Biden administration lays out plan to combat violent domestic extremism

Plus, emails show that Trump allies asked the Department of Justice to file lawsuits alleging voter fraud.
6:28 | 06/15/21

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Transcript for Biden administration lays out plan to combat violent domestic extremism
In all the FBI director and capitol police department inspector general are testifying before congress on the January 6 assault on the capital. FBI director Christopher Wray has said the biggest threat facing national security is domestic extremist violence. Now attorney general Merrick Garland is laying out the Biden administration strategy to combat that. National strategy recognizes. That we cannot prevent every attack. The only way to find sustainable solutions is not only to disrupt and deter. But also to address the root causes of violence. Of the plan focuses on sharing information thwarting recruitment and mobilization efforts destructing activity or violence occurs in addressing the long term issues that lead to domestic violent extremism. Let's go to ABC's political director Rick Klein along with justice and Homeland Security reporter. Jack duct tape for more honest Jack I wanna start with you first off how serious is this threat. And how is the Justice Department planning on carrying out those initiatives they laid out. Well. And it clearly jittery six showed us that the threat as quite serious. You you saw people coming from across the country to attack the foundations of our very government so. Clearly if there was no wake up call already that extremism was was brewing. It it became quite clear on that day the challenges so domestically. As opposed international terrorism are that. Did some good. Some of the methods that the Justice Department uses to investigate. Aren't always available port domestic terrorism as they are for international terrorism. You've dropping authorities and things like that that are much easier to do overseas are more challenging here. But they're also gonna rely on. More effort integration. With fusion centers state and local law enforcement to really try to. Call up intelligence to understand. How these groups are acting how these groups are communicating. Within the bounds of what's allowed and protected by the constitution. And it has also warning that she went on conspiracy there is can go from digital shoulders. Soldiers to committing acts of real world violence what's behind that Jack. Well again we we've seen so little real world results you saw a lot of that they accuse supporters. Or people who who carried the banner that conspiracy theory shop on January 6 and there's you don't. They have this belief system and so. How that gets managed and how their ideas and ideologies. Turning to actions as something. That day investigators hard and homeless street miners are very concerned about. And Rick whenever this subject comes up Republicans. I'll always say hey what about black lives matter they said well what about anti fraud. That they make the claim those are equal and extremist threats. To the country so the FBI that is really waiting at a pretty fraught political territory here and that's a that's a problem for an agency that that really has to. Enforce the law for all people. Here you're seeing Merrick Garland is Justice Department at the crossroads of a whole lot of different story lines that. Would cause him so potentially have to play make political calls I think from his perspective from the Justice Department's perspective. Their point is that they're there to prevent crimes or their at a opted to investigate. A potential crimes and crimes actually occur and ranking at the did the various threats doesn't actually serve much of of an end and and playing well what about his end game in saying while the other side does it to that doesn't serve anything either this is a particular threat in a particular threat that they're identifying and identifying a strategy around and it's Jack pointed out. It's one that that showed in very dramatic. In an awful fashion how seriously can be just a few months ago. What they say patriotism is the last refuge discount is that now I guess what about ism is the last refuge of a scams are Jack. Were also seeing today a trove of emails released from the Justice Department showing. The pressure. That the acting attorney general was under last year to investigate president trumps false claims of election fraud he was leaning try to muscle the Justice Department to get on his side he's in us. Purportedly come from president trump himself in the final weeks of his presidency. Via his assistant. Also from his chief of staff mark meadows so. What can you tell us about that ended significance. Who appears that the White House is putting withering pressure upon the officials running the Justice Department at that time Jeffrey Rosen wasn't acting attorney general. He attorney general William Barr had stepped down on December 14 so after. He's the electors and the various states. After after basically election have been certified. Don't bars out of picture Shapiro who has run the show and here's putting pressure on him to try to advance some of these wild conspiracy theories. About. That you brought it and antiques it did happen but what we saw hears that the system worked Jeffrey Rosen. Did not. Approve any investigations or pursue any of these things that are being pushed at him. Wild conspiracies about satellites from you know run by people and Italy. Changing actual votes and this is also very late in the game. And it did it. It's a story of the just department sort of held its ground but. The sad part was that they are pushed to do so by the White House and you know if you hope that those who were in a line in terms of rule of law. And Rick how significant is this revelation from a political stamp what. Well it's startling to see Darren black and white the pressure being exerted again as Terry said in the name of the president in some cases. We've known broadly because the president you tweet about some of and talk publicly about. I think his efforts to get the Justice Department to look can I do think though this adds to a mountain of information that's that is building up its accumulating about the politicization of the Justice Department in the trunk barrel this comes on the heels of revelations of essentially spying campaigns monitoring campaigns there were launched against members of congress and it appears the perceived political enemies. And this is going to land now in the lap of Merrick Garland and his Justice Department they're going to have to litigate. Some of these things looking back with a lot of calls for for answers I think Jack's largely right the system held in the in terms of the Justice Department. Not pursuing the more wild and bizarre conspiracy theories but the fact that that over pressure was being started by the president people around him is something that is gonna continue. But it to define it efforts set to figure out what happened and how can ever be prevented from happening again. Rick Klein and Jack got taped thank you both.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"Plus, emails show that Trump allies asked the Department of Justice to file lawsuits alleging voter fraud.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78298540","title":"Biden administration lays out plan to combat violent domestic extremism","url":"/US/video/biden-administration-lays-plan-combat-violent-domestic-extremism-78298540"}