Boy, 10, charged with aggravated assault during dodgeball-like game

Plus: 'Across the Pond': North Korean missile launch, Beauty blogger's age revealed, a cathedral with a golf course.
6:13 | 07/31/19

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Transcript for Boy, 10, charged with aggravated assault during dodgeball-like game
The game on the playground that's landed a ten year old in court facing an assault charge she's accused of injuring another student during a game similar to dodge ball and now some are asking whether this case me be gracefully to it. This morning a school Joerg gamers leading to serious charges were young bored is kids are basic and fan gang that we are I have played. A student at this elementary school near Pretoria was injured during recess back in April when students were playing a game similar to dodge ball. According to a police report another student threw a ball at its base on purpose. The injure students mother says he have a rare medical condition that makes head injuries especially dangerous. He is sustained facial tissue damage to its base in a plaque I am very acknowledged the student who threw the ball Bryce Lilly was suspended for one day with a ten year old and a Stanley just learned he's now been charged. With aggravated assault does the kid that was point playground with this the mother of the injure students and their son have been hurt before she reported it to the school. My son was hit twice and the face of the Bob previously due accidents in that child apologize to my son says mom it's okay. We're still going to be friends sorry that. Her child got hurt. I be sorry for inputs how that got her. Prosecutors say the charges were elevated. After it was quote determined that there was enough evidence for us to charge aggravated assault but critics say is too harsh including comedian DOU glee. Who came to Bryce is defense writing on answer Gramm quote ridiculous. These are kids being kids. Rice's mother called the assault charge racists on FaceBook writing quote the only thing my son is a goatee. It's been a black boy his first court appearance is tomorrow. Let's go across want to ABC news is London bureau Julie McFarland is keeping an eye and the biggest international news hey Juliet good morning. Hey guys good morning while it has been. Almost exactly one month today when present Donald Trump. Became the fast US president to step. In two unit North Korea Foss forward to today just ever months late and what happens North Korea has launched two short range. Ballistic. Missile silos dot Saatchi the second Lewis of short range weapons and just stay over a week. The north Ed described some village as a warning. Two South Korea because they are angry. That's and you will apply and military exercises with the US. Still is scheduled to take place next month. Japan the Japanese prime minister said that there was no impact on Japanese security following the lowlands. But it's just Shea is how they protracted negotiations with. A North Korea still not making a huge amount of thought progress. And Julie we'll worry about a Chinese blogger who use a filter to look younger. She was caught and I'll live stream glitch. This is such an interesting story can add few believed everything that you see on the ends that while. Thousands of people do regularly tuned into this Chinese view T blog issue courses south. Your highness bill while I'm can be pitching that's. Annunciation just she is named for pasting these online sort of chat rings. And she used a eight an aging or an anti aging. Phillips in order to let young that now she was pacing a live stream. When all of a sudden that seemed to be some kind of technical glitch and that on the left hand side you can see what uses. What. What seeing as actually had her true parents now shinning nexus that that was out technical glitch. Not when the when ladies of have VoIP. Well it started exiting had chat all mass now she's made a name for herself by assistant a lot of donations from her audiences a lot of goods and is. All men and say this is spots a big conversation about online culture and in China as well as a beauty standards in the country and urinating story that absolutely is an equally fascinating a church in the UK now as a mini golf course. Yeah right nervous about judge has not fun this is a Chet and what's just an England's. And they pacing this little exhibition. Which includes mortal bridges railways as well as this many gulf coolest now. That judge is hoping to get people lend to sort of connect with some of the the landmarks and some of the mobile bridges that they have that lets hit. How one young Vista found the experience. And happy being integral stick. The group of cool I'm thinking not just to train its points and no light at route to step in 98. This make you negates a move cathedrals. What does it make you want to play we'll go to understand. How folks are thinking. My anxious and sitting to one's. Oh pretty honest that assessment that from about young bids but the reverend has said that part of this is just to get more people. Inside these sacred spaces and heck they encourage people to us think about getting two jets a little more often leaving for the past time they have ads. It'll because arranges sit and listen to learn. Julia thought I was today years old when I realized I'm missing now. Listening to little ones who are being. It was an English accent I've forgiven you guys were children once and you grow up to become adults in the UK if the cutest thing. It that is of sunset we've had that a kid with an English surely but I is look for some a long time because we don't really. You know error happened pig but I mean do you watch leg British found that I know. I don't know but it very few we need pres sources are talking now odd that fact. This is not sure we know regional head away from the young parents why me in any one day seeing me and I'm sure I'm sure art Julian probably thank you thank.

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"Plus: 'Across the Pond': North Korean missile launch, Beauty blogger's age revealed, a cathedral with a golf course.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64678029","title":"Boy, 10, charged with aggravated assault during dodgeball-like game","url":"/US/video/boy-10-charged-aggravated-assault-dodgeball-game-64678029"}