The Breakdown – President Trump says he will not sign COVID-19 relief bill

Plus, how the pandemic is affecting military families and how Santas are staying positive through the pandemic.
24:40 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for The Breakdown – President Trump says he will not sign COVID-19 relief bill
I. Hello everyone thanks for streaming with us on the breakdown I'm sure Phillips in for Terry Moran today and I'm Diana's fatal health experts are warning about a potential catastrophic surge incumbent nineteen cases. If people don't cut back on gatherings and travel for the holidays. December is the worst month on record already for the pandemic with over four and a half million Americans testing positive. And since December 1 and and yesterday was actually the second deadliest day since the start of the pandemic since the first of December. There has not been a single day where fewer than a thousand cope in nineteen deaths. Have been reported from. But it's not all bad news as of 9 AM this morning the CDC reports that more than one million Americans. Have been vaccinated for co bid nineteen. And the 900 billion dollar Covert relief bill is now in limbo after president trump treated at a video signaling he's not going to synan. The bill they are now planning to send back to my desk is much different that anticipated. It really is a disgrace send me a suitable bill. Morales the next administration will have to deliver a covered relief package. Now the president says he wants to see the bill 600 dollar stimulus checks raised 2000 dollars. But members of congress have already left Washington to head home for Christmas ABC's Andrew timber joins us now with the latest Andrew. So many people came together to make this bill happen if the president. Knew that he wouldn't sign it without 2000 dollar stimulus checks included. Why not say that. When he was being negotiated. And that's fit that big question here right because there really are no surprises. In this building debt is going to present in trop this has been an eight month long. I negotiation between Democrats and Republicans both the house and the Senate's there were no surprises here but still. President trump called this version that came to his desk a disgrace he says it just doesn't go far enough Inco big nineteen financial relief. And specifically those stimulus checks lawmakers agreed on 600 dollars for most. A US households president trump says he wants 2000 dollars and what's interesting here though. Is that even though trump himself was not a part of these negotiations he what is represented. By his own Treasury Secretary Stephen Nugent was part of this process from the beginning and suddenly out of left field seemingly trump threatening not to sign this bill even though he has signaled all along front this whole process going back to the summer that he would sign whatever Kobe nineteen relief bill came across as desks along as Democrats and Republicans agree on it they finally did agree but. President from says he is not gonna sign. Have you surprising a lot of people with this one now money for unemployment runs out on Saturday the government shuts down on Monday without a funding bill. And the people who would need to amend this bill are even there in Washington anymore so now what. Yeah this is where things get really tricky House Speaker Nancy Pelosi already said that she will take up a president Trump's offer to up. Those stimulus checks from 600 dollars to 2000 dollars by holding a special session a special house session tomorrow. On Christmas Eve but it is likely just not that simple any changes or amendments to this current stimulus deal would require unanimous consent. In both chambers and remember when this bill passed originally it did not have unanimous consent did have overwhelmingly bipartisan support. But it was not unanimous consent so it could be back to the drawing board. For lawmakers as for that 2000 dollars. It also is highly unlikely even if house Democrats presented as a is an entirely separate bill. It is likely dead on arrival in the senate because that was a big sticking point for Republicans in the senate who control that chamber that they did not want that price tag to go up on this overall bill which is about 900 billion dollars so to go from 600 dollars to 2000 even though the president supports that. It is still very likely. And so and her in the meantime what happens to struggling Americans especially those who will lose their unemployment benefits this weekend. That's the real trouble here who is impact of the American people I mean. After this deal was done Treasury Secretary see mission said that checks the stimulus checks could go out as early as next week now that's all. Up in the air you have unemployment benefits Kobe nineteen unemployment benefits that are set to expire I believe the day after Christmas there's also eviction protections that and at the end of the month so there are so many Americans that are looking to the federal government right now for a lifeline and they thought that they had this year. But then yesterday president from says not so fast he doesn't want what he's calling you know he called this a disgrace he wants but some sort of better built he wants a stimulus checks to be 2000 dollars for right now. There's no deal on the table unless president trump sciences and. Long time. I ended ember at thank you. So for a deeper dive into what the president has on the agenda and the final four weeks in office we are joined by Capitol Hill and White House reporter Catherine falters. Catherine and I even talking to your sources what are they say about Republicans on Capitol Hill. And Heather going to handle this blow to the Covert relief bill are they going to get on board with bigger payments. Here is a good question and tweet tweet that president caught a lot of Republicans on Capitol Hill are surprised to point out that leadership our senate majority of their Mitch McConnell. Has remained curiously silent on the hurt him so. The stuff is really remain uncertain we have heard from or. Senator. I Josh holly who is supporting Hezbollah side Bernie Sanders and 12100 dollar and so a little under those dollar payment. They're urging alarm money are also Lindsey Graham said he were put more money in time. He's urged the president to sign this bill so this plane. Aren't certain. And you're really laid out there or not this bill haven't hit residents asked the senate still send it. Over ham actor as some procedural lives civil way on the hope you're. On Capitol Hill is that he doesn't be towed to an end stage aside. Well the president is talking and making news this Christmas week issuing a slew of pardons to a long list of people some of them. With close ties to his administration and key players in the Russian investigation. Who sit in stood out to you so far. He so George. As one of the heels of a president art on Tuesday. Do you remember you we covered this story at all our investigation. Together he started. Along when our congressmen and Connor Chris Collins both our congressman are connected. Financial crimes and then. From the other exit IE when it or in the fourth or are other Blackwater Worldwide military contractors who are responsible for that. The shooting deaths fourteen Iraqis in 2000. And we're also expecting more to come what do we know about when and who. That might be. Young we've heard from some sources and the White House is said. Allegedly it expects more ardent. Or Christmas we do expect the president to issue. More heart and general on Tuesday was his first that showed the but some money and sign your imminent and flooded for some time I regret export our chairman army at fort. We understand it important to remember his sentence actually commuted. I the president hasn't receivable aren't yet somebody on the list as well so we're told it will be. Not longer listen individuals com and it. Else. As well there's that there is something we known that his trump is faithful to his friends for sure now compared. Other presence that president's rather as they exit the White House the number of pardons here a bit unusual what do you think. Isn't particularly on comment Obama. Her on his final months that I is great and hundreds of art and mostly to those however that a bit and nonviolent. Crimes ice sledge and you're. That's the thing that getting us some. Controversy advise and the nature of these pardons which overwhelmingly. Benefited his friends and loyalists. Not going to be and the Angel watched as he more French show. Lance but the nature and the number of them necessarily unused. Well. They'll be a lot of news to come I'm sure in the next few weeks captain bothers thanks so much. And as the stimulus bill sits in limbo so does the well being of many small businesses across the country here's that some hard hit restaurant and bar owners had to say about the bill. Yeah and we're really hurting here. And it's it's christmastime and I'm I get anchored you know obviously I mean like everybody. Not listen to got last time obviously. You know something better than nothing. And I think the American public. But better it's been a lot of back and forth and a lot of politicking. I think the American people are just sort tired of I think we'd really like come to a consensus. If all things. 600. Dollars. Given Paul the last trip there's 12100 all those good. The length of time between good student 600 dollars is is very insignificant. For these all of the individuals trying to to feed their family. I personally think it's long past due on millions of Americans have been waiting for some type of relief there a long long and some people lost their jobs their out of their houses and no other countries like Japan and you know a lot of European countries are subsidizing up to 800%. Of wages. This is a monthly recurring pain. Just six in the gardening and help a lot of the average Americans just trying to get by. In my opinion. And they're they're gonna leave the capital went their jobs when their benefits for their health care. Yeah America. It's. Good dad dad entertainment content would even think happened how long look up laugh and expensing of the debate needs its flood 600 dollar check. Alcoholic can Americans be asserted that they'll follow you we'll keep a complete and will actually back into the. Well there's one thing we know it's the Kobe Christ it is really highlighted the struggles with and our economy. At a number of other threats to our country including the epidemic of gun violence. Deaths have soared this year and so a gun sales in just four weeks Joseph Biden will be sworn in as the next president the United States. And he has his work cut out for him so today we take a closer look at why so many firearms are flying off store shelves. And what's in store for gun safety and that movement in 20/20 one hears or Devin Dwyer. For gun dealers like granted Wexler of Delray Beach, Florida 20/20 has been a banner year line when Coke but initially. You know hit the streets the United States of America. You know business really started take up almost see you know as far as an analogy prepping for hurricane itself lard up. A run on guns in the midst of what experts call a perfect storm the pandemic recession civil unrest and divisive presidential election. All breeding fear. I've not ever owned a gun I'd number one today gun I've never had a gun in my home. This fun and. This one's mother of three Trish beaudet recently bought handguns for herself 125 year old daughter. It really bothers me when I watts and things on the news when you talk about the riots and mid computing and the violence. That's happening I want to know that if I need to protect myself my family might you know make children that I can do that. An estimated 21 million guns have been sold so far in 20/20 that's up 73%. Over the same period last year. Industry analysts say first time buyers many of them women are big part of the surge the presidential transition is also a huge factor experts say. Is democratic president elect Joseph Biden vows to push sweeping new gun restrictions. But generally has deterred that when we have any president coming from Democratic Party. That he's seen. Higher firearms command & Associates sales. Primarily stimulated by that she year intent and they each federal legislation pushed through. Biden plans a gun safety crackdown on. Our enemy is the god. Manufacturers. Not been Juarez. He also wants to ban production of assault weapons require registration for some guns limit gun purchases to one per month. And end all online sales it'll be a tough sell and in narrowly divided congress. I don't know resource test but I I think that's what people knew I believe my god now. Huckabee a worker Eric. Add to that months of racial unrest that some say has left local law enforcement were timid to respond to crimes as we heard in Minneapolis earlier this year. After this whole. George Floyd and sent to fit the crime rate campuses skyrocket. And now they're wondering up. You know where my of his thinking they're quick enough because there is nothing if the other element but yet they wanna be fun to please. The Minneapolis City Council cut eight million dollars from their police budget. Several other major US cities have pulled back spending on police but by one analysis most have maintained or increased police budgets for next year. The gun industry says the perception of as gun sales surged so have gun deaths already 16100. More lives lost and last year in climbing by the day. Over the last four years bullets have killed at least a 155000. Americans. Parkland high school the Las Vegas Strip. A Sutherland springs Texas church. And a Wal-Mart in El Paso four of the ten deadliest mass shootings in US history all since 2016. I just saw a man in my community shot and killed in a backlog cheered like audience analyzing that Irish site. That's is what's normal here in Milwaukee that it shouldn't be that that normal that cloture should not be normalized. Prius Smith was among hundreds of thousands of young people that marched on Washington in twenty team and extraordinary call for action. President trump promised to respond. Five. And the world baseball I think that. Republicans are going to pay. Rated believe that god. Along with the Democrats. But years later those promises are unfulfilled trump like his predecessor Barack Obama either unwilling or on able to break the gridlock in congress. Which hasn't passed a major gun safety built in decades. Do you believe he Korea that that 20/20 election will be a turning point. I'm gun safety aiming at you sound pretty optimistic. But when you look at the bigger picture it's making a show that you have administration that cares for use Adam please first. And Amy had our president will only say on a public debate says you know the bad boys is standby in San backing Alex like this weird. Romanticizing a gun cloture and our country. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to DeVon for that report and we come back we'll take a look at the unique challenges facing military families during this pandemic. And the food pantry that's helping them get by. And we're talking to an unexpected group affected by the pandemic this holiday season. And how they're still staying jolly. Welcome back a major setback for the Pentagon today president trump has officially Vito the national defense authorization act something he had previously threatened. The president blasted the bill as a gift to China and Russia. He also complain about other things like the bill including the renaming of military base is named after confederate leaders. He also says it does not addressed tech company liability which was something he's pushed for for months. It will now be up to the house and senate they may override this veto if so it would be the first of his presidency. And they sacrificed for our country and put their lives on the line for our freedom but now many military families are struggling just to put food on the table. We took a closer look at some of the unique challenges they face in this pandemic and at least one organization fighting to help them. Rachel sub I was picking up groceries from Fort Bragg armed services YMCA. It's a trip she makes every month since falling on hard times during the pandemic I lost my job in July due to events jobless says she's not normally one to ask for help but this is the only way to have enough food for herself her husband a soldier in the 82 airborne division and the baby they're expecting on Christmas. I've always biting someone who's paid for everything myself. And my way truth school law. Pave my own suit loans let's I have a ton of so that's also where all my unemployment goes to senate really is just truly one income trusts. We have ourselves is lost. That second income during a culprit and actually could result. You know don't announce a shoot whereas orderly. What's vice admiral bill French president of the armed services YMCA. Says of all the groups they track military spouses showed the highest unemployment rate in the country. At roughly 25%. And that was before the pandemic. The challenges which are being in a Military Channel are different every two years we asked them and they have to set up. A new house and a new environment and oust us ago looks were job. The frequent job changes make it hard to gain seniority so when hard times hit military spouses are often the first ones fired. Some are unable to do their job at. All they might work get educated get licenses do every may need in order to be certified to do a job. And then they have to move to a different state where those certifications are no longer valid. It's. A while they face a long list of unique challenges military families often don't qualify for the same food benefits a civilian family would. These young chambers did it site and swore thousand. In the past site and what's not considered part of their income. Now. It is and with our site for housing in some cases. Those young families are not old war some of the things like winched. Pensions child. That that program staff. Jobs or archer job is to Paris. Show notable reliable quality child. And that's really what spend most or arm on. Colonel Scott Penn says there are also resource is available at army community services to help offset those challenges. Financial planning. Interview prep even provide. It suits and and and then dresses for people to go and interviews with. Still the armed services YMCA at Fort Bragg reports from march to may families needing food jumped 40%. French says help is crucial not just for these families but for the country. Members are that are certainly. Boisterous and I'm not in order for them yes. Or are reading he were to be a circus. They need to be convinced that their stamp recipients at your a military base leaders are very focused on making sure your broker or. Rachel says so is she I think more family theater feel comfortable enough. To come forward and say I do need help. And French says that there is an effort under way at the Department of Defense to get things like really stayed in teacher's licenses recognized across state lines. He says he hopes to see federal nutrition assistance programs made available to more military families. As well in a big thanks to macular Davis at WT VD and rally for her help. On that piece. Well Diane is just one day weighs in Santa Claus and all his reindeer will launch from the North Pole and deliver presents to all the kid knows. On the nice list all around the world but let's look at Kobe it has made things and atop her purse and a however thanks to doctor Anthony found she he is assured us that Sana has already gotten a vaccine. Because he gave it to him personally. So thanks to doctor patchy it's safe for senate dropped down the chimney in place all those presidents. Presidents rather than hot presidents under the jury but with that good news soda Santa's helpers he usually meter kids in malls and department stores before Christmas Day. Well they have had to adjust their routine a bit but they still have faith in Christmas and all the Christmas is to come. It has certainly been a busy season. Made much more difficult for center as well as most of you because of the corona virus. As you know Santa's pretty old hen he's had to take many precautions this year. To avoid catching the virus have been taking it back to the North Pole where it could've shut down the toy line. Fortunately during visits with senate many locations you have cooperated by wearing masks. Socially distancing yourselves and making appointments to see me instead of sending him online. Insurer to help each other by being Hawaii. Wearing a mask and washing your hands. That way we'll all be around for Christmas celebrations in the future. Handle an awful mrs. skills to find out Odom whose screen I know huddling descent and I know my way around oh yes. But hope is there have been unhappy children Akamai laugh and give hugs and hold hands. Like she families people who have big dinners again. And hugs here Karim returned in our community events. Parsons the sponsors hope they were able to gather together seed free to enjoy the holidays. Originally network at radio city her human side and here at fisherman's cove in. Everything I canceled. And so my season was pretty much over. I look forward to 22 honeymoon we can all put this behind us return to some Stein. Mostly. I look forward and no film eyes and her friends and the people around the world. Is facing. Because of the age of Christmas performers most of us have had to stop in person visits altogether. For those of us who have decided to continue visits we've had to send a little bit of protocol and safety restrictions in place. For us and for the people who are visiting. This year I have heard and seen more people reach out to me asking Santa to come and visit them and their families and children. Which only goes to prove one thing. It actually gives me hope and it shows me. People need Santa. We sure didn't need stance. Previous and I have a little scoop for you. So why I called doctor Anthony Arafat chi an asks about his trip to the North Pole and how he gave you know San of the vaccine. And San actually offered up to help. Deliver the vaccine he said just give McCall he you know it's cold in the North Pole the vaccine can stay cold. And San is on board bid to help out all right pretty cool. There read out and see if it collaborative effort even Santa is getting on board well thank you to all the kids in and out there. But doesn't brassiere and the breakdown and Keira Phillips in for Terry Moran Diane it was great to be with the great to have you here I'm Diane Macedo have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone we will see you back here on Monday. At 3 PM eastern.

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