Biscuits bake inside excessively hot car

A meteorologist proved how hot cars can get in this dangerous heat wave.
2:37 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for Biscuits bake inside excessively hot car
I want to take you guys over to Nebraska because I imagine as you just saw that the weather being so hot you can cook. Your breakfast outside. Without a stove tops I want to bring in Hallie bove. She's a National Weather Service meteorologist. Who I think was just recently crowned the biscuit queen how late can you tell me. What you did me. Yes yesterday. We had heat index values. 110 in our area. The highways. And upper ninety's. And so we decided to have a little fun and we're gonna cook some food and a cart. And so we are gonna do the normal things a lot of people. But can't cookies on the window pane and bake them as they actually went the current didn't have any cookies so they skits it was so that's why we decided to. Have a little fun and try something a little more unique. So you put them this it's and they are raw and then how long did it take before you said they were actually edible. I'm so it actually took quite awhile because they're pretty thick and biscuits and it got to they started writing in about 45 minutes in a car. The pan got 285. Degrees lands. The tick. About eight hours and the outside of the biscuit was critical post still dough in the middle that. It still shows it does get really hot and deadly heat inside the car. Unbelievable I mean kind of scary that it's that warm but also a really really good experiment to show just how hot it is. Before we go I just want to ask you this good this is something all. Not meteorologist do you guys will say that. Let's say the temperature of 98 degrees but then you'll say it feels like. 115. YK just say the temperature is a 150 degrees. It's great so so the air temperature itself is actually. That 98 degrees. On and so what happens is our dew point is actually. I'm somewhat higher and it causes that relative humidity to be you know 80% Aaron. A high high value and Wendy have that much moisture in the air. And it makes it so your skin can't. Check cool down can't the sweat can't evaporate opt and it. And so it feels even hotter than it actually is because. Moisture in the air causing you know your body to not functionally exposed to. I write Cali well I guess in this case you don't even need it. Actual numbers it's just hot everywhere. Yes our right Alley we appreciate you joining us the biscuit queen very cool Spearman and we appreciate it. And any problem.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"A meteorologist proved how hot cars can get in this dangerous heat wave.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64441809","title":"Biscuits bake inside excessively hot car","url":"/US/video/biscuits-bake-inside-excessively-hot-car-64441809"}