Blind Man, Guide Dog Rescued From NYC Subway Tracks

Service dog had tried to prevent man, who fainted, from falling off platform.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Blind Man, Guide Dog Rescued From NYC Subway Tracks
Blind man in his guide dog felon to the subway tracks just as the train was approaching incredibly. The pair survived even with the train striking -- -- -- at saint Nicholas avenue and a 125 street in Harlem. Sandra -- joins us live from saint Luke's hospital what a story Sandra. It is quite a story shot at the hospital bed tonight he's Williams is telling his service dog tried to save him from that nasty -- he does not try to pulling away from the platform but he did. That in fact -- up with what we are hearing from witnesses today. Sixty year old Cecil Williams and one of his rescuers side by side at the hospital just hours after a fall off -- subway platform. Nearly cost him his life. I saw a man little wobbly and I wasn't puzzled -- Leslie Mann. You don't Floyd Gottwald was running into the to come forward then but it was -- he -- Just before 10 this morning on the uptown -- platform at 145. Street. When witnesses say they saw a blind man he is seeing eye dog in show who appeared unsteady on his feet. -- agent with the William rose golden. Hey he's got. Right. The operator was able to stop the train quickly but not before it rolled right over Williams and his service job Orlando. By lying in the -- between the tracks both -- he hit by the train. The FDAY says it was then a fairly simple matter of getting Williams on to a backcourt and back up on the flat. We asked him what his name was he was able to give -- his name but he who is and semi coherent. Should he asks this how is dog was doing we told that -- always find. In fact the black lab made the trip with Williams to saint Luke's hospital. Among their first visitors in YPD veteran Anthony -- the first officer to crawl under the train to assist Williams and Orlando. These are alive and well thank you guys. -- just a few moments ago Orlando is quite Doggett the hour -- -- trip outside the hospital you're saying alludes to of course take care of his business. He was brought out by a young women who identified herself as mr. williams' girlfriend -- he's doing -- Orlando was doing died in fact the job we'll stay with her until Williams is out of the hospital. As of williams' condition hospital officials tell us he is in stable condition. He has doping evaluated will be admitted at least for tonight. We're live this evening at saint Luke's hospital in morning side -- some sound for book which -- seven. Eyewitness News.

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{"id":21253453,"title":"Blind Man, Guide Dog Rescued From NYC Subway Tracks","duration":"3:00","description":"Service dog had tried to prevent man, who fainted, from falling off platform.","url":"/US/video/blind-man-guide-dog-rescued-nyc-subway-tracks-21253453","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}