Biden administration marks 50M COVID-19 vaccine shots

President Joe Biden joined an event Thursday commemorating the 50 millionth coronavirus vaccine shot administered while he was president.
5:53 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for Biden administration marks 50M COVID-19 vaccine shots
Didn't get me. One of my first goals and office. When I this would just before a sworn and I indicated that. My goal was to get a hundred million co would vaccine shots. In people's arms my first hundred days as president. At first critics say their goal was too ambitious known could do that. And they said it was too small. At the bottom line dollars in America it will be the first country perhaps you only want to get that done. And today I'm here to report were halfway there. Fifty million shots in just 37 days since it become president. That's weeks ahead of schedule. Even with this setbacks we faced during a recent winter storms. Which devastated millions of mid western midwestern cities towns and also the same in the south. We're moving in the right direction despite the mess we entered from the previous administration. Which left us with no real plan to vaccinated all Americans. And every time we administer another fifty million shots. I'm going to use that milestone to report to the American people on our vaccination program on our overall fight against suspend them. Gruden the bad out success in the failures. And here's the deal here's the deal. The story this vaccination campaigns works to reveal everything hard and new American does. Some confusion setbacks of the start. And then if we do the right things we have the right plan to get things moving. That's what we're seeing right now. Weeks before I became prayers in the previous administration source exponent shots administered last. This coming week we will administer over twelve million shots double the pace. In just six weeks that we've been in office. Are there milestones. We've increased vaccination distribution to states by 70%. Nearly 60%. Of people over the age of 75. Have now received at least one shot. Most 14% six weeks ago. Close to 50%. Of people over the age of 65 have at least one shot. Who's 8% six weeks. It's important because people over 65 account for 80% of all Covert desk. Additionally. About 75%. Of people who live a long term facilities. Have gotten their first shot. And those cases are the lowest level since reporting began. Here's how we've been doing. You start to increasing the supply. My team has worked very hard we're vaccine manufacturers fiery sermon turned. To ensure we have enough supply for all adult Americans by the end of July. When we had discovered the vaccine manufacturers want pre prioritized when it came to securing supplies they needed to make the vaccine. We fixed the problem. Use a defense production act to speed up the supply. Chain for key equipment which is already helped increased vaccine production. Last week I toured the Pfizer facility and a faction facility he has a plan Kalamazoo Michigan. It's a decree it's incredible appreciation. The safety the pride this sense of purpose everyone involvement process project hats. We've all seen the news about Johnson and Johnson's exit. The idea of a third safe and effective vaccine is very promising. The Food and Drug Administration the FDA. He's you re the dad review recommendations from outside committee of experts that will be meeting tomorrow. No let me be clear. We are going to do this the right way. The FDA will decide on members to use authorization. Of a vaccine based on science not to any political pressure from a year anyone else know outside factors. What I will say to the American people as this if if the FDA approves the use of this new vaccine. We have a plan to roll out as quickly as Johnson Johnson can make. We use every conceivable way to expand fraction vaccine. And will make even more rapid progress on overall vaccines in March. As a result of these round the clock efforts. In five weeks America's administered the most shots and Andy country in the world. Any country in the world and among the highest percentage of population fully vaccinated. That's progress we promise. It's also true that while Covert nineteen vaccinations are up Covert cases and hospitalizations. Are coming down. But I need to be honest with you. Cases of hospitalizations. Could go back up with new variants as they emerge. So want to make something really very clear this is not time to relax. We must keep portion our hands. Stay socially distance. For God's sake for gutsy Wear. A mask.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"President Joe Biden joined an event Thursday commemorating the 50 millionth coronavirus vaccine shot administered while he was president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76119306","title":"Biden administration marks 50M COVID-19 vaccine shots","url":"/US/video/biden-administration-marks-50m-covid-19-vaccine-shots-76119306"}