Suspects' Aunt to FBI: 'Convince Me'

Maret Tsarnaeva asks for more evidence about nephews' suspected link to marathon bombing.
2:04 | 04/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Suspects' Aunt to FBI: 'Convince Me'
I believe we have the audio on the tape so let's listen again to that but the confessed. -- -- -- utility. Companies. And it men's -- in pac spending -- -- what else. Okay what does the FBI. Yeah -- -- wanna and yeah that is that this why is BI does not give -- more. If I'm asking if somebody else is asking fine but phony independents said these. To his mind coming -- at these kind of atrocities. Cannot be taken -- convince me. And I can't and repeating myself then you'll come back and he -- action. OK -- -- will come back and they what do you think. All the evidence they have done -- Natural. Naturally I guess you know what -- he will come out. Natural what is different about. Bentley -- -- And don't you know is contacting any ice cold and at first light and that -- if you have any hints. No that's not wreck because -- knowing these who -- use. Knowing and believing they wouldn't. Let cool. Would I finally present action -- -- How could happen how. Well -- think. Any. What content include -- Action. I want to repudiate whatever they. Quickly quickly at first pulpit -- -- But not -- done this way out evidence. All you showing that just -- -- ditch two guys are walking and I've found it strange kind of on his walking in the product. -- is about why don't they come together.

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{"id":19000323,"title":"Suspects' Aunt to FBI: 'Convince Me'","duration":"2:04","description":"Maret Tsarnaeva asks for more evidence about nephews' suspected link to marathon bombing.","url":"/US/video/boston-marathon-bombing-suspects-aunt-says-convince-me-to-fbi-19000323","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}