Why do Black girls get punished more at school?

ABC News’ Janai Norman reports on why Black girls receive unequal treatment and are more likely to be suspended and even arrested over incidents at school.
10:16 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for Why do Black girls get punished more at school?
Well this the unequal treatment of people of color from authority figures has been thrust into the national spotlight but there's a new study that finds that this actually begins at an early school age and that black girls are disproportionately being punished compared to their white counterparts. Shane Norman examines this issue. Six year old pleading with the police officer not to arrest her the eight hour. I don't know what happened programs the top to watch scenes captured on body camera footage in September 2019 shows what happened. As a Orlando officer hauled kind of roll away from school after she picked to teacher during a tantrum. He it. I believe he the first grader placed in handcuffs and taken to a juvenile detention center to be booked and fingerprinted. Me. Should out our. Bowlers. Channel 8. Unit. And I I. The ancient do away. Let the deck. On the back that we lol well I'll show. Oh. What her grandmother Maryland says hurts even worse than seeing her six year old granddaughters mug shot is a disappointment she feels with Ky a school. Where she says officials were already aware that kayak had sleep apnea which was triggering big young girls tantrums. Why are no. In. What we want more schools. Are. This incident like others that sparked outrage after videos of that went viral are playing out in schools across the country. And that data showing a disturbing trend young black girls facing some of the harshest disciplinary measures of any demographic in our nation's schools. According to a recent study black girls are five times more likely than white girls to be suspended from school and four times more likely to be arrested black. Our experience in armed reading of their ears more adult. Mary's young age I and that it cheeks when their ages and adults aren't any aging with her role as if you are black. Which which means that we're more likely to. At a this perception. About black girls eating less and less comfort. Less nurturing. This adult of vacation a black girls affecting even the way they're perceived doing normal childhood activities. To a gimmick entry says it happened to her daughter. Nicole statement he needed to take mark a lot of idols because she was hyper and beauty. I cannot immediately it was never no why. What did she do immediately I snapped and when you need her vital she's twelve she's hyper and Katie that's normal behavior. The now fourteen year old sharing with us what she says led up to being strip searched. At a Binghamton, New York middle school last January along with three of her friends all students of color the school denies the allegations. See you are going from the cafeteria to where you were supposed to be here and who is literally absolutely the girls say they were under way to their lunch activity when they were stopped by school officials for laughing. The principal hauling their parents and afternoon reportedly telling them he was concerned that they were quote hyper and giddy. He said their behavior was abnormal. So he said I already knew what it was I was like HI say them garner was her. The girls speaking out for the first time tell us they were detained in the nurse's office where one by one they were called to be searched. She and nearly aaron's lake has daughters saying they were told to one dress. She hits so told me to. It blooms in them yes. Leonard I didn't happen sharing. And I was sitting down. Sometimes it didn't. And I until they contact with an Internet. Sushi. Had you take off your clothes until you're in your tank top here. It just your bra under. Their friends refused to take off her clothes to rekindle business and thinking Jensen. After being searched in their belongings inspected school officials fighting the girls had nothing on them. Lawyers representing that district issuing a statement to ABC news that reads in part. For middle school students were missing from their lunch period activity for approximately fifteen minutes and when school administrators located them. The students presented symptoms that suggested the school nurse should provide a standard health and safety check. The nurse performed a standard check during which the girls remained closed. After their visit to nurse the students return to their classrooms without incident complaint or discipline of any kind sir. Killing you know about Eddie's. People. Your joy is perceived as vicious. Com is just an except this treatment of black girl I'd have eased as. Some paying to see at least some being to be control. Some England to be monitored. Stems from harsh and that the harsh best is that slate and we have to file. In both the Binghamton is only until it's against. But feelings are convinced race played a major role in the actions taken against their girls so why. Went through your mind when you found out that your daughter's. Were pulled into a nurse's office. Not only detained. Without you knowing. But. Told to take out their clothes that they could be searched. As a parent at least he emblem county it's not on her. So it's it's a shock that it's my cane but it's not a shock that it happened. Opt out or are. She. Don't want. It I don't think should it is because. In addition. He urged. And she went on are. Well. Grandmother says since her arrest Kai now seven has been diagnosed with PT SD and separation anxiety. She's had to switch schools in has developed a fear of strangers. Her grandmother says she fears for her future and the long term impacts of the trauma she and dirt. She agreed to. Stop. Eat our. Our. She ERR. Because you know. She. The teens in New York describing how they feel their lives have changed. It saying they continue to deal with the fallout from that day in the nurse's office nearly two years later. Analytical enough to know by the Arnold Aronson nobody not family nobody in stilted as they are not personal when Iran nothing. Because of what happened to his senses. That is reasonable point of view token. Anybody at any changes he felt comfortable. I have really doom and gloom in place is being around so I could because it's not. On site and school teacher Tom do something that I listen to it shall listen if that teaches Latin. What Edelman and it makes you question authority and everything is questions you trusted violence. And clashes. This is on the Spanish go with us forever has not anything that just goes away it's not easy every day when she's like I don't want those. When I go on our problem is she's all of the lights are off and she uses a land and I'm right wasn't wrong. It's like that's how bad feeling. Doctor or meet W Morse who's written about the damaging effects of over disciplining young black girls. Says these examples of arresting a six year old. And strip searching girls for being hyper in cutie. Are examples of what she calls push out. Making these girls more likely to struggle in school and increasing their chances of ending up behind bars or even worse on the streets. Wheaton got all that much. What we create it in are learning Asian. We need gun we. More they Sweeney usher punish and Chandra Leah and do lake say they want justice for their daughters. With the assistance of the NAACP. Legal defense and Educational Fund they filed a lawsuit against the school district the cases in the pretrial phase. I like the district's. I'm I don't think that they thought the these girls had parents who was going who believed and saying. Fight fat I'm gonna go as far as comical until just as this because I believe mindless. One of the officers involved in high as arrest was fired two. Maryland has worked alongside Florida legislators to get the Ky a role act passed. A first step to putting procedures in place for arrests involving children under ten now they're pushing for a law that would make arresting children under the age of twelve. Illegal statewide. I. Little changed they are you're at your. Qaeda remains resilient and isn't letting the trauma break her spirit. ERE. A so. Why. Aren't when she knew we aren't you. I don't ran. Today Norman ABC news New York. Our thanks to Jim Ney for that look at how and when the seeds of distrust can be planted.

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{"duration":"10:16","description":"ABC News’ Janai Norman reports on why Black girls receive unequal treatment and are more likely to be suspended and even arrested over incidents at school. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73892774","title":"Why do Black girls get punished more at school?","url":"/US/video/black-girls-punished-school-73892774"}