Boehner Blasts Obama Over Immigration Action

"He's damaging the presidency itself".
10:56 | 11/21/14

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Transcript for Boehner Blasts Obama Over Immigration Action
I love what I'm down Cutler in New York this ABC news digital special report and house speaker John Boehner in Washington DC addressing last night's announcement by the president regarding immigration. Let's listen frozen of that. By taking unilateral action on matters such as his health care law. Or by threatening action repeatedly. Called on immigration. She was making it impossible to build the trust necessary to work together. As I warn the president. You can't ask the elected representatives of the people to trust you'd want to force of the law if you're constantly demonstrating. But you can't be trusted to enforceable. President never Los. And whether this action he's refused to listen to the American people. The president has taken actions that he himself. Has said are those of McCain or temper but not an American president. And he's doing this at a time when Americans want nothing more of them both parties to focus. On solving the biggest problems and our country. Stardom and are still struggling economy. And action by the president yesterday and Hubble only encourage more people to come here illegally. And putting their lives at risk. We saw the humanitarian crisis over border last so how terrific you close. Plummets armor that could be works. And this action also punishes those. Who have obeyed the law and have waited their turn. But this action the president has chosen. Through deliberately sabotaged. Any chance of an acting bipartisan reforms that he claims to seek. And as I told the president yesterday. He's damaging the presidency itself. Present Obama has turned a deaf ear to the people. Of that he was elected and we were elected to serve. But we will not do. In the days ahead the people's house rise to this challenge. We will not stand vital was present undermines rule of law in our country in places lives at risk. We'll listen to that the American people will work with our members and we will work to protect the constitution. Of the United States. There the president as normal with remover. Mr. speaker the president says you. Could have prevented this mister speaker by showing at the house was going to take action on comprehensive immigration reform. Did you miss them all. The president made 38 unilateral changes but to the affordable care. The president. A repeatedly. I suggested that he was going to unilaterally change immigration. And he created in environment. Oh were the members would not trust it. And and trying to find a way to work together. Was virtually impossible and I warned the president over and over. That his actions were making it impossible for me to do what he wondered it. Here in. Can you tell us how you plan to respond how the house plans to respond when. House will respond and whether or not you agree with chairman Rogers but given how these things are funded. The power of the purse through appropriations is not a constitutional avenue fight this where were. You know with our members are looking at the options are available to us but I will say view of that possible fact that. You started out piecemeal process last year or earlier in this year. Can you. Candidate that can you reinvigorate it and move that border you start from scratch as I said to be you know my remarks. We were broken immigration system. And the American people expect us to work together to fix. And we I'll do it in the democratic process. Movie and bills from the people's house through this into the pros that. Thank you. Abby thank you. A part in holiday comment there from house speaker John Boehner happy Thanksgiving and this every action. From last night's address by the president regarding immigration reform a big shake up in Washington DC a for the latest I want to bring in our political director Rick Klein. With more on this story in Rick not surprisingly the GOP jumping on the president's address last night Republicans upset that the question is the what exactly can they do about it. Jumping but they don't know where they're gonna land Dan this is scrambled the politics on the Republican side you're hearing talk up everything from impeachment which isn't gonna happen. All the way down through deep funding mechanisms and censures anything that they can think up. Lawsuits will be filed at state levels as well as almost certainly by members of congress you saw speaker Boehner just they're not committing to what the action will be the answer the reason for that Dan is that he doesn't know how he's gonna respondents yet. But yet with a lot of convictions and in fact upper house will act is his response to an average they're taking on two questions. Immigration has almost split Republicans in two camps moderates vs conservative. Can affect the house speaker unite them. One thing they agree on almost unanimously they think the president was wrong to act on his own now as for the substance that's another question and as for what the response should be. That's another question so I do think Republicans are gonna find a way to be united I think the idea of a lawsuit challenging his constitutional authority. That makes sense I think using some funding mechanisms to limit his flexibility that probably makes sense from a congressional represented chances as well. But keep in mind the president believes he had not only the has authority but that he can wall off the funding because it's funded on its own. Their application fees the administration competent they can move forward on this. Realistically we're talking about years before this week at work its way through the courts the courts have been unwilling in the past to come down in these executive vs legislative fights so almost certainly no matter what the House of Representatives or the senate does this is going to have effectively the force of law. When you're talking about the politics of this and how risky of a move was it with the president as far as regards to. Rallying his Democratic Party later on this afternoon he'll be in Las Vegas making that historic announcement speech almost a campaign rally style. Along with senator Harry Reid and congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is well. Has he been able to solidify the democratic base though given these new proposals. So striking though the democratic base was fractured just a couple of weeks ago that wiped out of an election for Democrats. The president though is coming back as saying. I don't care what that election results at I know where the will of the people is I know. That two thirds of people didn't vote in the last election they did vote for me just two years ago they agree with me on this issue. And is all important constituency the fastest growing demographic rope the group the Latino vote. It has been going democratic the president trying to solidify that for the long term and essentially rely on a different electorate than the one that turned out a couple of weeks ago he feels like he is channeling the American public. In a way that Republicans can't because that's not their base what is the possibly this could backfire is this a risky move for the president. I think it diversity that narrow politics yes there's the possibility of this all gets thrown out as a possibility its review by the Republican congress is a big political liability here we sought in this last election. Democrats and at such a hard time appealing to white working class folks in the middle class people that traditionally have been so called Reagan Democrats they'd been Democrats in the past. They have fewer reasons with every passing election cycle to support democratic candidates actions like this. A vast moved to suddenly effectively legalized five million people who came here illegally that could backfire. And that I think just more broadly the president's at a tenuous time in his presidency he knows that he has to be bolder he can essentially go home he could get slapped down by this congress we could see even some Democrats abandoning him. And he be weak or weaker report back tell you most Democrats and Republicans I've talked to West Point four hours. They would they think they the president has made a big play here. Let's shuffle within its one at sixteen because that's obviously an a lot of discussions right now Washington DC and across the country there how was this gonna Platt how I was gonna affect democratic contenders and Republicans. So on this. Think again about the lets you know community. They stayed home in large part a couple of weeks ago they weren't actually represented a most of the State's anyway. And if it a lot of talk about the potential for the Latino community. Go over to the Republican side it did a previous candidates have come a lot closer than Mitt Romney did to capturing a big chunk of Latino voters. The idea here the President Obama could have for Democrats is that you get them in your corner more Salt Lake. Particularly if the Republican response comes off as anti immigrant and anti Latino which is one Reid's reasoning to kind of modulate their response. Adding to hold on the Republican side though is that the president is seen as overreaching he is seen as people of and Republicans have been calling and as a monarch as a dictator as an emperor is going too far. That will energize Republicans well in advance of 2016 we actually saw something the mirror image on the other side there were so much democratic energy 20072008. Here's people saw President Bush. As overreaching and expanding the power of the executive branch so that is what fuels and opposition so I acting both sides see plenty in here that leaves them optimistic about what the long term of the politics will be. Let's put the politics aside from it and talk but the actual mechanics of this than what is the first thing that's going to happen now. All in this is going to take a long time and it's going to be extremely complicated so now with the president traveling to Las Vegas today he will be you re issuing any formal orders to the executive agencies that tell them about this tell about the changes in enforcement policy. And start to tilt it to worry and so life the the mechanisms of the federal government to accommodate for the potential for five million people. Who have never been known formally that the federal government before to come out of the shadows sign up register begin filling out the paperwork to allow themselves to begin getting work permits now all of this is on. Kind of slow time line it won't happen until the middle of next year at the earliest of the president even saying last night passed something. Before that and it'll be super it'll supersede anything I'm about to do here but in the meantime it is a vast bureaucratic enterprise that has happened behind the scenes in try to publicize and then bring people and have them fill out all the forms have them comply with the law show their own paperwork to show that they're eligible for this. And then begin the arduous process of finding a job legally in the United States for what would be the first time. A lot to happen in the next six months or political director Rick I'm Washington DC Rick thank you so much appreciated as always thank you again. And of course who we carry the president's address it live streaming right here on ABC news digital this afternoon from Las Vegas and you give up with a store in real time. By downloading the ABC news happened star in the stored for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm damn that's there in New York.

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