These Black-owned businesses are prevailing through the pandemic

Motivated by their community, these businesses opened locations across the country.
3:55 | 02/22/21

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Transcript for These Black-owned businesses are prevailing through the pandemic
Winnipeg city payroll. Seles and where not anything we was so focused on opening a restaurant and liquor authority. Bruising and an independent. It always the if it is due Lipsky because the blue would everything you can rank when the ski report he seemed. To make. I wanted to create a space. If I was going council well but I want to miss holly the egg ingredient wheat into joining people who really need this season winner rarely true. Philadelphia teens they live like I want to bring neck. That's billion bags and you know in Iraq and you know villain I want to bring metro Atlanta. Lee SPD oh b.'s the first black owned. Veteran in a room. In women owned and lasting relocating to settle at 66. He started advanced. Planes to support military meeting winning bidder in need of beauty supply rather stay dean and Dick coming home. I was like okay. Pain we actually need to be decent hostile when the enemy and it was I know we'd have a book to delay opening. I wish debate and compete it was a bad. News you never know how long is Andy because it lands. When that and now we can there. It was going to be ten feet well we can't open for usual. We have really. A heart beat but we'd know we can be okay let me ask am I am. That was important to be. How do this our threatening. Ms. hall are at. You know in the middle OK in the near me is his clothes and people made arts. Spending money like they used an understandable ends one of my struggles team. The sales aren't exactly where I would like them to be that lack SC I appreciate everyone who comes in restores. I was able to actually purchase that old chuck Burris that I wanted to get out impediment to be mobile around the city of planet that it would you know did people. Put a personal demise he wouldn't even want to. Yeah I'll we have to figure out how to pull people in the beautiful a lot of us have now Willis we saw some counting said. And won't go Matt go who prepared the things we when Lieberman ticket about. The fear it still comes from that they did I know people are counting on me. I just I just like I let the damn can't the Senegalese. He will not stay into the community they know I'm a local prison. And I don't give up I just keep bungle or nothing he was Steve you are to support you no matter where they might but it led some of them sounded if you visit because they need your round but more support and vice Versa you know. The scene of the ninety day goes into the pizza industry comes round the black community. And was alone. Blink pressing industry. Let me and makes me. Feel and let you back is that BE. Little girls that young teenagers and young adults come in the store in sixty meet. Let me stand at 330 but man this is my second chance at life maintenance base and I'm now with community leaders. Holiday with a built to separate quarters and bootstraps. You know worst financial crisis that Magnus these scenes Robin and I don't sound. We want people to know. You have these stereotypes about people it is stadium banking unit EB you know chefs or whatever widows find we're serious about Kraft group Goodell will be to aid to take it seriously who want to be taken seriously on national platform like other ships and other demographic. We are engaging eight K. School where oh where each should be this illness right now we want ironically the rat we and a pandemic has a hold. Re going to ride down on bank glass so that we stick together as an academic and I suspect we oblong rats Guinea Devens. It.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Motivated by their community, these businesses opened locations across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76006085","title":"These Black-owned businesses are prevailing through the pandemic ","url":"/US/video/black-owned-businesses-prevailing-pandemic-76006085"}