldn't. That be true and she still wants and the conservative ship as could both of those things be true. Both of those could be true but if you heard the lawyer were saying you were saying and how. It happened during the pandemic when we are the pandemic were on this trying to steer things out and we want to be loved ones that should. It wasn't as if Britney was just there with her father she was nearest her sisters she was there were extremely knees as though she's still wanted to be around her Shanle as a just because she's just bear does it mean that maybe she couldn't have been Bogut and constitution could still be comfortable. But since you want her father to leave her financial matters alone Enzo. I mean that video to left more questions. And Diaw didn't prove it anything to determine ever whether or not Britney actually does not want her arm around. And it's a complicated case and tennis saddle on it she stuck in the middle of all this might news thanks for joining us.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"The lawyer for Britney Spears’ father said he “saved her life.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76111308","title":"Battle over Britney’s conservatorship","url":"/US/video/battle-britneys-conservatorship-76111308"}