Boston Marathon Rocked By Explosions

Two explosions and several injuries reported near the finish line.
11:22 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for Boston Marathon Rocked By Explosions
This is NB BC news. Special. Good afternoon I'm George Stephanopoulos -- New York or interrupting your program because there have been two explosions today. At the Boston Marathon two explosions near the finish line to short while ago you see this scene right there explosions right by the finish line. The winners had passed several hours before. Some stragglers were coming by that several people on the scene are said to be injured. One man whose -- number was 1752. -- frank Wright of North Carolina said there are a lot of people down. You see the commotion right there in Boston today of course the Boston Marathon one of the premier sporting events in the country. To -- explosions near the finish line in short sequence. We have ABC's Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas on the phone right now. Get any indication from -- -- of justice and Homeland Security about what might be behind this. -- you say right now these FBI and Justice Department and all that security officials are trying to get information from this being an asset there. Try to get additional information see exactly what might have transpired. Big deal. A lot of effort right out front didn't get this big to assess what's going on but I really clear answers I'm expecting some information short. You see the situation right there as well emergency officials on the scene the explosion happened on the north side of Boylston street about three hours. After the first -- crossed the finish line. Police and fire officials on the scene right there a second. Explosion was heard just a few seconds later. One report of twelve injuries. So far but as -- said this is just happened the reports are just coming in from that Boston Marathon several thousand. Participating it to qualify. For the Boston Marathon. The runners had been struggling through late in the afternoon. Just a little -- just around 3 o'clock. When these explosions happened. Martha Raddatz and they here in Washington. As well any more information coming in. Really have nothing firm. George except for the pictures were seeing and some of them really are quite graphic. There -- clearly some very serious injuries at the scene I spent many many years in bars and covering -- marathon myself. On the street corners there are dozens hundreds hundreds of people on the street corners even though. They -- winners have already passed. I know what we're looking at now is an incredible response the FBI will certainly be on the scene soon medical personnel on the scene as well. But again a very very crowded area and I can't tell you. How joyful this situation who usually is the entire town comes out. I was just looking at some dispatches from a friend said they were in Fenway Park. And then this happens you can also see obviously probably National Guard in the area responding as well. Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel right by the finish line there it is been put into lockdown since the boos were heard just a short while. -- go no reports of casualties yet that we have. Who. -- -- -- -- It was real from the course with a a leg injury should say a Boston Police officer Ryan going back to Pierre Thomas right now you're getting a little more information Pierre. -- the bureau of alcohol tobacco and -- along with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security officials are responding. Typically -- reflected who have you know federal certain path toward working the case. Yet we don't have any idea exactly what -- the explosion. But one official in an -- to me that it would be treated it by being the victim who otherwise. Tierney another being called -- now forgive me if you don't have the answer this question but. This is -- kind of event where Homeland Security would it would have been involved in the preparations leading up to the event. Typically national event like that you will have federal involvement working closely. With the local -- -- is -- if you have. -- event like this some sort of catastrophic event also they would have been brought together intelligence. About. The event to see if there was anything to ward sisters come up wonder so there's no indication of that I was your -- what Ford. Now vitality of federal authorities along with the local ability to hurt pretty bad the damage -- disapproval -- -- care. That quiet work -- -- what -- even though it began. Eyewitness account is but this bubble we hear from our federal -- prepared to dispose of -- -- -- here and bear arms get information that is with the affiliate. And no one that we know of no organization that we know of -- take any responsibility for setting up these explosions correct. Again that's not that we know. -- it's going to be treated at the crime scene. Here in the -- -- all possibilities right now. The effort to get parents get people out of the line of fire if people are the situation and -- -- get your -- what caused the -- could also. This situation like this very happy mindful that there might each other but -- would -- who come here well. And to reinforce -- Martha Raddatz Hussein just moments ago about 500000. People. Go to watch the Boston Marathon every year this year -- more than 26000. We're expected to run in America as we said the winners across land about three hours before this explosion took place is the -- seventeenth. Boston Marathon. Major event every year. Spring time in Boston looks like it was a fine day. There Antilles explosions. Happened just a short while ago a little wrap around 3 PM eastern time. As you see the emergency response out in force right now in Boston there have been several reports of injuries police and fire fire emergency technicians on the scene. The right now but as Pierre Thomas is just said no. Organization has come forward take responsibility yet there have been no indication. For Homeland Security. That there was any threat. To the Boston Marathon at least that we know life. Right now but of course they have joined the effort now trying to get to the bottom of just what happened at the Boston Marathon this spring. Afternoon as you see the injured being wheeled away. There in Boston. Right now. Martha rats and of course -- so much congestion at that finish line. Every year that is where everyone comes -- -- these winners and their loved ones coming in. They certainly -- they gather at all points along the route especially there at the finish line. They know the pictures that we've seen going around of the initial explosions and the smoke afterwards. The explosions themselves look. Fairly small fairly contained but it doesn't matter how small they -- they can do a lot of damage. When people are around like that of course is suspicious raid. It is raised because there were two. Parents separate explosions. Now I do think there probably hear him talk is better than I can back. Probably up and down that route. They do checked her bags that are left behind -- check for things like that fact you can hide devices if this -- -- was some sort of device in a lot of places on that -- A lot of trash cans along that route a lot of stores along that route and obviously they don't check people they don't checked bags. This is a very open area this is in the middle of the city. Anyone can stand there anyway could do any -- -- sort of damage. First report we got an ABC news was from -- Kendall heaters on the scene nearby when those explosions went off -- what exactly did you see in what did you hear. -- on the corner I'd I'd -- anything else get my order under her lap and expert at flying. -- -- bowed out of the blue. I think if you allied Eric white smoke billowing out from my -- -- what a lap I had a playoff victory. And about thirty seconds later there was another angry at were not in the Bay Area -- it was like you're thinking -- The -- could you tell when you first heard those explosions how serious it might be did they sound like a loud powerful explosions. You sound very loud -- -- we did not there was very. Almost like starting I'm going -- but with -- market it did not look like you're thirteen. And did you see any injured on the scene from where you -- we're seeing some being wheeled away right now. No we occupy art that leap real well block -- did the end yeah it's everywhere but the second -- -- something wrong. The runner up from making that left on the events. And started evacuating the area I'm not a -- record without him on the fees. Boston Police now confirming that there were at least two explosions on Boylston street the police -- bomb squads are responding they're also confronting injuries they did not know. Exactly how many injuries they say they're definitely injuries on the scene. Right there and you see. All of the emergency officials in Boston coming out in force right now. This major event every year Boston the Boston Marathon 170. Boston Marathon has now been marred by two explosions. Near the finish line at approximately 3 PM again we're seeing more of the injured being wheeled away right now. But no indication yet. Who might have set these bombs what might have caused them to go off no one taking responsibility. Yet I'm joined now the -- by Diane sort of never seen anything quite like this thing. No we haven't -- we don't want a link to any conclusions as you've been saying Georgia this time we all think first step man made devices but. There is no indication yet we do not know that could be a malfunction of a completely different kind of -- want to stress that. Did we appear Thomas standing -- because -- -- a -- tell me how they begin investigating this -- can you give us any sense. How they might know what will be the first forensics on that kind of explosion. What were -- -- rewards you obviously are eyewitnesses to see. Who thought this event report predicting they begin to do is what they couldn't get. The wounded. Entered out of the area if -- -- to -- And look for residents get hurt them a sense -- OK what -- -- bobbled the -- to close to what exactly is there. That's part of one of the person to see you. They typically forget federal certain forces there will be consulting -- working with the local police. But the local police are caught up say it will be descending on the scene -- -- in the first failure to get the injured I would see situation and it. Didn't begin to assess what -- -- He's thinking -- you going to gather more information let's go back to those and that moment. Just a short while ago near the finish line at the Boston Marathon we have some video coming in of when the explosions. Went off you see the white smoke. Right there. Four hours into the marathon little over four hours in the marathon a second explosion followed just seconds later. Police have now confirmed those explosions say that there are injuries on the scene as we've seen them being wheeled away for the past several minutes. That is -- has just been cautioning we have no idea. What might have -- these -- who or what might have -- these explosions off just a short while ago.

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