Blinding Blizzard Heading for Boston

New England to get another foot of snow over Valentine's Day weekend.
7:57 | 02/13/15

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Transcript for Blinding Blizzard Heading for Boston
Isn't it looks like a sunny day it's Austin Powers healthy as they call. By the most area of the city because the roads are so tight you got fire I that are all around my parts. That these evidence on your property technically this mostly. How frustrating that is. You storm at the store and end here are the parking spaces. You dig out your partner's face and you ought to work well yes David you say that with they space saver and mrs. I don't I'm certain witnesses but it it does the job in the system works here if you move else's basic. You parked there yourself well off beat you up in big trouble you do not do that it could be. Total anarchy you caught a garbage can put you do not collect the speech Davis park you horse here in south. Our legend here. And there's more snow coming this weekend and it figured out. And sorrow over again. Such is from the waves and precedent winter across Austin. ABC's rob Marciano. In south there blistering blizzard is approaching Boston residents there. Are running out of places to put the snow there and they are desperately trying to clear out trying to make room anywhere that they can't because after today's sub zero temperatures New England. Getting hit with even Morse now. However when I'm Dan Butler in New York another foot of snow in fact could be heading to Boston. Right now despite the sunshine that we do see out there there is a deep chill throughout the city. And when it alive. To Boston where our senior meteorologist rob Marciano is Friesen has bought off Forrest probably appreciate that I feel like jerks again nice warm studio it's only like 68 inside how cold is that up there. Last I checked it was it was about ten on that didn't include the wind chill but in this son. It's maybe you mean maybe it's maybe you are up to about fourteen or fifteen years so you get the idea this is the coldest air this season not just across eastern New England but. Across much of the eastern third of the country. And then we got this was are coming through and and and and even if even colder shot mess this one come in. On Monday so obvious winners Justin horrifying for for the northeast but especially eastern New England your boss were actually technically or about forty minutes north. A Boston. And John Paul Manchester by the seat. Which is a nice little community it has a great little beach which they're using. Today. Two. Dump snow that there ads they've gotten from streets and parking lots and and drop it on the beach as a high tide comes and the titan comes and it takes that that's no out out to sea now giving considering that in Boston but they're there. They've taken is a lot of work as that a lot of money to clean up the hawk over the past few years and residents there don't want. Anti dumping of snow into into the Harvard has this got in a road salt and road chemicals and other. Other bad stuff environment to speak and so it's it's a controversial move by a law. It S been extreme circumstance than to do that and some communities outside of Boston field then that it's that extreme especially. With another foot of snow expected to come in during the day. Tomorrow tomorrow night Dan. Yes so when the temperature this let's get this cold there when you're talking in fourteen in assigning which Mason Mike a bit of a heat wave up. It obviously complicates those kinds of efforts Mayweather be tried to get those big heaters that melts those huge piles of snow or pushing it out there. To the beach I mean have people been able to get out there in Schable at all. You know some of these spots especially outs had to have a Boston and I'm in Boston where where the streets in sight watcher really narrow. It the it's just it's getting to be impossible because you've got snow banks that are waste in and shoulder length. A shoulder height so. Every shovel day of snow that you take. You've got to get it up and over you over your shoulder and scout pack it down so it doesn't fall back down the snow is so dry. You know this is that this is this Lance might send fifteen degrees out you know you're not get a pack of yourself you know you're not this is not snowball make it's and others is not snow. No mandate is now this is not that the cast on ability igloo for snow for. This kinds kind of blows away so it's not hackable the winds today were really intense this morning we have wind chills of minus ten that was blown snow around so even on a dry day. I was miserable because of this no laurel run around and that's gonna really be the factor I think going through tomorrow night. We'll get some more snow yell but they've had so much over sixteen Eaton three weeks you know what's another foot. It's really going to be to win in the windy going to be sustained. I think go over forty miles an hour much of the eastern Massachusetts and an early Easter new England and we could see some spots especially on the cape. With hurricane strength gusts are there's going to be some power outages. There's really no doubt about that as just a matter of how expansive. Those outages are going to be retired about temperatures that are this cold and some folks get their heat from watches that are needed to spark the furnace. That's gonna cause a big problem are they going into the beginning this week. There were tailored to some of the video here's on the National Guard being pulled them at the humvees making their way down the streets I mean obviously there that it does snow drifts. Are at the height of the humvees and self there. What I any kind of heat shelters any kind of travel advisories as any of that been issued reported the place and ahead of this storm. Not not the moment you know they've had some emergency shelters and outs. Precautions that they've really has not taken down since since he storm started three weeks ago so that's pretty much what you're dealing with the good news is next week. Schools are out already because of February break in and we've got the president holiday come Monday cell. That alleviates a little bit of the pressure in this storm is coming. On on weekends so you've got less activity on the roadways on the Sunday morning aside from mud church services so. That's that'll help. Those two things when it comes to fighting this says this next was are coming in Saturday night that's Sunday morning but we talked to so many guys that are working this heavy equipment. That are workers snowplows and orcas and trucks did not have hours. These guys have put him. Since this this episode began three weeks ago it's just remarkable and they on Dave honestly be a look like zombies. I mean he only minutes getting them through it is one they know they had of the communion to with the OT. There have one heck of a vacation come spring no matter what they choose. Yeah well and and and they're very much earned certainly an illicit Ivan I want to school there are looked up and who in the for awhile I'd that there are hardy people look they're but still at this point. They've got to be a little bear a battle wearied from just dealing what all this because you know hasn't been pointed out there. It's not only the snarled as your experience and fortunate right now it's the cold as well. It's funny and well that's I've watched the psyche kind of evolved the past few weeks it went on. We can take it in olden a pleasure not a problem to second storm came in outcome this this is awful. To a third storm came and it all this is you know this is catastrophic we can't take this and and the record started falling. And they almost like OK it will now we're in record breaking territory now it's now it's almost laughable or some kind of crowd out of their cells let's just grin and Baird and get through it naturally they're responsive government feel lenders they're lucky. Pass the shock and all now feared they're just you know walked in either on auto pilot at this point. Because if it if this Super Bowl wasn't enough trophy or championship to bring home a want to break some more records apparently. It's as opposed to as was so why it why not only honor roll right now. I guess ABC rob Marciano. In new and then rob thank you get inside get warm we appreciate it. Of course you can keep up with this very real time by Delmon ABC news at the start of the store for exclusive updates on the go for now. I'm Dan learning more.

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{"id":28957261,"title":"Blinding Blizzard Heading for Boston","duration":"7:57","description":"New England to get another foot of snow over Valentine's Day weekend. ","url":"/US/video/boston-blizzard-heading-england-28957261","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}