New bodycam footage released in Breonna Taylor’s shooting

ABC News' Alex Perez reports on dramatic police bodycam footage revealing the moments right after Breonna Taylor’s death.
4:23 | 10/10/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New bodycam footage released in Breonna Taylor’s shooting
Now to embryonic Taylor case and tonight we're seeing new body camera footage of the chilling moments after Taylor was shot dead by police officers in her home last march. This was after her boyfriend Kenneth walker fire charge police say injured one of those officers. The officers have said that they announced themselves before breaking into the home but walker disputes that saying that he thought they were intruders. Take a look at what happened next here's ABC's Alex press. Bank and did not look back to. Active oh update by. We'll. Didn't. Germanic body cam footage released by the -- pulled metro police department shows Kenneth walker Rihanna Taylor's boyfriend moments after her death. Well then you don't bill created today unveiled one tip fifteen. It. But I don't play oh yeah yeah talent but it up until he's the only thing the other foot. Yeah. No we don't cream and leaves. I'm definitely not bad yeah. Well critical and spur. Yeah clues into the we have good for some Iowa. That. Oh I don't think one could. And I work Bob Bradley. Six. I'll hate what kind of guy these species. That lead and that. They either did she shooter usually. And current. It was being can't you spin implement nobody. Let's look at it is your wanted felon apparently parents do during your arguments are definitely and it don't mind. We'll matters. Walking what is it. Who won't walk again I get him to call or gotten him wouldn't oh yeah. Someone asked her to cancel it has received. I'm bill what is perhaps if somebody did he include dole is not appropriate. I'd it's. A little attention and sir. Creek don't settlement total. It's. Elected capacity and Ruben certain. Substances. It's. Obama it. For the first time were given an in depth look at what exactly happened the night of march 13 minutes after the shooting of 300 teller. If you're not on squat lift your fire were going up. I just remember the B knows over the one that shot for a future ahead. When I made him one. Different units. They've seen data being a golf. C a data into the hall. Swat officers in no Taylor is in there but he's still home shores. I want to different parts. I didn't Wear Dark. Knight and slaughtered. Our. As they come to the bedroom TV is loudly doing good yeah. Clear the reporter Greg Ellis took the men don't. A gun is on the floor corners fan from Taylor on the floor in the whole way technicals. May have did you hear us. This robot from foot apartment but terrorism took the wrist. Credit. Rihanna Taylor was pronounced dead at the scene two officers who fired a combined did 22 shots after walker fired just one. We're not charged with any crime. Former detective Brett Pincus and it was indicted last month for endangering Taylor's neighbors during the raid. But no one was charged for Taylor's death. Alex Perez ABC news Chicago.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"ABC News' Alex Perez reports on dramatic police bodycam footage revealing the moments right after Breonna Taylor’s death. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73531947","title":"New bodycam footage released in Breonna Taylor’s shooting","url":"/US/video/bodycam-footage-released-breonna-taylors-shooting-73531947"}