The Breakdown: Transgender military ban reversed

Plus, House managers to deliver article of impeachment to the Senate, and California lifts its stay-at-home order.
27:52 | 01/25/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Transgender military ban reversed
Yeah. Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana sale. And then I'm Terry Moran president Biden continues his blitz of executive actions at the start of his first full week in the White House today he signed an order. Reversing that trump Arab policy that banned transgender people from serving in the military Biden has ordered four vs problems. Immediately prohibiting service members from being forced out of the military on the basis of gender identity. Coming up we'll hear from one of the people who challenged the transgender military band. About the significance. By an. House impeachment managers are set to present an article of impeachment against former president trump to the senate today from senators who will act as jurors will be sworn in tomorrow but the senate trial is not expected to begin. Until the week at February H. Coming up we'll look at who will preside over the trial than what it could be for child's future. But California is lifting its stay at home order for all regions statewide today as new cases of covered nineteen hospitalizations. Declined. Meanwhile on the darn it says its vaccine is expected to protect against the new variants of the virus that armored merging in the UK and South Africa. And white house Press Secretary Jen Saki announced today that the by the administration would begin holding regular briefings featuring public health officials. And members of the cove in nineteen response team. So let's bringing Caylee Harding in Los Angeles and in panel in London for more on what's happening with this virus here and overseas Caylee let me give begin with you. How there's a big big deal in California lifting these restrictions what other restrictive egg roll back there. What indicators are the officials looking at to give the confidence to do this. Hello Carrie I wanna be irresponsible for James in this because this is big news here in California and we will know a lot more especially here in Los Angeles and about two hours after we hear. From Los angeles' mayor but the hope is they restaurants like this one behind me will soon be reopened for business outdoor dining specifically. Here so lines could be reopening for specific. Limited indoor service is. But this is big news in the sense that these restrictions these. Incredibly strict stay home orders that have been in place for about two months now up and down the state for about 90% of the residents of this state. Effective immediately they are lifted but it is up to those local jurisdictions exactly what will be allowed moving forward. All of this comes with the caveat that this pandemic is far from over but the governor's office saying they are promising signs that California is slowly emerging from the most in tanks. The most intense stage of the pandemic and these restrictions have been absolutely devastating to restaurants in. And other businesses throughout the state and now there is hope that we could get back to some form of economic recovery here as these numbers improve Terry. Hope you're indeed in its gone the other way over over there and we heard this morning on Good Morning America doctor fact he's saying that the new very first detected there in the UK is more contagious seems to be more likely to cause serious illness in the original strain. So how's the British government reacting to this mutation what's it like. Yes that's right it's interesting hearing K Lee tool could in my head on one drink. Is she talking about Britain in the past or is she talking about the future that we're looking forward to. And that's a challenge with this very and 3117. It's more transmissible. Somewhere between thirty and 70% more transmissible which means about go to I've got an increased chance of giving it to someone else. But now what doctors are saying Israel also I think potentially it's much more deadly. Then men in their six days about ten of them would potentially succumbed to corona bars otherwise they would dive from a we've these new variant that goes up to about thirteen. So potentially. 13%. More deadly. Her whole number of factors and speaking to medics say say we'll look at you follow the rules that it doesn't necessarily make. Any difference who doesn't follow the rules you can increase your chances of getting it's and if you didn't get it. That potentially you increase your chances of ending up in a hole for blood there's. Which has been overrun this new variant downcast for something like 70% of all hospital admissions it's easy to get as much harder to get result. And potentially it is more deadly and that's a huge challenge hospitals are pretty full around the UK at the moment we seeing the numbers start to add ball. The vaccination programs going well. There is certainly can't keep up with the rates of transmission of the virus and that stands potentially as a warning to other countries because of remember we've already been through two major law. Fans absolutely and we are already seeing in. Clusters of this new virus university Michigan closing down all athletic programs because of it Caylee in California are doctors and nurses there. Are they breathing a sigh of relief because of what you're talking about the numbers going down there. He or any don't really scary yes and doctors and nurses to any extent we'll tell you. Then threw the really scary moments in the last two months when you think of a surge upon a surge upon a search and out the total number of cases it has dropped significantly can we. That is some sort of a light at the end of the tunnel but even here in an LA county they death told. Is still staggering this is a county 16151000. Deaths because the virus and 5000 those steps have come in just the last three weeks. Bite there is believed that we're past the worst debate here so many doctors telling me in the last couple of weeks they couldn't imagine it getting any worse than it what that implies the indicator that's -- real benchmark here is an icu capacity and for much of the last two months we've been saying here in Southern California. Or 0%. Ice new capacity that has meant. Net and hospitals had to create more capacity couldn't ends in places they never would have thought like conference rooms and gift shops buildup field hospitals but because of that. That I seen capacity has grown in and now even though. That oh we're saying that the number of cases has dropped significantly just as he insists riding in the UK we are seeing hospitals continued to be overwhelmed they district. Have things more under control than they have in the past there is a lot of some sort of light at the end of the tunnel but again. All of these the lifting of restrictions come with that caveat we've still. Got to Wear our masks practice social distance in all of the best practices that were becoming so familiar with and and in addition to that UK variant he had been discussing there's also the growing concern for another variant that's been detected here in California so much more research and study needs to be done and that but it -- it Gary is that concern that. It could beam. More contagious as well. Edward. Yeah I hear from you and other friends in the UK that that that life is is qualitatively. Different with his variant with a more turn transmissible. Corona virus had. Does it feel that way do you know what lessons can we learn should this thing come ashore in the way it did there. Yeah eight absolutely does Terry and you know the UK well I'm we've been through these two look times and I fell like. We've gone through these emotional physical. Ebbs and flows whack you see those numbers stops a full we see businesses start to reopen peace talks are believed. There is some hope that life is gonna stop sorts and and dead in the numbers start to rise again we've seen this happen a couple of times he relied. Two ways could damn well in this case yes it definitely felt different. Maybe even just anecdotally my wife and I were talking about meeting with friends at the end of the last lockdown which ended on December the second Misha with friends at a restaurant town schools. It's unthinkable now we wouldn't even go near rich. Our closest friends we haven't seen in the flesh this year nobody has seen anyone children are home that universe DH haven't I just can't tell you how. Much of an impact he's had on this country how much he's changed everybody leads allies people had taken its airspace by and large people and go to work if they need to. London is a changed city. I think people it's starting to grasp the severity of this. I just be speaking to he's a neuro surgeon who's been on the front lines of dealing with the corona virus. Here in the UK Gupta dove in fact go I think and I asked Dave. Did he think that that was lessons from the UK experience. For America does what he said. It has been going in with patient numbers we have without having to deal when. Edit stuff. I am. Problems or ice and patients will come when column. Eden hospital spread amongst crossed off. What experience of every country is of course very very different but the truth is what we're all waiting for what we believed is that shots in the arm. Two jabs and then passed though he'd and we can start talking about the old world will collapse the new one. Our. Both in panel and Caylee art and reporting on the front lines in this global pandemic thanks very much. And president Biden is now banning travel from South Africa over concerns about the variant there and Ream posing a ban. On some two dozen other countries ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein is here to unpack it up for us. Doctor Brownstein how concerned are you about these areas from the UK South Africa Brazil. And will the new travel bans health especially considering the UK variant is already here. Yeah thanks and I hate thing. Or. Our concern about these aren't certain they are building she Asians here seem to be more chance that small dirt DD is 70% more transmissible. And now are these new saw an initial more deadly that is certain apps should we are with the fact that this yeah are you choose this on small sample sizes. They also mutilation are all systems are overwhelmed. But he you're. Here be all and overwhelm our. It is all because it limits the number of people coming and urged the well we should be running rapid and large you're so sure. Out of old do you actually and let her do you mr. emerged. We should implement a close range where he. Or shouldn't do or. Although our words or use our. Air and are. Back seeing. But concern is what. You want this vaccine and so meeting our relations. Just isn't worried how old is she right that's the best thing our I want to get her. Well let's talk about that availability because the CDC says I think it's roughly 41 million doses have been distributed nearly 22 million. Have been administered and yet some states are temporarily can't singling appointments right now. Saying they don't hobbled enough supplies in stock so what's going on with that. And a how much as the fact that Johnson & Johnson now says they're phase three trial will be out soon. How critical is that to trying to improve this rollout finally getting things where they need to be. There I'm a Little League. I'm confused but some easiest because as a group that runs when these platforms and is easy years could amount of visibility I think part of the issue is and climate change and getting the vaccines the places where there's a mandate public health. Systems are well overrun and so there are pockets have extra vaccine and places that don't and that's why we have to focus on our lives just six. But yes supply is super important to and it's GG vaccine and the data coming which are so call call me today we heard it murder pocket back seemed to garnish and T center really are exciting candidate out of the next puts a little bit more pressure and changing records. AstraZeneca is exciting by changing is that it's a one shot vaccine which makes me just it's so much easier also in terms of storage so. We don't fully know how supply changing house opera of course any amount or how in this current situation. And you said supply is super important but the CDC director said this week she doesn't know. How much supply the federal government has in the currently approved vaccines the Press Secretary in the from the White House to. Echoed that today so how that possible first of all and if they don't know what to supply is how can they figure out how much to give each state. Yeah I think you. A little bit of an exaggeration because you know we look at Tuesday and immediately we know that there is what has been distributed we know what's been injected I think you're. DO flags seems to always report are that he's in real time so we don't have full visibility. Up into the Universal Pictures but I do think that you have a sense of where interests are how and where there are issues in a mystery about seeing British we know that hostels you have access supplies he gets Walgreens are trying to get its act now tomorrow term care facility is probably exceeding second doses but I think overall it's it's a slow counting in the data so we just need to improve the coordination that happened between states and or cash because without that you can. Identify where there's scouts and need right now they're just and so sought to limit eighteen occasions that of course there's a lack that instability in with visibility we CDs obstacles over governor Robert and time tactic John Brownstein I. Great to have you thank you you. Thanks and now to impeachment sounds like 20/20 in some ways but the constitution. Saves it when the president the United States is tried the Chief Justice shall preside when Chief Justice John Roberts did that. A year ago when president Donald Trump was impeached for the first time. But now a source tells ABC news that senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont he's the president pro tempore this once senior members the senate is expected to preside. Over president trumps Donald Trump's second impeachment trial. What is his political director Rick Klein and radio correspondent Aaron Qatar ski. Join us now for more so Rick. What's senator Leahy presiding over the trial for and how could it impact that that chief Justice Roberts isn't there. Yet Terri it's gonna look and feel entirely different I think having the Chief Justice presiding over trial there's been two in the last twenty years that we've notes that to see that Chief Justice is just part of the the Mac history and in part of what makes it a trial. Different of a president that thinking on this one in the way he's just put out a statement confirming that he's going to preside over it is that because he's not the sitting president there was no absolute requirement. The chief Justice Roberts preside we know the chief Justice Roberts as follows to be involved in politics and whether he signaled. Through private channels and any kind of unwillingness could have been a factor but mainly this is now this is the in keeping with what you see for an impeachment trial I'll say a federal judge other federal officials in the past you've had someone who is the Chief Justice presiding but I do think Terry. It is going to feel I think for a lot of Americans and even to some senate Republicans who were contemplating whether to convict or not it's gonna feel sufficiently different. That he might freedom off a little bit to potentially acquit I actually think this is a pretty significant development. It is it was certainly not look like previous engagements about presence as you point out Aaron. The do million voting systems company which came up so frequently. In a post election period of president trump and Rudy Giuliani and other people saying that it was fixing and had stolen the election while there's so it. President trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani for defamation now singing. More than a billion dollars company says. He and his allies deceived millions of people into believing that dominion had stolen their votes and fix the election so what's Giuliani up against your defense. Dessert Giuliani is up against a company that is really upset with him. The company executives in the lawsuit say they've been harassed and they've been threatened in the company's reputation has been. Needlessly shame to all because of what the lawsuit calls big lie namely that Giuliani. Does says that. The company somehow tipped the election. In favor of Joseph Biden and maybe did so because it's a Venezuelan company with ties to Hugo Chavez said and that to mean it says that that's not true the company was actually founded in Ontario to help the blind vote. And then Giuliani for for his part says he looks forward to this lawsuit so that he can try to prove this allegation. And this is a fight that dominion really wants to have they they want to clear the air publicly. They also want one point three billion dollars in damages and they say they want to what are called Giuliani out as a lie here. Because they say he knew there was no evidence of this and yet promulgating this falsehood especially on television and radio and the Internet. Although notably not in court Terry whereas you know lying comes with comes. The crisis. He out he may as an officer of the court he was very careful not to speak out about this in court where judges could sanction him so Rick. Another thirty president Biden signing an executive order increasing the amount of federal spending that goes to American companies America first he's also working on getting his call would relieve. Package through congress so what is his agenda look like now how does it stand. I don't look I think this is a week where you start have to make good on the unity games of last week we saw it and our polling over the weekend with it so it's Terry. Broad support for the notion that the president again deep voice to that is an operation broad support for some of the early second of actions but. Definite signs ahead of where there are troubles the president spent some time on the phone over the weekend with a bipartisan group of lawmakers Democrats and Republicans who call themselves the problem solvers. Well there's nothing really solved yet in terms of these big problems and there's a lot of sticker shock in terms of the price tag. What I was struck by though this is how the White House has signaled an openness to those negotiations we heard Jen Saki again today you point out the president's rarely get everything that they want. I've that's actually very true but it's very rare that a presidential administration this early on less than a week in big colleges that publicly that's a breath of fresh air to a lot of lawmakers who frankly does want to keep. A and start making laws right now there are deals to be cut. But they will require some significant scaling back of the goals and that I think is the inherent tension right now as the Biden White House that advocates a Washington that's still very divided. An opening bid perhaps from present by their Rick Klein parent guitarist Keith thanks very much. And while congress moves forward with impeachment in cabinet confirmations president Biden is focusing on the economy today he'll sign an executive order increasing federal spending to American companies. The White House pushes a new B two trillion dollar covad relief bill for more on the new administration's plans Biden economic advisor Jared Bernstein. Is here with us Jared thanks for being on you know there are there already rules in place governing how taxpayer dollars can be spent. And how many foreign products can be purchased so what does this executive order do beyond that. Won't rules which you're correct have been in place for many decades. Pal. Largely been ignored. I couldn't bear is any. Just a proliferation of waivers. That'll procurement folks who took until buying. Goods from other countries that really ought to be purchased here so what the executive order proposes today is to close loopholes. On how domestic content is measured increase the domestic content requirements so that we're when we say by America were we mean by Americans. Put a senior opposition. A reporting the president in the Office of Management and Budget to oversee. This by American executives were so that we get back on track. And my personal favorites is an expansion. A small agency within the Department of Commerce. Colby manufacturing extension partnership. Whitney which helps some are small manufacturers. Which often have a great deal of difficulty connecting with international supply chains are figuring out. How do we culture part of this work we're gonna help nab get some of these bids to. And last week president Biden and bill the one point nine trillion dollar co that relief plan now some Republicans have Marty balked at that price tag so. What's priority here going big getting the GOP on board to achieve that bipartisanship we've heard the president stressed. Or is it just about getting this done quickly in whatever way possible. Sir. Speed is really important I think your question which is well taken and pretty simple cancer. To rescue. The American people from the struggling that they're undergoing with these two old dual crises of course the pandemic which you've been talking about your show. And it's impact on the economy and in fact. Not only in those interconnected but you can't solve the latter without solving the former president Biden has consistently pointed out that lets you get control the virus. True tracing through testing. We're not going to be able to open schools. Are going to be able to have businesses. Color show the way they should certainly not going to be able to have people get back to look to work. At the levels we need them to do so so we have to build fiscal bridge to the other side of this crisis congress made important down payment in December. But if you are quick timeout. How that relief is going to unfold more is necessary to avoid hunger to avoid evictions to look unemployment benefits running and to make sure we get people who checks they need. Now I know you've been talking about you know the partisanship in the squabbling and here's what I can tell you from my own work on this in the last few weeks. Is there is a lot of urgency on both sides of the I'll just check this hockey said there's going to be negotiations. But not only has. Labor unions and and gotten behind his deal. But so has the business roundtable and the chamber of commerce and trust own chief economist has acknowledged the urgency of the rescue plan so I think there is more geared DI in terms of meeting here urgency of the moment. Can controlling the virus producing industry the vaccine. And providing necessary relief. And Jarrett is quickly there was some frustration over the number of things in the last stimulus bill that had nothing to do with the pandemic so. Is there any effort to keep this package focused solely on cold wind or is that just how the sausage gets made. Yeah look I think it's really a matter of co lead and the economy and their dual interactions 11 thing that people have raised member of the minimum wage the minimum wage after raising them and what to do it. Well it turns it literally tens of millions of the central workers. Are still on the federal minimum wage which is seven dollars and 25 cents an hour. Now you and everyone of our listeners know whether you're retail worker a warehouse worker a home health they can't begin to make ends meet other states that raised their minimum wage and that's all but the assault that happened so if we want to reach essential workers and pay low wage workers their fair share and we have to do that as well I think I can depend. Every part of this bill whether it's the virus control vaccination distribution of aid to states to open schools. Relieved to households and businesses and it's very much connected to solving these dual crises. All right Jared Bernstein thank you for your time we appreciate it. My couldn't. The president Biden also sign an executive order today lifting trump Arab policy banning trans gender people from serving in the military. When we come back one of the people who wanted to serve the country but president and challenge that band and joins us live. President Biden is wasting no time resigning more than thirty executive orders and actions since taking office last week as president to these days mostly do when they start their terms today. President Biden overturned the ban on transgender Americans serving in the military in order that president trump put into place back in 22017. When he came into office. Now some who have wanted to serve their country but couldn't should as soon again have the opportunity to do sound one of them. Joins us now it lets tell them. Is one of the plaintiffs in a federal court case that challenged trumps ban. On the first transgender Americans serving in the military good afternoon nick. I thank you for having me thanks for being herself. And why would react when you heard the president Biden came through on a campaign promise and Dow overturn this ban. I am absolutely thrilled that president Biden has come for a response to overturn the transient military. I was trying to enlist in the united states military for years are either in the US air force or being the army ROTC program participated in four. Approximately a year. So I am just. Absolutely thrilled to finally be able to get a chance and be judged on nothing but my merit and my abilities. And nick you weren't in the military at when the band started so what made you decide to take legal action against it. Something that I wouldn't do for my entire life. I was in the process of enlisting in band and the opportunity to take legal action just presented results. I was asked to join the cause and I decided it was time for me to stop selling arms I want. And you really take more leadership role in doing something I truly believe it. And Nikki it just a little bit about your journey abound about what inspired you to seek. To serve the country in in the military and how you got to where you are on that and also you know how are you think this. Will impact transgender Americans in general even those who don't go to the military. They'd like I said military service is something of an interest in for a very long time. I have been gay college student for a very long time as well minefields specialty it is global security and counterterrorism. And I really feel like I have a lot off for the military in that area. And Santa feel of the military or the law to offer me a slow as far as experience. And I think that the overturning of this loser has huge transgender people all across the border because this really sends a message that we are just like everybody else we are as capable as qualified as willing as anybody else is and we should be treated just like everyone else. Aren't Nicholas Talbott well thanks so much good luck and thanks for your service to the country as well. Thank you. And finally the first dogs have arrived at 16100 Pennsylvania it. W both champ and major by then the first rescue dog ever to live at the White House are now officially moved in. According to the first lady's office the Biden family wanted to get settled in before bringing the dogs over from Delaware. They now say champ is enjoying his new job bad by the fireplace and major love to running around on the south line. Then you might hear some evidence here's the president earlier this morning. He could hear the dogs barking in the background sound like they settled in just voluntary. It. It does president trump and the two apparently not not pats have had people first president not to have a dog in the White House or by the White House and almost a century. But the dogs are back in Joseph Biden says she want to cap as well as with him back all right Kate family cat. Well that does it press here on the break down I'm Diane missing them and then I'm Terry Moran we'll see you back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern have a great day. Yeah.

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