Black community in Memphis fights back against oil pipeline

Fears of water pollution and environmental racism threatens construction of the Byhalia Connection.
4:30 | 04/16/21

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Transcript for Black community in Memphis fights back against oil pipeline
Our present site and there was connected to previous placed struggles that those who come Aurora. All in order for us to be here. Nearly an hour and it's been that people still aren't able to leave us. Property we keep saying way act ancestors. And what we do is you look around you this collective impacts the community. And that's what we act here. All homes are we. I. It's. Only and yeah. He is there. He's Islam and. Straw. And you. Well 100 things about box that a lot of people don't understand these days when. Slaves were. 38. Migrating top box and the reason why they can't box parents because maybe number homes. What made out of box it's. From China and zone it's I'm Gary knew very rich history. What actress and guarantees. The main concerns about this pipeline started to people right now Bayer mission using eminent domain to actually change people's land. And they're doing this to folks who parents bought this land or loved ones got this land early nineteen hundreds for Atlanta but really can own pieces of property. Earlier part of pouring the proposed path right now there's her himself Memphis. And beat. Portion. The ground forces from bear is there's shallow ground water. It's not protected by play it is more prone to contamination. Mean. Last. And remember. He inland where. The actual humans on and needs in mind across. Commercial and enters have not. We're continuing to. Continuing our anchors they can. Eat sleep and national. One interview. The reason it shows the route they did it because it was the end of least resistance. And so is our us this story. And wouldn't. Saddam himself off her or her neighborhoods where there's chemical plants. Refuse. Collection science. Polluters. That district expired few of them. It's I. US. Acts met. And terrorism and now there's not a great EP. We're significantly. Concerned because this pipeline would go to are predominately black community lower well lower income and yet resilient. Kennedy does not have always permits data on appeal. For the water resource operation permit in Tennessee. And progress in the by an S administration to rescind the nationwide general Herman. It's forced him to use individual on this veterans who YouTube voices. But also progress in the bottom asking not to have that wound and dis engage from preventative position entity. Voluntarily if you watched earlier. Adverse effects. It. Have a he earned our. Carol. I think is communities. And no hole and not the case he DEA's. This the city's community and it is experts CE. Whenever their risks that may be used in C Eddy county with dared not yet another place. The folks who lives have been the most expendable have been people of color. Indigenous communities and the descendants of enslaved people in our country and we have to choose this moment to say no longer no more.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Fears of water pollution and environmental racism threatens construction of the Byhalia Connection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77122934","title":"Black community in Memphis fights back against oil pipeline ","url":"/US/video/black-community-memphis-fights-back-oil-pipeline-77122934"}