Bill Cosby Arraigned on Sexual Assault Charges

Comedian accused of drugging and attacking a woman in his home 12 years ago.
3:12 | 12/30/15

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Transcript for Bill Cosby Arraigned on Sexual Assault Charges
This is an ABC news special were. Now report. Didn't beat New York. Good afternoon we're coming on the year with breaking news Bill Cosby just a short time ago arraigned on felony sexual assault charges in a Pennsylvania courtroom. These are pictures just a short time ago of kospi appeared to stumble a bit as he headed into the courtroom to face the charges he's accused of drugging. At attacking a woman in his home twelve years ago the statute of limitations in this case expiring next month. The first criminal charges now filed against him after allegations made by more than fifty women. Leaving the court he did not answer reporter's question simply shaking his head at times. Cosby has strongly denied all of the claims against him filing defamation lawsuits against some of his accusers in recent weeks including former supermodel Beverly Johnson. He does face up to ten years in prison and a 25000 dollar fine if convicted in this case today. I want your right to ABC's Ryan Smith at the courthouse in Pennsylvania because line and mentioned the statute of limitations there just a few weeks left. Just a few weeks left David he's charged with aggravated indecent assault. And that statute of limitations for that crime is twelve years so this particular case prosecutors are alleging. Happened about eleven years and some 1011 months ago Bill Cosby accused of flying a young woman with. A series of bills also wine and then sexually assaulting her. He is denied those claims but prosecutors saying that this case opened up for them once they saw that deposition that was released sometime earlier this year. From a civil case that she filed against Cosby that spurred on their investigation and that led them to making this charge but again that statute of limitations. Twelve years and as you mentioned earlier that was set to expire. Really next month we're now watching Cosby leaving the police station it's believed he's turned over his passport now one million dollars bail and right you were inside that courtroom what was his demeanor. His demeanor was very calm in that courtroom David one thing is walking in. He had to be supported on both sides buys arms by his counsel so he appeared a bit frail walking in sitting down the judge addressing him in saying good afternoon. He understand the charges yes seem to understand everything he was doing as she mentioned bail. Part of those conditions as he can't have any contact with the alleged victim in this case. Any mention no contact just an extra understand correctly. There was paperwork after they've worked for him to sign at one point. He chuckled gas which you have to be understand all the state workers signing but. No cause me in that courtroom very different from the comedian we've seen all these years very much in control today appearing very frail very surprised but very in com and could. Role in his demeanor that courtrooms all right linesmen outside Philadelphia this afternoon Ryan thank you in fact the judge finishing today by saying to mr. Cosby. Good luck to you Cosby replying thank you. You'll have team coverage coming up on world news tonight and all afternoon at Until then deceive a bit later at a good afternoon. This has been a special report from the keys.

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{"id":36015975,"title":"Bill Cosby Arraigned on Sexual Assault Charges","duration":"3:12","description":"Comedian accused of drugging and attacking a woman in his home 12 years ago.","url":"/US/video/bill-cosby-arraigned-sexual-assault-charges-36015975","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}