The battle over ‘Lady A’

Blues singer Anita “Lady A” White discusses the battle over her stage name with the band formerly known as “Lady Antebellum,” which is changing its name over its confederate roots.
8:36 | 07/15/20

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Transcript for The battle over ‘Lady A’
The battle over a name as protests over racial injustice exploded across the country this summer there's been. A reexamination. Of our popular culture from sports to film to television to music. And whether certain names images and symbols should be cast aside as antiquated or just down right racist. The country music band Lady Antebellum has been part of that sweeping movement the group is best known for their 2010 making it I'm sure you've heard of before. Need you now. Museums. But the symbols of the confederacy came down across the nation and then announced in June that they would be dropping the word antebellum from their names saying quote. We are regretful and embarrassed to say that we did not take into account the associations that weighed down his word referring to the period of history. Before this civil war which includes slavery instead they say they would just be going by the name lady day. As they say many of their fans have referred to them already for years but just one problem. Blues and soul singer Anita white has been performing under the name only 88. For decades here's the Pacific northwest singer performing the title track of her 2018 album. Doing fine. Status choose sides spoke soon after the connection was realized in seem to be on their way to an amicable agreement to potentially share the name but the discussions have now turned into a legal dispute with the band formally known as Lady Antebellum. Now turning to a judge to settle the matter. And any no white also known as lady a Sheen joins us now thanks so much for your timely eight we appreciate you coming on. Simonsen Bremerton sing you list a powerful statement last week saying black lives names experiences work aren't they all matter. And you said quote I wanna be able to freely use my brand that I spent decades building I do not want to part with it it is particularly painful to me. As a black woman to lose my name aimed this time. And place a Lady Antebellum can use it. As shorthand to celebrate a time and place connected to. And very heavily reliant upon slavery. Still just make your case for why this name change would be so damaging to you and your musical career. Will he not only that the average age you may bush is Lady Antebellum clearly believe that black life matter and want Sheen. Disassociate themselves from me from the stigma of the lane shortly today. Doesn't change. I have built this name. For decades. Before they were born. And I didn't Italy Vietnam an independent artists there's a lot of independent artists out there ended we grind it every day. She knew what we do. And black folks indigenous people of color his land. We grind even harder. So sometimes we have is our me. Don't want to have that taken from us our culture gets taken our music it's taken. This is more important for those that come behind me. You also called out the brand is being insincere. And there were branding Everett saying that they should realize the harm their name well before this moment you've also accuse them of trying to bully and intimidate you demand for its part said in a statement when we learn that and his wife had also been performing under the namely a we had heart held discussions with her about how we can all come together and make something special and beautiful a lot of this moment. We never even entertain the idea that she shouldn't also be able to use the name lady day and never will so they say that they wanted to work with you. So that you could both username and even collaborate on music out of this so explained in your view where the communication broke down. My question was always from the very beginning I did not want to coexist. I didn't see where co existence would look like and we. The question who here's your management team the artists themselves. Accident duties on purpose. What is coexistence look. And that the U that he disregarded he did. I have never asked the question. Who will we were unopposed with the lawyers. Every time I would ask who nobody ever thought they would move on to something else so then when we have deep zoom call with the actual artists. I asked again. What does co existence looked like because right now what at that time. Lady Antebellum with on the topic Google search and I was always under them I wouldn't be where there. I put out CD under lady a thing not put out once he under lazy day there in the me. This is my professional. And so the talks broke down when I can see the and sincerity because I was. What proves allows you to do you think what you're doing is right and you don't have to explain herself. I wanted an explanation. My senate work in recent social justice and I'm going to make people accountable I didn't say. Yeah you know I didn't say that it was quite matter they did. They were this they brought this to the American public they put it in the newspapers they talked about their eyes were opened. I'm they've seen the biases and that I'm aware quote him now blind spot sneaky move into existence have been revealed. It's true you need to put power behind your words. And being an ally sometimes requires that you Cuba some. Your sincerity if you're sincere. I never thought they would sincere they wanted to do a song together. You know I was excited about I'm willing to try but I'm not going Sheen. Your token person. So that you walk. Well that's not what we're in today. Why am curious and this is really like a two part question. Legally are you concerned because they are saying that they trademark this namely ain't going back ten years ago and so. Do you think that there are gonna have that. Aspect of this on their side and tossing it asks for five million dollars for yourself as compensation for having a re Brandon also five million dollars donated to charity how did you come up with that figure and how do you respond to critics who say that you're trying to unfairly squeezed the band for millions of dollars. Five million dollars I came up with that because. Every agreement they had. Coming back from 08 note that since two. He did it wasn't backing their words of what they were saying. The fact that lives mattered to them that they want did you get. It is races can't teach in was severely me and again I didn't say that. Basic. So I decided that. I have a life to get back to you and I'm gonna have to rebrand myself. Something else because I can't sharing with the I'm not going to you that. I'm I decided well maybe we brandy would be dipping did you even though I would have to explain that to my community I have to explain to you can get a mentor. And I thought well. You know what I'm thinking five million dollars rebrand myself change all my CDs. He nobody knows what goes in doing great ending the other five million. I ask my learns that can be broken into three series one would be likewise matter because Lady Antebellum since. The other would be used to seniors. And young adults that were that I work within my community here in the Seattle area. And the other charity would be per meets musicians all over the country. Now we weren't into these types of problems illegal crop I am blessed to have Cooley LOP. Who is representing corona. And I think god for them and all the wonderful people who didn't see amazing messages. Oh. He hadn't support. I really do appreciate it this is not easy. What. I have to stand up and say enough I'm Tiki. One blue coat. And black. Lady eight thank you so much for your time tonight. Bait you so much Lindsay. God bless you I'm.

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{"duration":"8:36","description":"Blues singer Anita “Lady A” White discusses the battle over her stage name with the band formerly known as “Lady Antebellum,” which is changing its name over its confederate roots.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71788794","title":"The battle over ‘Lady A’","url":"/US/video/battle-lady-71788794"}