Biden hopes to repair relationship between White House and the media

During his presidency, Donald Trump attacked the media and labeled them “the enemy of the people” in efforts to delegitimize the free press.
7:41 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Biden hopes to repair relationship between White House and the media
President trumps war on the media perhaps has forever changed the way we cover the White House but with trump silence is now on social media and a new administration just hours. Away from taking office how will you now hear from me president but. Here's Terry Moran. The attack on the US capitol culminating moment of the trump presidency in its wake president elect Joseph Biden. Through the starkest contrast between himself and trumped. Accusing him of attacking the institutions of our democracy including the press. He's attacked a free press. Who dared to question his power. Repeatedly calling the free press the enemy of the people. Language at the time we first years and I and others said it has long been used by all Democrats and dictators all over the world. They are truly the enemy of the people. They are. Given Trump's attacks on the press have actually been a crucial part of his governing strategy heading into the you know your fake you know that the whole network to what you covered his face. This slightest challenge any criticism even a question he didn't like he answered all of it by furiously attacking the messengers in order to delegitimize them. They are these fake. Jake disgusting. News. It's a bit like seeing the White House correspondent. Donald Trump you back got a lot of experience what's been different about the relationship here. But I read it the biggest thing is you're covering somebody that tries to make you with the enemy. The honored as my colleague Jonathan Karl is one of the best and most experienced political reporters out there and he'd never seen anything like this White House to have the president unload on you. As you're just trying to. Ask questions it is a totally bizarre experience shorter with where trump unloaded most. He's usually the social media platform revolutionized. And for many Americans did graded presidential communications. Truck was tweeting for years before he won the 2016 election but he promised to tone it down after he entered office I'm gonna do very restrained if they use it at all and then do very restrained. Well that didn't last long. Truck waited more than 151000. Times as president bombarding his 88 million followers and the rest of the country. What it constant stream of policy Margo rallying cries and crude insults. He used the platform to fire cabinet secretaries rail against his enemies and spew lies and falsehoods far and wide. That is until the final year of his presidency. Under public pressure Twitter began slapping labels on the president's tweets as he spread misinformation about the 20/20 campaign. And after that mob of trump supporters finally attacking US capitol building at a moment congress with children the electoral votes taken from Joseph Biden's victory. Twitter and FaceBook both pulled the plug on trump. They banned the president from the platforms citing concerns about future violence igniting a war between his supporters. In the social media giants in the final days of his presidency. I think baked activated terrible this day. I'm very very bad for our country. It remains to be seen how all Biden administration handles a lingering questions about regulating big tech. But Biden and his team had a much lighter touch when it came to using social media during the campaign. Isn't gonna feel like night in day in Washington. Now with trouble leaving reluctantly what will change can president Joseph Biden repair this shattered relationship between the White House and the media. Thank you Mr. President elect Mary Bruce covered the Biden campaign press and ABC news in addition to regular White House assignments. Perry sees a return to normalcy at the Biden White House for better. And worse. The pendulum is very much swinging from an extremely freewheeling. White House often without coherent message went without a real fresh shop that that's trying to put out. One disciplined message to Joseph bide his team which is going to be incredibly disciplined they are going to be far far far more organized. And make sure that when they're rolling out you know new policy that there is an actual communications plan that goes with that I suspect you will see a return to the presidential daily briefings but. There is likely to be a downside to all this less access for reporters to White House officials is specially the president thank you very much. Donald Trump it was ubiquitous for all his fury at the media. No president has ever engaged with reporters more hits or more of their questions she fought with the more fuel that's enough put down the Mike that will change. Press reporter probably have far less access directly to the president then we have had to president try. As a candidate Joseph Biden's exposure to reporters was also limited because of social distancing rules and a pair down travel and event scheduled due to the corona virus pandemic. Joseph Biden wasn't out there having freewheeling conversations he does take questions. But it's not nearly as frequently as a normal candidate would far from it. What it's what the president says not just how much they talk and from the first to the last days of the trump administration. It's been a torrent of provable falsehoods from the president on down. This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration. Puree it this election was rigged. Everybody knows had he was. In some ways daring. The press to call him a liar so the turnaround and say see these people hate community opposition. Yet again met think it was kind of a no win scenario. Ben Smith covers the media beat for the New York Times he thinks reporters will face more scrutiny covering Biden inevitably I think there's. Going to be an impulse on the right to say you're not saying the same things about Biden as you said about trauma again early you know ultimately trump is not. Like anybody else I think is that that's a really unfair critique I'm sure there are. Every player president drum was hardly the first president to have a contentious relationship would depress the Obama administration took aggressive steps to keep information from the public. Prosecuting eight people for leaking to the press within unprecedented use of the Espionage Act. But under president trump. The disdain was far more public. Four years of lies and rage and insults and you know thinking you never do. I'm terrible now go ahead it's such an intense relationship the president and the press but it's a critical one for our democracy. What made you know. America America Antioch and American democracy it the idea of the free air. And so that's why can't all right 88. A different figure a different color in order to hold him it administration's political administration's financial initiation. Accountable and aren't. Restoring that pillar of American democracy will be tough and it isn't just up to the president looking for do you think. That the white house press corps is going to return. To a tradition of holding president Joseph Biden. Account. Not big it's absolutely necessary I mean we if you look at. The country today you have like thirty to 40% of country that essentially won't believe much of what they see in a newspaper Sheehan and network newscast. Got to somehow find a way to regain some of that trust. And part of that is showing that we will hold it Joseph Biden to account. Terry Moran in Washington for ABC news law.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"During his presidency, Donald Trump attacked the media and labeled them “the enemy of the people” in efforts to delegitimize the free press.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75360993","title":"Biden hopes to repair relationship between White House and the media","url":"/US/video/biden-hopes-repair-relationship-white-house-media-75360993"}