Boston Marathon Attack Victim: 'Hard for Me to Be Mad'

Man discusses his, wife's experience being injured during the Boston marathon bombings.
16:28 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for Boston Marathon Attack Victim: 'Hard for Me to Be Mad'
You know and I look back and see how this vote can. I realize you know something was going on looked over at my wife. And united -- her lower -- who -- Ways. Hit by something some -- shrapnel had had her leg and and -- she was bleeding and you know there was some. In -- she take yourself into -- store. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And sites are -- pictures she said need to grab something and make it tourniquet. So I -- shirts off Iraq it's -- raping her leg. She's I don't know him of -- related issues achieved inspected -- -- you know I was -- -- hit or anything from. And went to took care -- her want to go back to check on everybody else that we are -- and there and when I did us all there is another lady -- I collapsed because I think back side of her right leg. With Hayes and I don't know if she quite knew -- maybe she was in shock are -- -- She collapsed -- -- thinks she's tried to stand on play. And that she -- in the doorway. So you know I was trying to help her now and then somebody else came off another strange having been there were people -- -- they're just going -- auto pilot it is. You know -- help now. And I was trying to help her and -- guy another guy can out of here as well. So long you know there was a -- much we can do it -- she was -- you know. I'm not sure she was unconscious or -- -- but I was still concerned about my friend's mother. But it could -- -- so I was tapping on. The other side of the window in the story just try to get some -- his attention. And try to get to hurt me pictures you know our friends and I was. And I finally was able to get her that briefly before they carry her off. Once I got outside and get back to -- because the police. You know -- if you and I injured you get out -- he need go so I got separated from wife and there is another young lady and I think her boyfriend are. Our. Then maybe -- who is heard as well and she was you know trying to get back to him. And Peterson -- her and I -- and we just. Did you -- we just try to find a way to get through so he's not around the -- side. Around where the church's. -- probably. And we -- into the -- tan and incidents -- -- when my wife -- an ambulance you know ideal you know that's -- Can I please go -- her and -- I got an ambulance workers and the issue is -- coolest cucumbers you know okay. -- him in person on line trying to become for her that a street canal. It is hospital and I think I was I know isn't shocked. Of course it's just realized what had happened and -- -- could have been some of course. For us. My hearing was really bad -- -- said -- you know we're trying to get ahold of -- try to talk to me and and I think here too much is a lot of muffled ringing sounds so. In nothing major -- again I was very fortunate there -- people. Do have lost their lives -- have lost lands so I'm very fortunate. Which everybody else the best. Down. As far as I know we were maybe ten -- away from the explosion. I mean I didn't realize how close he -- And so is the scene on the news and where that explosion went off in where we were. And yes maybe realize. Those two words doing -- where. We're in these you know that anybody in my group honorees. -- -- -- -- -- -- Lying ways I think I had a appears drum but nothing major -- right here -- -- intact so. No major issues on mine and my wife had shrapnel that went -- her lower left leg and I think it shattered her debut. And they had to do you know do some -- her and and she's got to go in for surgery again tomorrow. My friend's mother. I think she got hit in any. I'm not sure exactly that -- -- she's a lawsuit trying to recover from this as well -- good. Over here where he brought it on -- -- -- ISI is this young men and women liked my wife and our -- news is kind of like on my got -- and you know reading is it is still -- -- here. He never realized you know we were there we are part of that it really is you know when you see on -- it's it's really dislike. Oh my god -- it's. I can't really this is happening -- -- -- -- -- all right. I think once the movie the -- comes down I think grow. Senator remember -- the free library curator rumor. Older you -- 32. Years old cold my wife is 31. We moved here in September of last year from Orlando Florida. Leaning on me. What you remember and -- that. He's yes LEE. -- capital -- and and he. Yes yes she's yes types have. Was able to put my wife and I the -- -- -- so. Eunice and that meant the world to me they've been -- here everybody's been. Friendly and gone beyond. That's what you're seeing as -- A lot of stuff by could careless recall. -- Question. I -- I couldn't even tell you -- I know is. The glass -- near us some of the railing was blown. Are so I don't know what we you know I don't know -- it the general. Was hit by. I don't know if it was from the railing and -- -- strong degree -- it was from. -- anything. When I don't think they know because it I think you're right through. So whatever. -- -- -- You know just -- in the island's main auto pilot and -- -- -- German Iran's and you just do what you gotta do and and you really aren't thinking. You know I was I was I was just trying to -- this situation and make sure everybody was okay as far as I could. It was. Little -- there. Don't understand -- putting your -- It is sad that people -- to take such a in. Since -- events. This just because I don't know what their agendas are I don't. Old. You know everybody's different Irvine has earned him a frame of -- and some who believe in their thoughts more than other people and they'll do things because they think it's the right way and I don't think we'll ever understand that so. -- -- -- -- -- I mean we live in a world of people and everybody's got. You know -- minor errands. -- -- this just people were handed out there. He's always horrible stuff it was there anything that -- -- a sense of who might have been behind -- beat anybody in history. And I weren't here I asked governor have a clear we're so focused on the -- I couldn't tell you -- -- What. Well I think I I think when the explosion went off and yes CME -- DC you know play me deathly sick. But I think. I think -- I think guys sat down you know I think it was one in this you know like self defense things you just kind of like what's going on I don't think fell. You know I I don't even think she had -- ground because it think it's an issue realize what was wrong with her -- She you know off into the store. You know to get away from you know everything and in -- -- place and you know did something to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know. I was street you know aside. My wife was cause acute comer so -- She's used to that stuff I guess in -- she's a physical therapist and she's that was worth injuries. She's maybe a little worrisome than I am not use that -- so. You know us trying to -- mr. Hold you know of course online. I mean my wife is heard and you know way. You know anything small what is seen in dramatic to me because this could see -- two. -- -- -- -- -- I'm thinking in the evening together healthy people healthy -- Atlanta going on sports -- in the Red -- the. Yet it was -- You know of course in a majority of people fled in -- -- and I don't blame them. But there were good handful of people who just random people who urges. Coming in asking if anybody needed help. So I mean who you know and yet he's again you always have these people who just doing a lot of pilot and they just start doing whatever they can. Not thinking about whether another -- -- offer. You know anything like that -- just hope now so. You know there -- there was a lot of people that there was a good handful of people that we're there immediately. And then once the cops start to. Assess what was going on and of course everybody had in -- you know is in the whole situation is you know you know -- of cops and I think some people on military and retired in such and don't remember everything. You know that he. Yes. Do when I did when asked not to backside of the medical and and -- -- my wife. Putting it -- and -- -- an ambulance the -- right. With -- you know that was my wife and I have personally you know -- -- What you had. For a moment that public life how lucky you were what was that life. What. Com. I was just happy to see here and you know they they let me know every second what was going on my wife pianist Susan -- hear her you know and so hard and when she was out -- that she's in recovery and what was going on they -- -- -- today on everything. That was going on -- -- but you know of course. -- still wanna see so that was the longest that time -- to wait for her to come now from -- realists here. And then now when they brought us that that room we were there at the same time so. You know his life. Like. You know like home like save you feel safe you know because you know -- people you love -- there with you when you know they're okay and and it again like you said I've heard in I think three people. You know lost their lives specially. Eight year old -- and units. Is that I I I feel for them and in other situations ten times worse than ours and we of course partners. Changes. You know -- everybody says. You know when people do this we can't let them affect us who can't -- it you know scares from -- anything. That you know when you know post nine elevenths. I was X. -- -- -- you know not. Just around the surroundings are your near where the bomb went off when you're actually -- -- where the bomb go. You're seeing stuff you just don't really -- -- As kind of hard to you. Say yeah I'll go back and get on you know -- crowded events -- go to places being you know publicize you know. Well in and you know you definitely. I'm not saying that it wouldn't give back -- you definitely get you're always gonna have that. Here that you know something could go wrong. You know. The -- you know in. You know for me it's really hard to say because I don't know who it is I don't have a face to go with who caused all this I don't have somebody. Direct person to be -- -- So it's hard for me to be mad at something that doesn't. You know that's not tangible that I can see -- Yes and makes it difficult but the fact that somebody did this are some people do this or whatever the case may be. He knows it yet you're mad because why you know why people do this. You know whether it be for religion or politics or whatever -- being coming. It's not -- -- We live right -- we live right on the a line of we're in Boston but we're right next of Brookline. -- right on the border. Then my -- physical therapist the joint ventures and -- -- full time student well going to become another full -- Cigna property. -- -- -- -- -- -- I was -- -- together today to register. Immunity I was getting here to Bunker Hill to finish -- my you know my math classes and stuff. And then hopefully -- Boston. So and then. -- -- -- As starters she's doing good season really love -- doctors think -- there. -- minute somebody's coming in check. Susan really really well so very fortunate. He -- hardest thing. -- and I really don't know. We hear and we get nothing from the -- Please -- -- interview last night. That. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes we did you my -- can -- for you and you know he's. Do you. Yet but it you know you always I think that's just second nature can be -- when you people. Community. You know blame her or something but you -- -- -- Life is -- -- always. Oh yeah yeah I mean how -- was involved in -- you -- -- -- yeah. -- -- The there's no --

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{"id":18969745,"title":"Boston Marathon Attack Victim: 'Hard for Me to Be Mad'","duration":"16:28","description":"Man discusses his, wife's experience being injured during the Boston marathon bombings.","url":"/US/video/boston-marathon-explosion-video-attack-victim-hard-mad-18969745","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}